Tiny Dungeon: Pixel Roguelike MOD APK v1.1.11 (Unlimited Gold)

Tiny Dungeon: Pixel Roguelike MOD APK is a game where you can find dangerous enemies, endless dungeons, and Hack n Slash, mechanics. It is loaded with rogue actions, RPG, Bullet Hell, and pixelated graphics. You can role-play any character and choose from more than 22 heroes. You can select your weapons from more than 10 options. You can also update the game for an improved experience, new weapons, dungeon worlds, and premium features.

tiny dungeon mod apk v1.1.11

Tiny Dungeon has 3 dungeon worlds with 3 bosses at the end of each world. There are tons of enemies and bosses waiting for you in these automatically generated endless dungeons. You can never finish exploring these dungeons and if you get killed, respawn again with your upgraded equipment. Download the mod version of Tiny Dungeons from our website and enjoy the following perks:

  • Offline play
  • Zero ads
  • Cloud Saving
  • All characters unlocked
  • All weapons upgraded
  • Unlimited replay

Features of Tiny Dungeons: Pixel Roguelike

Tiny Dungeons MOD APK has pixel graphics and the following features that make this game unique from other rogue actions:

Dungeon worlds

There are three dungeon worlds in the game with different names and stages in them. The first world is Skeleton Paradise which has 21 stages and has boss in the last stage named Big Skull.

explore endless dungeons


The next one is Eyelagore’s Dungeon which gets unlocked only if you can defeat Big Skull at least one time. The third world is Slimeland. The more stages you cover in each world, the more enemies you can kill and earn more gold coins.

Tiny Dungeons MOD APK has different weapons available for you to choose from and upgrade them with the coins you earn in various stages. You can use

  • Pistol is available from the start and upgrades to level 2 with 26 coins.
  • Revolver (unlocks with 100 coins)
  • Minigun (unlocks with 100 coins)
  • SMG (Unlocks after reaching stage 8 of world 1)
  • Shotgun (unlocks after reaching stage 8 of world 2)
  • Flamethrower
  • Chicken
  • Shock-o-Tron 9001
  • Rifle
Tiny Dungeon: Pixel Roguelike MOD APK Unlock Heroes

Fair Games also added ability in the game that is used to kill multiple enemies at once and can be unlocked after reaching stage 3 of World 2.


There are various heroes available in the game for you to choose from just like Archero MOD APK. The first character is The Guy and other famous ones are:

  • The Lumberjock
  • The Thief
  • Mr. Secret
  • The Elf
  • The Caveman
  • The Worker
  • The Pirate
  • The Ninja
  • El Luchador
  • The Manager
  • The Doctor
  • The Redeemer
  • The Astronaut
  • The Zombie
  • The Devil

Each of these characters can be unlocked after clearing certain stages in each world and then using gold coins. You can customize each character with various cosmetic upgrades using coins you earn in rewards.

Map Overview

There is a map available for you to check all the rooms in each stage. Each room you cover turns green and the unexplored room remains red. Use this map to know where your enemies are hiding and attack them with a surprise for a quick win. You can also explore Super Wizard MOD APK which has similar maps and action.

Tiny Dungeon mod rewards

Daily challenges

There are various daily challenges in the game that change every day. The first set of these challenges is

  • Clear 3 stages
  • Defeat 100 enemies with a Flamethrower
  • Defeat Big Skull 1 time

These daily challenges give you additional rewards and resources you need for all the upgrades in the game.

Tiny Dungeons: Pixel Roguelike Mod Apk challenges


The gameplay of tiny dungeon is very simple. The controls are on the left side of the screen to move your character and you can shoot the enemies with buttons on the right side. Enemies attack you from every side with bullets. Avoid their bullets, shoot them quickly and collect falling coins from the ground. You have 5 HP at the start of the game and lose one HP at every shot. If you lose all HP, you are defeated, and the game is lost!

Tiny Dungeons mod apk missions

Once you are defeated, you have the option to rejoin the game using coins or restart the whole mission from stage 1. Clear the first world by killing its boss Big Skull and unlock the next world Eyelagore’s Dungeon. Once you clear all three worlds and kill their bosses, you can still unlock new worlds and continue playing the game as it’s rogue action in endless dungeons! You can make your own Mercenary company in Arcrobo MOD APK.


Tiny Dungeons: Pixel Roguelike is a pixelated rogue action where you play in endless dungeons and kill a lot of enemies. You can play it anywhere anytime in office breaks and between classes as it is available for offline play as well. So, what are waiting for? Download the Tiny Dungeons MOD APK and enjoy limitless adventure now!

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