ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD APK | 2022 Version with Everything Unlimited

Do you enjoy killing zombies? If you do, then you’ll love Zombie Hunter MOD APK! It is a third-person shooting game in which you play as one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Although it’s not a new game idea game dynamics, Console graphics, and huge weapon arsenal make it unique.

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In this game, you play as one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. You must use your weapons and skills to kill as many zombies as possible. The graphics are amazing, the controls are sophisticated, and there is a huge weapon arsenal to choose from. There is the building of the military base and extreme zombie war in the game. Zombie Hunter MOD APK offers offline play which makes it a more accessible game. So, what are you waiting for? Download Zombie Hunter MOD APK today!

Zombie Hunter MOD APK Plot

It is the year 2023, and the world as we know it is gone due to a pandemic causing humans to turn into zombies. It is all human’s fault as due to their greed and filthy tricks; world waters are poisoned; the air is polluted and melted glaciers have released unlimited viruses. To stop the mutation of these viruses, P.E.A.C.E Industries’s Dr. Akasha created a vaccine named Z which started the whole pandemic.

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The P.E.A.C.E Industries advertised this vaccine as a special formula that can help people live longer, be immune to all new viruses. But it was all a tragic lie and caused people to rush to get this vaccine. But only after two years of getting vaccinated, do people start turning into zombies killing everybody and drinking their blood as they believe that only blood can help them get rid of all the viruses.

Three more years pass, most people are now zombies and there is blood bath everywhere. You are one of the very few lucky survivors of this pandemic. You will fight with these zombies to protect the other survivors and try to find the cure that can undo the deadly effects of vaccine Z.

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Game Experience

ZOMBIE HUNTER D-day MOD APK is a very addictive game that requires all the players to build strong military bases to prevent enemy attacks. You can choose weapons of your liking to kill the zombies appearing everywhere. Players need to survive until the mission is complete as it was you who survived the zombie apocalypse when it broke. Humans are no longer the same nor is the world they are living in so help humanity survive this crisis.

Zombie Types

There are three types of zombies in the game and each of them requires a different approach. You will have to use your weapons and tactics wisely if you want to survive in the game.

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  • Runner Zombies: These are the basic type of zombies and can be easily killed with a few shots.
  • Walker Zombies: These zombies are slightly stronger than the runner zombies and can take more shots to kill.
  • Brute Zombies: These are the strongest type of zombies and can only be killed with headshots. They also have a lot of health so you will need to use your best weapons and tactics if you want to survive against them.


These zombies are characteristic zombies and can easily spread viruses to every place they are moving. You need to destroy all these zombies you encounter saving the lives of other survivors. Always try to take headshots to ensure you killed the zombies otherwise they may not be harmed by body shots. The game starts with sluggish runner-type zombies but as progress further, zombies become stronger and bolder and difficult to kill so choose your weapon based on them. If you want Zombies to get mad, you can play Mad Zombies Mod Apk.

Weapons in Zombie Hunter MOD APK

To kill the zombies, you just need to select the gun and aim by touching the screen then press the gun icon to shoot fire. The battlefield excitement comes from heavy weapon artillery that you can choose from including handguns, sniper rifles, shotguns, heavy machine guns, etc. Select your weapon according to the situation you are in e.g how much distance you have between you and zombies, how many zombies you can kill before safely moving away etc.

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There are four types of fortifications available in the game which can be used to protect yourself from zombies.

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  • Barricades: These are simple walls that can be used to protect yourself from zombies.
  • Traps: These are devices that can be used to kill or immobilize zombies.
  • Turrets: These are automated turrets that can be used to kill zombies.
  • Defenses: These are walls that cannot be destroyed by zombies and will protect you from them.


Locations in Zombie Hunter MOD APK

There are multiple locations available in the game which can be used to escape from zombies. The most common locations in the game are

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  1. City: This is the first location in the game and it is a city filled with zombies.
  2. Military Base: In a military base where you can find weapons and other supplies.
  3. Ruins: Wherever zombies scourge they leave a mess behind converting everything into a group of ruins. You can find weapons and other supplies in these ruins along with hordes of zombies that you can kill.
  4. Lab: Another important location in the game is a laboratory where you can find the Z vaccine which can turn people into zombies.


Military Base

Players need to build a military base to protect survivors and themselves from zombies. The military base can be upgraded with new levels of protection as the game progresses. The purpose of these bases is that players can have a good night’s sleep and make a strong front to hold the zombies out. Here all the normal daily activities take place such as providing food, and resources and making new weapons to prepare for the next battle. As there is death everywhere outside therefore military base is the safest place to be in. Since Zombies are dead by mind, you can also play Into the Dead 2 Mod Apk for a better gaming experience.

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MOD Features

Zombie Hunter MOD APK offers

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  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite Ammo
  • No Reload Time


You can get all these benefits while playing the game so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just make sure that you are well equipped with the best weapons before going out there to face the zombies.


You can download ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD APK from the link button given below now and enjoy playing this amazing game.

How to Install

To install the game, you first need to uninstall any previous version of the game that may be installed on your device. After that, extract the Zombie Hunter MOD APK file from the downloaded folder and follow the instructions given in the installation guide. Make sure you allow installation from unknown sources in your device settings so that you can install the game.

Final Words

Zombie Hunter MOD APK is a very addictive and entertaining game that you will love to play. So don’t wait any longer, download it now and start killing zombies! Zombie Hunter MOD APK provides the player with unlimited money, infinite ammo, and no reload time so that they can enjoy the game without any interruptions. The game is available for download on the link button given below.

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