Zooba MOD APK v4.4.0 (Unlimited Everything)

Unleash your wild side in Zooba Mod Apk – an online multiplayer shooter game set in a zoo packed with tough wildlife.

GenreShooter Game
DeveloperWildlife Studios
Requires6.0 and up
Size350 MB
MOD FeatureMOD Menu, Free Shopping, and Unlimited Resources

Zooba MOD APK is a unique shooting game where animals are roaming free, and you can be the last one standing in the hilariously funny online battle royale. You can battle with guards and up to 45 other players in various game modes and be the King of the Zoo.

Immerse yourself in the simple gameplay of the Zooba hack APK with a variety of furry animals to fight. Select an animal that will make you the King of Zooba mod APK – Fun Battle Royale Games where unlimited gold coins and gems await you. Rebel against the inhabitants of the zoo and find out who deserves the top spot of the food chain in the modded APK of Zooba unlimited everything.

Background Story

Players of the Zooba APK will dive into the zoo with weird wildlife animals. Plan your great escape with your cell mates and take down the various security guards pitting hurdles in your way. Play as some fascinating animals like monkeys, lions, penguins, tigers, giraffes, turtles, and birds. Battle as these amazing characters and customize your avatar as you like with interesting gear and skins.

Share your battlefield with teammates in a team of two or more. If you like to fly solo; there is also a mode for that. Shoot enemies with all the weapons unlocked with free shopping and free resources download the Zooba mod APK from UniversalApk

Game Features

The prominent features of Zooba – Zoo Battle Royale that make it unique and fun are these:

Battle Royale

The most distinguishing feature of this game is that it is a battle royale in every mode you play the game in. It does not mean that it’s boring or monotonous but on the contrary, it is a fun, engaging, and relaxing game. Just like War Robots Mod Apk is a tactical PvP battle royale game. It is a 6v6 game that exceeds expectations and gives an exhilarating experience to the players.

Your main goal is to try to be the last one standing and become King of the zoo. But if you somehow get defeated, there are still rewards for players in top positions. Use the rewards you get to upgrade the characters you have unlocked or unlock new characters.

game modes

Game Modes

There are two main game modes in the Zooba mod APK:

Solo in which you fight with 45 players in battle Royale and try to kill everybody to become the last one standing.

Duo where you can partner up with a friend or an online player and fight with 35 players in a battle royale. You both need to kill all the other players and become Kings of the zoo.

Note: Once you unlock higher levels you can also unlock the multiplayer team feature as well.

You can also enjoy Swamp Attack Mod Apk has many modes that indulge the players in the game and elevate their experience. These gaming mods are an unlimited source of entertainment for players.

The Online Multiplayer Fashion

The games are changing their gameplay style and focusing more on online multiplayer games. As people nowadays prefer playing in their own homes and playing online with friends or family. The best way to enjoy this genre of games is to download the Zooba mod APK with all the weapons and characters to be unlocked. The game is not that complex but has many advanced features to capture the players in its awe.

zooba mod apk unlimited coins and gems

The game has all the modern features that you would expect in a survival game. Roam solo or form a pact with other beasts of the wilderness and attack your enemy in a pack.  Get your Zooba VIP card, Gold Crate, Unlimited Gold Coins, and Gems from the latest modded apk version of this new best shooter game.

Jungle Life – Survival of the Fittest

Zooba mod apk is a brilliant survival game with jam-packed multiplayer action that pits players from all over the world against each other. Join this battle royale with your friends and family to see who is the fittest and best suited to rule the Kingdom of Zooba. Battle with players and finish them off with your great moves.

zooba mod apk missions

The game pits 35-45 players in an arena with various sections. These sections are designed differently resembling different habitats of wildlife environs. Battle fierce animals and move on forward as many will be aiming of being victorious in the game. As the game progresses players will be killing each other and the arena will be getting smaller. If you don’t manage to stay in the heat of battle a ring of fire will be forcing you to be in the center of the battlefield. 

Fun Animals and Weapons in Zooba – Best Action Shooter Game

The game has a comprehensive list of 36 fun wild animals that players can choose from. All characters are based on Strong, Agile, and Balanced categories. BRUCE is a Gorilla with beastly strength and falls into the strong category. NIX is a sly Fox with brains and brawns that fall into the balanced category. MOLLY is an angry Rabbit who is quick on its feet and swift in his attacks which falls into the agile category.

zooba mod apk skills

Make your mind and choose the character that best suits your Zooba Gameplay style. All these wild characters have unique skills and can be equipped with various weapons. Use them on the battlefield and showcase your abilities in their true sense. Download and unlock all characters with the 2023 hack of the Zooba apk. Level up and fall into the better territory for every character increasing its overall stats.

