Unhappy Raccoon MOD APK v1.20.0 (One hit kill)

Unhappy Raccoon MOD APK is a staple game in the genre of roguelike RPG games. The universe requires a new Raccoon God and warriors from all over the universe gather around on the planet of the current Raccoon God. You are transformed into a cute furry raccoon with destructive abilities. You have to prove yourself and defeat all the enemies that come your way. Use the abilities and strength that you have gathered in all your years of training and fighting. This fantasy universe has many mysterious planets. You need to explore them all and be the strongest warrior of the Universe, then the title of Raccoon God will be yours.

Raccoon Universe


The search for the new Raccoon God

The storyline of this game originates from the most powerful being in this universe known as Raccoon God. The Raccoon God is in search of his successor and has decided to hold an intergalactic fighting tournament. Many strong warriors have decided to join this tournament from the depths of this universe. Every being in this universe has an eye on the winner of this fearsome tournament. The only way to win this is to defeat all the other strong warriors and enemies that cross your paths. Get strong with each battle, gain abilities, acquire special items, and improve your battle instincts. So are you ready to fight the unhappy raccoon warriors of the universe?

game Features

The Battle of the Raccoons

Unhappy Raccoon is unlike other roguelike RPG genre games. Its story, characters, and environment have much more depth. The gameplay of Unhappy Raccoon Mod Apk is very easy to get used to. The main object of this game is to defeat all enemies that come across you. Collect coins and special items to gain even more strength. You are all alone in this predicament and you have to fend for yourself alone. You can also explore OrderZero Mod Apk with its weapon system and apocalyptic special items is diverse and dynamic.

Unhappy Raccoon MOD APK Battle

Space Exploration

Explore the countless planets of this universe and fight enemies from different parts of the universe having abilities that only a strong fighter can defend himself. The environments are filled with booby traps. Find ways to evade them. But there are equally deadly for your enemies as well so find ways to trap your enemies in them and make them vulnerable to attacks. Completing every stage will reward you with many special items and coins. You can also explore ArcRobo MOD APK, an anime-style alien shooter rogue game, that allows you to fight in multiple space missions. 

Brutal Enemies and Epic battles

Apart from the normal enemies, there will be brutal Bosses as well. They will be waiting for you at the end of each stage when you are most vulnerable and at your wit’s end. The bosses are introduced with cinematic cut scenes which provide a layer of depth and more engagement for the players. They pose a great threat to you and your dream of becoming the strongest furry warrior. Acquire special skills and items that make you extremely powerful that will aid you in defeating the Boss enemy. Find their vulnerabilities and exploit them to have the last laugh in the battle

Unhappy Raccoon MOD APK Epic Battles

Blessings of the Raccoon God

The Raccoon God offers warriors of great caliber a blessing after accomplishing tough tasks. The blessings are in the form of a statue. Although these Blessings will cost you in-game coins but their effects are significant.

Raccoon God's Blessing

The cost of the blessings is as follows:

  • Random Blessing – 100 gold coins
  • Normal Blessing – 400 gold coins
  • Advanced Blessing – 800 gold coins
  • Rare Blessing – 1600 gold coins

The players have full authority to make their own decision in selecting the Blessing. You should take the Blessings according to your requirements. Needless to say, the rare blessing is the one to get the most.

Enemies and obstacles

To overcome this predicament you will have to fight powerful enemies and survive to be the best warriors across the universe. Your path is filled with difficulties and hurdles but you have to stay strong. The Raccoon Deity has given you many trials along the way, fulfill them and be one step close to becoming the Raccoon God.

Unhappy Raccoon Powerful Enemies


Shedding light on the Raccoon warriors

The game has a few cute furry UwU Raccoon characters. But don’t let their cuteness fool you. They are trained warriors and assassins, they can cut down enemies in mere seconds. At the start, you can choose from 4 characters named KITANA, DOGO, KAROTA, and CAINES. There is a total of 6 characters but you will have to unlock them with resources as the game progresses. All of these characters have both animal and human characteristics. Each character is unique and has special abilities reserved for only them. Skills can make a huge difference in the heat of battle so make sure you select the right one always. Now let’s have a look at each of the game’s characters.

