Zombie Horde MOD APK v1.8.0.65 (One Hit, Unlimited Ammo)

Experience a post-apocalyptic world with Zombie Horde Mod Apk, a Modern RPG game that offers the excitement of an FPS shooting game.

GenreShooter Action
DeveloperAbout Fun
Requirement5.0 and up
Size233 MB
MOD Feature1- MOD Menu
2- One Hit Kill
3-Unlimited Ammo

Zombie Horde MOD APK is a 1st person shooter game set in an advanced world. The world is stained by the blood of the innocent; shed by the attacks of zombies on the people. These mutated creatures were the byproduct of radiations of harmful substances. Fight these intoxicated zombies with your advanced weapons and skillset. Form a team with courageous soldiers and bring peace in this world of Zombie Horde. The world desperately needs some saving from the radiated zombies and catastrophes.

zombie shooting game

Background Story

The world is intoxicated by hordes of zombies, which roam in this world living off dead bodies and attacking the living. The world was plagued by the radiation of substances that sullied our mother earth. These radiations turned many people into zombies, and the world is still suffering.

A team of heroes appears with Luther calling the shots. This team has pledged to take down the zombies, with their advanced weaponry and alienated abilities. Though they aren’t aliens they possess strength, weapons, and abilities out of this world.

zombie horde mod apk missions

Be a part of that special ops team. Pledge your fealties to the team to bring the zombies down; restore the world order and save the survivors of this world. The people in the world of Hordes of Zombies are in a state of chaos.

The world desperately needs the hero team to save them from these miserable states and bring peace to this world. Will you be able to do this? There is only one way to find out; and that is to download the Zombie Horde: Heroes FPS & RPG with modded latest features. This version of the game will provide players with unlimited fun and excitement.

Game Features

The Semi-Automatic Shooting RPG

The game Zombie horde is an amazing shooting game developed by About Fun; that provides its whole gameplay experience in the first-person perspective. The first person respective indulges you in the gameplay of Zombie horde even more. The game lets you role-play as a Hero trying to save the survivors and kill the zombies. Join this soldier along with other amazing heroes to make this impossible feint turn into reality.

zombie horde mod apk unlimited ammo

Multiple Shooting Experiences

Keep alternating between first-person shooting and sniping in first-person. Each level will require one of these 2 shooting experiences. Play your best part in each of the roles as the game will require you to work in teams. Be on guard and have the back of your teammates. You never know what you will be facing and how many enemies will be. You can also explore Zombie Frontier 4 MOD APK is an awesome Shooting game in the Classic FPS, RPG shooter genre.

Quest-Driven Gameplay Dynamics

Zombie Horde was designed to complete tasks and quests in the game. This approach moves the players into action and delves them deeply into the game. Purpose-driven missions and tasks motivate the players to do more in the game, which conversely lets them have more fun in the game. The game can be a source of unlimited fun and resources if you download the modified hack of Zombie Horde Apk.

zombie horde mod apk

Unlock All Heroes With Infinite Powers

The game Zombie Horde will let you assume control over 60+ playable Heroes. These heroes are unique, with different perks, various quirks, and one-of-a-kind artilleries. Each character has a heart-touching story that makes you feel even more connected to the game. Form a team of unbeaten Heroes; in which there will be a leader, wingman, and supporting roles.

Mutated Zombies Have Diversity

The game features a lot of zombies with exceptional powers and stamina. Most of the zombies in this game are low-level, but some of them are extremely powerful with annoying abilities. Some of the zombies are fast some are slow. A few of them can even explode. A lot of powerful zombies also roam these deserted wastelands of cities.

  • Thrower Zombie that breaks the ground, digs the floor and makes patches to throw. These flying objects can be a real threat. Destroy them even before they hit you.
  • Elite Runner Zombie is very quick on his feet and has very thick skin as his armor. Destroy his armor to kill it quickly.
  • Brute Zombie possesses brute strength literally. He is deadly in close combat battles, so stay the hell away from him and kill it before it gets any near you.
powerful zombies

These are just the first few zombie bosses you will face. The game will unveil many more powerful zombies along the way. To one Hit Kill, the zombies download Zombie Horde mod apk 2023.