Upfront and Simple Gameplay

Enjoy the simple and instinctive gameplay that engrosses you in the addictive gameplay of Zooba apk. Get familiar with the simple gameplay controls taught by Your King of the Jungle Lion who also happens to be a friend and a playable character. Guide your animal character with your instincts and innate natural abilities; on the path of victory. You can also explore Pixel Gun 3D Mod Apk provides an experience of exhilarating fun like no other game on the market.

New Features At Every Anniversary of Zooba Shooter Game

The game holds new events every now and then. At the anniversary of the game new elements and features are introduced that make the game even more interesting. Get new skins, weapons and exciting new maps. Celebrate this auspicious event with your friends and family in the game. Don’t miss any events and the exciting new features it brings with it.

Hero Upgrades

Select from more than 30+ wild characters that are eager to jump on the battlefield at your command. Tame them to your needs and gameplay style to make every battle exciting and memorable. Unlock them by collecting their cards and upgrading them with the gold coins you earn. These characters are divided into 3 categories of Strong, Balanced, and Agile.

zooba mod apk unlock character

The complete list of characters in the Zooba APK includes:

  • Buck
  • Nix
  • Bruce
  • Yara
  • Larry
  • Molly
  • Pepper
  • Shelly
  • Paolo
  • Edna
  • Ollie
  • Max
  • Iris
  • Duke
  • Jade
  • Betsy
  • Milo
  • Fuzzy
  • Donna
  • Tony and Gigi
  • Faye
  • Finn
  • Earl
  • Lizzy
  • Jack
  • Quinn
  • Steve
  • Louie
  • Ravi
  • Skippy
  • Henry
  • Frank
  • Elaine
  • Suzy
  • Romeo
  • Zac

Weapons, Items, and Collectables

Fight with a variety of weapons with unique characters and combat mechanics. Take down your rivals with close combat weapons or long-range weapons such as spears, melee weapons, guns, and explosives. Collect special items and collectibles that help in you the heat of battle. Get all of them for free with the mod APK of Zooba with a free shopping feature. These are categorized into 4 types:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Event specials
zooba mod apk unlock weapons
Nitro ShotgunToolkit Doctor’s CoatPheromone Essence
Nitro Spear Adrenaline ShotHoly SandalsInflatable Muscles
Knockback SpearSnorkelHappy TreatsGuard’s Badge
Knockback BombVampire TeethMolotov Bomb
Fire RepellentClown NoseHelium Canister Bandage
Jungle Boots Wake-Up Coffee Cluster BombDefibrillator
Nitro Bow

MOD Features

  • Opponents always visible on the mini map
  • Unlimited sprint skills
  • One Hit Kill Attack anywhere
  • Drone View (x1 – x4)
  • Map Hack
  • Can Shot In Water
  • Bots stop
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature


The game starts with a tutorial of gameplay controls by the King of the Jungle Lion. You are explained how the gameplay controls work and their functionality.

  • A Virtual joystick for controlling the wild characters
  • A button for shooting a Gun
  • A button for using melee weapons like spears and bows
  • A button for throwing explosives toward the enemies
  • A button for using the special ability/attack of the wild beast

Choose from more than 30+ characters that hail from different habitats of the wilderness. These animals are eager to be set free from the zoo and join forces with the other animals to attack the zoo security guards. Dive into battles and collect the characters’ fragments in the form of character cards. Level up each playable character with the in-game currency you earn. 

The game has 4 modes that let you enjoy each and every aspect of the amazing Zooba mod apk shooter game.  These are

  • SOLO Mode – battle and compete for your overall score and upgrade your weapons and characters with the rewards.
  • TEAM Mode – play in a battle royale situation teaming up with your friends and family or complete strangers. Battle with other teams to see who is left standing in the last.
  • SQUAD Mode – this has the same tactics and dynamics as the Team mode but with more intense battles chockful of action. 5 other team members will help you win this battle.
  • SURVIVAL Mode – a quick survival battle with fast-paced action to utilize your instincts and reflexes. The team that kills the most players will earn the honor of becoming victorious.

The game has a set of different environs and maps. Master all the habitats of the zoo to become the Ruler of the Zooba Kingdom. Fight in environments like icebergs of the North Pole, jungles of the Amazon, deserts of African Savanna, and fields of greenery. Battle and thrive in these amazing arenas.



Zooba mod apk developed by Wildlife Studios is an amazing battle royale game with simple and intuitive gameplay mechanics. Select the wild beast of your choice and make pave the way to your victory in every battlefield and arena. With more than 30 characters and weapons to choose from make every encounter with the rival team epic and action-packed, download Zooba mod apk and enjoy this best shooter game for free from UniversalApk and without ads.

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What’s new in this update

In the latest version 4.4.0, Prepare for an upcoming release of new skins and content, alongside essential bug fixes. Get ready for an even more enjoyable experience!
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