Unhappy Raccoon MOD APK Heroes
  • Ares
    Ares is a swift warrior with absurd strength, great fighting style, and incredible skills. No one in this game comes close to the strength of this furry deadly white tiger. Ares is the most powerful character in this game. He hits hard and fast with his claws. Enemies will be stunned, they won’t know what hit them!
  • Weapon
    Ares Posses the weapon Nether Tigerclaw. The attack power of this weapon is 40. Nether Tigerclaw has a special ability to make enemies enter Dying status if it is already in the abnormal state, then the enemy will take double damage and last for 5 seconds. But the chance of this happening is only 10 %.
  • Skill
    Having the high ground is Ares’s ability aka jumping high. Ares hops into the air and lands kicks on the enemies resulting in greater damage to enemies nearby as well. The value of the target critical eye is also amplified by 20 points.
  • Audhum
    Audhum is Furry DOE with the status of the second-best character in the game. She has the greatest attack power in this game. She protects herself with shining armor. This armor has both offensive and defensive abilities.
  • Weapon
    The name of her weapon is Alloy Guardian. It can hit 3x combos. With these combos, the enemies are knocked back and shatter their shields. Alloy Guardian can be used to defend from enemy attacks as well. Alloy Guardian is most probably the best weapon in the game.
  • Skill
    Alloy guardians can draw enemies in front of the players to attack them. The shield itself is used to attack but the hover shield can be used only once each time.
  • Caenis
    Caenis is a gruesome wolf and is a close combat specialist. He can attack in all directions and is the MR. 360 of the game. He uses a Blade as a weapon called Assault Machete. Caenis is ranked 3rd in this game in terms of strength.
  • Weapon
    Assault Machete deals 3x combos and slows down time to cut down the enemies. This increases his attack power and takes fewer strikes to do so. Its special attack is called Dimension Slash and is activated on the 3rd swing of the Assault Machete.
  • Skill
    Caenis’s Special skill is dealing AOE damage to its opponents. The dimension slashes are hit one after the other by the enemies.
  • Carlotta
    Carlotta is the cute bunny character of this game. She uses a cannon to missile her enemies. She hops around quickly and ka-booms enemies swiftly. She is ranked 4th in this game.
  • Weapon
    Heavy cannon is the name of her weapon. It shoots bullets to hit enemies from afar. The 3rd shot is enhanced and deals AOE damage. The cannon sprays Sugar bullets and missiles. The damage is amplified by 30% and her movement speed is as well.
  • Skill
    The special skill is releasing sugar spray to attack enemies. With all its sugariness the damage and speed of movement are increased by 30%.
  • Douglas
    Douglas is an axe dog. He is slow but is an expert in close combat. He throws his axes at the enemies to deal damage. He has the most amount of health in this game.
  • Weapon
    Nim Alloy axe is the name of his weapon and strikes a 4x combo attack. The 5th strike packs damage nearby as well. Each strike increases the ability to gain rage and increase damage. But the chance of this happening is only 25 %.
  • Skill
    He launches his axes in the air toward the enemies and can collect them by going near them.
  • Kitana
    Kitana is the first character you can play in this game. Kitana is a fearsome cheetah and uses a crossbow to attack her enemies. She is a long-range specialist. She is a character used mostly for training new players.
  • Weapon
    Wilderness Bow is her weapon and can have an attack power of 60 per shot. After the 4th shot, an explosive fire is also shot dealing greater damage. The explosive shot deals 40 % of its damage to nearby enemies within a 3-meter radius.
  • Skill
    Wilderness Bow shoots multiple arrows in multiple directions and deals great damage.
Unhappy Raccoon  Weapons


Diverse Upgrades system

There are a lot of weapons and equipment in Unhappy Raccoon. Just Like you can build up your arsenal of weapons with the Impossible Space Mod Apk. Each element has its perks but a weakness as well. Higher-level items bring higher stats for the player. These diverse items increase the player’s stature, attack power, and strength. Read carefully the description of each item you get, knowing what is right for you will help you in the life and death battles of Unhappy Raccoon.

Ares Skill


  • God Mode
  • One hit kill
  • Damage multiple
  • No ads


The game is very easy to handle with the joystick and onscreen buttons. Use a joystick to move your character around. The on-screen buttons include an attack and special abilities button for your fights against the enemies. There is also an interaction button that lets you interact with the in-game elements.

The game is a roguelike RPG game and is in landscape orientation. The game has depth, unlike most roguelike games. The game has diverse characters and a vast variety of enemies. The locations are dynamic. It is more like an open-world game. The game is stylized with its beautiful 3d art and visuals. The game has an extreme sense of addiction and indulges the players in its Raccoon God universe.

The game has an indication system as well. The enemies have red indicators or markers that signify that the enemy is going to attack. When you see these indications, get out of the way!

The dash button lets you escape narrowly when you are in the flood of enemies. Using this the character can travel short distances very quickly. It ignores hurdles and opponents just like you if are radio signals. The game creates a space where it detects a lot of enemies around you. The only way to escape is to defeat all enemies. As long as you are within those limits you will be fine using the dash.

The game has an arsenal of weapons and upgrades to choose from like canons, blades, crossbows, axes, machetes, etc. so you can choose the weapon or character that suits the situation ad your fighting style. Avoid enemy attacks and hit them where it hurts them the most. The game provides loot boxes, special abilities, and blessings from the Raccoon Deity. But keep in mind these Blessings come at a cost!

The enemies cannot hit you unless they see you. Go and backslash them to have the upper hand and avoid unnecessary conflict. Use the traps that are present against your enemies and let them fall into the pit instead of you.


Unhappy Raccoon MOD APK is a game developed by X.D. Network. The game is about a Raccoon God wanting its successor. Raccoon God being the mighty overseer of the universe calls out warriors from different planets to pit against each other. The lone standing warrior after the competition will be declared the winner. To do so players have to fight countess intense battles and become the strongest warrior in the universe. The task is not a piece of cake. But to make it easy, this Unhappy Raccoon mod apk provides features to do so more easily. Download this for free with no ads. The path is filled with challenges and hardships so keep an eye on the prize. You have the duty to keep the magnificent river of stars safe. The feeling of being the mighty ruler of this universe will be out of this world, wouldn’t it?

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