War Dragons Mod Apk 2022 | Latest Version with all Resources Unlocked

War Dragons Mod Apk 2022 | Latest Version with all Resources Unlocked

June 26, 2022


Description War Dragons Mod Apk 2022 | Latest Version with all Resources Unlocked

Have you ever wondered if you can raise an army of Dragons to defeat your opponents in War Dragons game? What if you could build the strongest army of skillful dragons? However, you need a lot of food to train your dragons to their maximum power, which does not come easy either. But, with War Dragons MOD APK Version, it becomes a Piece of Cake.

War Dragons is a real-time strategy mobile Game in 3D Graphics in which players have to build their bases, train an army of Dragons and attack their enemies. With Over 10 Million installations on the Google Play Store, It has become the talk of the down. And, every game lover is talking about it right now. You can also download King of Avalon Mod Apk which is another exciting strategy-based game.

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Features of War Dragon MOD APK

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  • Unlimited Lumber Supplies
  • Infinite Food Supplies
  • You can Breed and Train Dragon without reaching its required level
  • It allows you to build the strongest possible base
  • You do not have to wait for each unlock.
  • Playing War Dragons is more fun.


Unlimited Lumber Supplies

In War Dragon Game, you need Lumber for Building construction. However, in the original version of the game, you have limited Lumber Supplies, and you need to collect every lumber each time. It takes many processes to build your base, and you cannot focus on challenging your enemies.
However, with the War Dragon MOD APK version, you get infinite lumber supplies. Hence, you can create any building whenever you want. By using the Rise of the Kings mod apk, you can get unlimited supplies of Gold and other resources.

unlimited lumber supplies

Unlimited Food Supplies

You need a lot of Food Supplies to Breed and Train your Dragon Army with their full potential skills. Likewise lumber, and food is also limited in the original version of the game. And, you have to collect food from sheep farms which takes a lot of time and still insufficient supplies. But, when you play the game with the MOD APK version, you get unlimited food supplies.
Hence, you can breed and train any dragon you want instead of worrying about the food requirements. This helps you build the strongest ever army of dragons that allows you to invade and defeat your enemy bases. How Cool?

unlimited food supplies

War Dragons mod APK Details

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Name War Dragons
Developer Pocket Gems
Version 7.00+gn
Size 123 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up


 War Dragons mod APK happened

Happymod is one of the largest websites on the internet to download mod versions of different games. War Dragons Player can download the MOD APK file game from this website. However, downloading mod versions of such sites can be risky, as the file versions sometimes contain spam and viruses.

War Dragons mod APK Revdl

Likewise, happymod, War Dragons Player can also download MOD APK file of the game from revdl website. Revdl is another giant in the market that offers MOD APK files for different games. Due to their service, many War Dragons players access their website to download and install the mod version.

Apart from it, you can also download the MOD APk version of the game from an1 website. They have the best working crack version of the games available on their website. Furthermore, you can also visit its official site Pocket Gems, and download the war dragons mod apk.

How to Install War Dragon MOD APK Version?

Installing War Dragon MOD APK Android 1 file is a piece of cake for regular gamers. If you are not a regular gamer, you can follow the guide below to install War Dragons MOD APK file

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  • Download war dragons mod apk file from given link.
  • Before starting the installation, go to your phone settings and allow install from unknown resources
  • Click on the downloaded apk file after to start the installation process.
  • After the installation is complete, you can play the game like the regular version


If you are a fan of RPG action, do give Royal Revolt 2 a try. Download the Royal Revolt 2 mod apk now and start your revolt for the throne immediately!


War Dragons is a real-time strategy warfare game in 3D Graphics. You need a lot of resource supply to move forward in the game. However, the regular version has limited resources and supplies. You can install and play War Dragons MOD Version to get unlimited resource supplies. However, it is an unfair way to play the game.

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