Wayward Souls Mod Apk v1.233 (Unlimited Money)

Wayward Souls Mod Apk is an exciting dungeon crawler. The dungeons were filled with treasure, riches, and mysteries.

GenreRoguelike Games
Requirement5.0 and up
Size35 MB
MOD Feature1- Unlimited Money
2- Free Upgrades

Wayward Souls MOD APK is an RPG packed with great adventure with roguelike elements; 2D pixel art inspired by Secrets of Mana, Mage Gauntlet, and a 2-decade staple dungeon crawler game Spelunky. Its high-paced action and never-ending adventure make it massive entertainment. Initially choose from three classes of characters namely Warrior, Rogue, and Mage. Unlock more as you traverse these dungeons of grave dangers. Dungeons hold great treasures and crawl with enemies at every step of your way; which makes it challenging to cross. Defeat all the swords and fists pointing at you and become the greatest warrior soul this world has seen.

Wayward Souls Mod Apk 1



Wayward Souls developed by Noodlecake is an Exciting RPG in 2D pixel art. The game world is dense and detailed. Visuals are reminiscent of Super Nintendo’s roguelike games. The game makes the players wonder about what will happen next. Each location is randomly generated and each time you revisit the dungeon the pathways will be completely different. This unpredictability makes it extremely fun and highly attractive. The game is redrawn from its main chart-topping PC game also named – Wayward Souls.


Wayward Souls is set in a dark world; players have to bring down the forces of evil forces crawling in the dungeons. There are 4 dungeons in this game having their ambiance and characteristics. These dungeons have 13 diverse terrain environs with deadly monsters, booby traps, and epic encounters with fierce Bosses. You can also explore Card Quest MOD APK has a variety of dungeons. 

Wayward Souls Mod Apk dungeons

The 4 dungeons are

  • The Bronze Dungeon
    This dungeon has the setting of Mines. The dark and gloomy environments have also given it the name – Cursed Hollows.  
  • The Silver Dungeon
    This dungeon has the setting of the Tower having many kingdoms enemies to fight with like Knights, Thieves, and Magic Casters. It has been given the title of Amaranth Keep.
  • The Gold Dungeon
    This dungeon has the setting of The Necropolises. Fight ghostly enemies here like undetectable assassins, backstabbers, zombies, and walking dead. It has earned the name the Fallen Kingdom
  • The Diamond Dungeon
    This dungeon has the setting of The Labyrinths. Here the pathways are twisted and swallow you in the trails you cover. This is also known as the Maze.


The game has no IAP; In fact, the game developers have a policy for no in-app purchases in this game. All the upgrades are left to be obtained by pure skill and game progression. Obtain the in-game currencies by leveling up and defeating all your enemies. Hunt for treasures and special items and trade them for character upgrades and abilities. All updates will be free for the players.

Wayward Souls Mod Apk skills


The game has a total of 6 classes of heroes that can be selected. Only three are available at the start. All of these characters are exceptional with distinctive abilities. Choose the hero of your choice that compliments your game style. The characters are

  • Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Mage
  • Spellsword
  • Adventurer
  • Cultist
Wayward Souls Mod Apk 3

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The game has a pet system that provides a brief stat boost. These can be found crawling and flying in the dungeons. These pets can increase stats like Health, Energy regen, Buff Duration, Extra loot chance, run speed, coins, attack enemy themselves, critical hit chance, and health recovery per floor.

Wayward Souls Mod Apk Pets

The pets include:

  • Bat
  • Black cat
  • Blood Soul
  • Bog Slug
  • Brown Rat
  • Duck
  • Fairy
  • Fenner Cat
  • Fire Salamander
  • Fire Sprite
  • Gnomey
  • Hedgehog
  • Lost soul
  • Pig
  • Puppy
  • Rat
  • Rocket cat
  • Slime spawn
  • Sparkling Fairy
  • Spiders


Special items in this game are called consumables. These can be acquired from the crates within the dungeon. Consumables can make a huge difference in life-and-death battles. Show the extent of your resource management skills; helping you reach boss battles and coming out victorious.

Wayward Souls Mod Apk special abilities


  • Vitae Tonic
    This consumable will restore the Hero’s health.
  • Aged Hourglass
    This consumable will create a magical ring that increases the speed of the Hero and cuts down the opponent’s speed. It also dispels magical missiles.
  • Time Dust
    This consumable will  Increase Hero’s speed and can recover energy for a short time.
  • Blade Venom
    This consumable will inflict an agonizing venom with the character’s next attack.
  • Ogre Oil
    This consumable will stun the foes for 5 attacks.
  • Drakefire Grease
    This consumable will shoot flames from the attacks.
  • Flash Bombs
    This consumable will blind the adjacent enemies.
  • Big Stunner
    This consumable will stun enemies in sight.
  • Blight Bombs
    This consumable will create a poisonous haze.
  • Shadowtwist Elixir
    This consumable will grant stealth for 10 seconds
  • Ebonshards
    This consumable will create 2 shadow clones for fighting.
  • Scroll of Fireball
    This consumable will ignite a fireball.
  • Scroll of Frost Shards
    This consumable will shoot frost bolts to stun the enemies.
Wayward Souls Mod Apk treasure

And many more consumables!


  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Upgrades


The gameplay controls of the modded Wayward Souls are very simple and intuitive. Use the left-side virtual joystick to move your Hero. The right side is used for attacking and deploying special abilities. Tap to attack; hold tap and swipe up and down for using its special abilities. Long press right side to attack using delayed gathered energy.

Explore the 4 dungeons of silver, gold, bronze, and diamond. The dungeons were filled with treasure, riches, and mysteries. Solve these mysteries and embark on an adventure of your lifetime. These dungeons have 13 various areas with deadly enemies, enchanting environs, and treasures.

Crawl through the dungeons; defeat your enemies and reach your goal. The dungeons are extremely unpredictable; as they have many prebuilt rooms but you never know where they might appear next. This makes the game exciting and never gets you bored.

The game has many upgrades and reward systems. Upgrades your characters; enhances their abilities using consumables; improves stats using pets; gets in-game currencies; obtains special items. All of these can be done using your skill and vigor. The game offers these upgrades for free and no in-app purchase is necessary. The game has no In-app purchases, all upgrades are free if you are willing to go the mile.


Wayward Souls Mod Apk is an exciting dungeon crawler with an action-packed adventure game story. The game has fun 2D pixel art reminiscent of Old handheld console games. Traverse this path of the heroes and reach your end goal. Fight battles of immense magnitude and save the world. Download this modded game apk for free and bring yourself closer to becoming the greatest warrior ever.

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