Hero Upgrades

If you are a fan of zombie shooter games, you’ll know that not every game lets you change the character and play as other heroes. Luckily Zombie Horde lets you choose the Hero of your liking. Get everything you require unlocked from the Zombie Horde mod apk. Enjoy each Hero’s awesomeness to its full extent and play the game with all its glory.

The characters have unique appearances, state-of-the-art weapons, distinct background stories, and advanced technological skills. Just like The Walking Zombie 2 MOD APK features more than 92 characters, after unlocked, you will be able to experience their unique characteristics yourself. 

zombie horde mod apk unlock hero

Some of the Heroes are

    Luther is the leader and maker of the original team. He approves of the plans and calls the shots.
    Nolan is an assault specialist soldier that advances in close combat battles.
  • FENG
    Feng is a silent killer and walks in the shadows. This Ninja specializes in stealth operations.
  • GRAY
    Gray is a character that doesn’t like to talk much and lets her guns do the talking. She is an exceptional member with the assault class status.
    Frost is a cyborg human that specializes in defense missions and defending points.

Other Characters

  • R4BB1T
  • HAN
  • XIA
  • SOFIA 
  • DJ VOX

And many, many more!

Weaponry System

Each of the HERO has its own specialized weapon associated with it. These weapons add to the fighting style of each character and their overall stats. Upgrade these weapons thru campaign missions, side quests, raids, arenas, dark zones, daily ops, and events. All these offer varying levels of upgrade resources. Make sure to check out the free shopping hack of Zombie Horde from UniversalApk.

zombie horde mod apk one hit kill

Shoot with weapons landing in the categories of

  • Giant Guns
  • Machine Guns
  • Mini canons
  • Lasers
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Assault Drones
  • Riffles
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Submachine Guns

Special Abilities

The Heroes in the Zombie Horde mod possess many stout abilities. These abilities show the character’s resilience and worthiness on the battlefield. These are a few special abilities that the characters possess.

  • Destroy your enemies with aerial Missile attacks
  • Create a shield around you for defense
  • Electrocute zombies with the sparking of electricity
  • Burn down enemies with huge balls of fire
  • Send enemies flying with the power of the electromagnetic force and May the force be with you.
  • Burn zombies to the ground with the bolt of lightning
  • Freeze the zombies temporarily and shoot them in the head.
zombie shooting game

You can also explore The Best Sniper Legacy MOD APK an action-packed shooter game with nail-biting encounters with Dinosaurs and Zombies. 

Mod Features

  • One Hit Kill
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Always 3 Star
  • All Unlock Hero
  • AntiCheat Disabled
  • Immortal
  • Horde Pass
  • 9 VIP Features


Tap and tap; the stationary game allows the very simplistic approach to the controls of Zombie Horde. Swipe across the screen to aim and the game will automatically shoot at the zombies. In sniper mode hold and then release the tap to place your shot. Tap on the abilities button to launch these special attacks. The only thing to nail is the reload; tap when the line is in the green section of the reload bar.

Receive rewards, resources, and item cards from the various playing modes of the game. Partake in the battles of various modes and gather unlimited resources and rewards. Each mode will offer a different type and amount of rewards and money. Get unlimited money from the UniversalApk mod of Zombie Horde. Collect and use item cards to unlock new powerful heroes.

Command a team with a leader, wingman, and supporting members to eliminate every enemy you encounter. The game will automatically select a team from the unlocked characters that are most suitable for that particular mission. Combat with countless zombies in this post-apocalyptic setting and come out victorious.

The game has various modes to let you get lost in the immersive gameplay of Zombie Horde. The game has the following modes in the latest version of Zombie Horde 2023;

  • Campaign Mode
  • Raids
  • Dark Zone
  • Daily Ops
  • Arena
  • Events



Zombie Horde mod apk is a Modern RPG game that provides an FPS shooting game experience in a post-apocalyptic scene. Unlock great Heroes and form a team of competent and powerful Heroes. These Heroes will have to face off against various Zombies in extreme situations and challenging locations. Upgrade unlock and diversify your Gear, Weapons, and Heroes themselves. Be the Hero to save this Mutated zombie world of Zombie Horde game with no ads.

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