Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK v1.0.093 (God Mode, One Hit)

Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK is set in a zombie apocalypse world. Obliterate every zombie that comes your way with this best shooter RPG game.

GenreShooter Action
DeveloperClegames Inc.
Requirement5.0 and up
Size118 MB
MOD Feature1. God Mode
2. One Hit Kill
3. No Ads

Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK is a 3D illustrated shooting game set in a zombie apocalypse world. Zombies roam around the world freely and infect people that come in contact with them. This appalling disease is spreading in towns with no knowledge of how it was caused. Only a few people have antibodies against this dreadful virus. One of them is the main protagonist.

You will be playing as that main Protagonist resilient to the horrible Zombie Virus. You must save the people from being eaten alive by the zombies. Find a cure for this awful disease and try to contain it so that it doesn’t spread any further. The Zombie Hunter D-Day mod apk latest version brings new features to the game making it even more exciting.


The world has been hit by a tide of dreadful disease; making everyone lose their minds; mutating their genes and making them into flesh-eating zombies. It has been 80 days since then. No clue how it all happened or how can it be stopped. Only a few people are immune to that disease. It is up to them to join forces and come up with a plan to eradicate this mess. They need to find a cure for this terrible disease; Fight zombies and save this world from this apocalyptic situation. Same as Dead Trigger MOD APK features a world chockful of infectious zombies. The disease is spreading and you need to control this situation.

shooting game

game features


Zombie Hunter D-Day is an exceptional shooter RPG developed by Clegames Inc. A slew of zombies will be after your life and you need to defend yourself. The game has a classical stationary shooter gameplay style. All you need to do is stand your ground; aim at zombies’ heads and shoot away. This gameplay style makes you focus more on shooting and less on trying to evade zombie attacks. Face them head-on and conquer your quest.


The world is infected by a heinous disease; the cities are flooded by zombies. Everywhere you lay your eyes there will be zombies whether it be homes, apartments, roads, shopping centers, and even bunkers. It is now up to you to blast them off the face of the earth by killing them or save the remaining by finding a cure. The choice is yours. You can also explore Best Sniper Legacy MOD APK is set out in a post-apocalyptic world. The world is now populous by walking dead Zombies and man-eating Dinosaurs.


The game will let you face off with zombies in confined spaces. These spaces don’t allow free movement of your legs. The only way to survive is by your limbs; Aim at the zombies and kill them. Killing them in the Hollywood way will be the best i.e. killing them by headshots. As the enemies will be coming in waves and you will need to make sure that you have enough ammo to get you through each fight. Make every bullet count.

Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK one hit


The game provides a number of weapons in Zombie Hunter D-Day mod apk unlimited everything. The guns have their own stats and help you destroy enemies quickly. The weapons are

  • Raging Bull
  • Mossberg
  • Thumper
  • AKS-74U
  • Striker
  • Blaster
  • Moe Carbine
  • M64C
  • PMX
  • PDR
  • CQ16
  • M134
  • M249
Zombie Hunter D-Day mod apk explosive powers

These weapons vary in terms of their explosive powers ability depending on

  • Power – Raw damage it can inflict
  • CRIT – Critical damage it deals to the Zombies
  • Firing Rate – it is the speed at which a weapon can shoot bullets.
  • Reload – it is the time taken to reload the gun with ammunition.

You need gold to upgrade these weapons using these indicators. It is a hell lot more expensive and needs a lot of hours to earn those gold coins. But worry not UniversalApk has Zombie Hunter D-Day mod unlocked weapons that let you skip this tedious step and get right to fighting zombies. Just like Zombie frontier 4 Mod Apk Unlocked weapons allow these upgrades for free.


Weapons can also be unlocked after completing certain levels and meeting certain objectives. To unlock the MOE CARBINE weapon you need to have 3 or more weapons that are upgraded to the max. To unlock RAGING BULL you need 5 skills of Level 5. Upgrade each weapon to the max by putting your heart and sweat into the game. Another way to get upgraded weapons is to download the Zombie Hunter D-Day mod apk hack. It will save you a lot of time in the game, collecting gold coins and cash.


The game has 5 special abilities to speak of. These are

  • Headshot
  • Weapon Power
  • HP
  • CRIT
  • Grenade Power

Upgrade these to kill the zombies you face faster. Zombies will be getting stronger with each wave and level. Gigantic Boss zombies will also be waiting to crush you; so, upgrade your weapons to the max.

unlimited ammo


The game also has special items and weapons that you can use during the battle. These help you immensely and can save you from total disaster. These include

  • Quick Reload
    Players can use this to instantly swap their ammo for new ammo.
  • Grenade
    Players can use up to 3 grenades against the zombies. Blow zombies to bits using this.
    The number of grenades can be increased but you have to buy them separately.
  • Painkiller
    Players can use this to quickly restore their health lost during the battle.
    This can also neutralize zombie attacks
  • Bonus EXP
    Get more points, EXP, and XP by Firing at their heads and chests.


  • God Mode
  • No Ads
  • One Hit Kill
  • All characters unlocked
  • All weapons upgraded


The gameplay controls are very simple. The stationary shooter mechanism helps us free our screen from buttons and only has useful buttons. Use the left side of the screen to aim at zombies. You don’t have to move around as there will be no moving around; it is a stationary shooter RPG. The right side has buttons for Firing, Reloading, Grenade throwing, and using a syringe to fill up your Health Bar.

The game is designed to have 4 modes making it attractive to most of the users fond of the Shooting Game genre

  • The first mode is Zombie Stage Mode – designed to destroy all the zombies in the storyline. Zombies come in waves; difficulty and zombies number increase over time. This makes the game thrilling for players and makes them want more.
  • The second mode is Zombie Defense Mode – designed to destroy the slew of zombies; at a large scale. Flooded by them; your only chance of survival is to attack. As offense is the best defense.
  • The third mode is Boss Raid Mode – designed to fight against strong boss zombies using aerial attacks. These attacks are carried out using a drone. Get great rewards for destroying strong enemies.
  • The Fourth mode is Bonus Mode – designed as a level in which you have to clear 5 stages. Complete these stages in the given period and complete said objectives. Doing this will earn you massive rewards.

The game has many settings such as locking your frame rates to 30 FPS or 60 FPS. Set your graphics quality to High, Medium, or Low. Move sliders for controls’ sensitivity or sound stages of music. Turn the ON or OFF Vibration motor of your android Smartphone. Moreover, you can turn OFF or ON background shadows; just like playing a PC game.



Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK hack is brilliant for its story and gameplay. Obliterate every zombie that comes your way with this best shooter RPG game. Find a cure for this pandemic disease that is spreading day by day. Meanwhile, kill zombies and save civilians from the horrors of the zombie apocalypse. So download Zombie Hunter D-Day with modded features that give you unlimited gold and unlocked weapons.

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