Universal Scholarship

We, at Universal Apk, care about your future and want to help you equip yourself with everything you might need to survive and thrive in this rapidly developing world. Higher Education is a necessary tool for a bright future. UniversalApk is offering a 5000$ annual Universal Apk Scholarship to 3 eligible candidates interested in higher studies. Students can use this scholarship to pay their utility bills, hostel dues, or tuition fees.

UniversalApk Scholarship

Keeping the past in mind and how much Information Technology has advanced in only the last two decades, imagine what life would look like in two or four more decades? Technology has come a long way all thanks to creative minds and innovative thinkers as the saying goes: Innovation happens when people are curious and creative. 

Creativity is in demand, especially after the Corona-19 pandemic. Pandemic hit everybody differently and millions of people lost their jobs internationally. This forced everybody around the globe to look for ways in which they could polish their soft skills other than their primary work field.

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Scholarship Details

Value$5000 USD
Number of Scholarships3
Deadline for EntriesNovember 30, 2022
Award DateDecember 10, 2022

Eligibility Requirements


If you consider yourself one of those students who can thrive in this digital world but are forced to do manual labor to support yourself, apply for our scholarship which can help ease your financial burden so that you can equip yourself for a brighter future.

Candidates must

  • Be Enrolled in Higher Degree Program at any University around the Globe.
  • Have A-Levels or 12 years of Equivalent Education
  • Have Content Writing Skills

How to Apply

You can write an essay of 1000 words on any topic of your choosing, attach it with your written application and send it to [email protected]. The 3 candidates will be selected for a 5000$ annual Universal Apk Scholarship based on the quality of their essays.


Universal Apk Scholarship is a cash scholarship that will be paid in cash to the 3 selected students every year and each student who receives the scholarship is eligible again to apply for next year.