The Enchanted Cave 2 MOD APK v3.23 (Unlimited Money)

The Enchanted Cave 2 mod apk is in a roguelike RPG genre game. The adventurer wanders off into a game world and stumbles upon a mysterious cave. The enigmatic cave holds great treasures, gems, and valuables buried in them. In this astonishing world lies a village comprising a mine. The mine is the place where the secret cave lies and some miners discovered it by coincidence and found some treasure. Since then, many adventures have occupied nearby locations of the village in hopes of finding treasures. You will be one of those adventurers and exploit the caves in search of gold and riches. Fighting weird creatures and beings.

The Enchanted Cave 2 Mod Apk Gameplay



The Enchanted Cave 2 modified game begins with a small village having awful backwoods. The only good thing about the village is the old mine it has. The village is barren with no chance for vegetation. A gloomy and dark image; nothing to write home about. One day an excavation adventurer stumbled upon an ancient cave. The cave was dark and mysterious with an ominous vibe. The adventurer was lucky to find treasures and riches in it. Soon this news began to spread and adventurers from different parts of the world came to this backward village with the greed to find worldly treasures. The village had a huge surge in visitors and many people began to settle in the nearby areas.

The Enchanted Cave 2 Mod Apk Mysterious Cave


The good guy adventurer will stroll through the mazes of chambers of the cave. He will be faced with weak enemies like small animals and mushrooms as well as powerful foes like giants, necromancers, wild beasts, and boss enemies. Battle them with all your Might and take them down. Reap the great rewards of your hard labor and bring those treasures home. You can also explore Hero Adventure MOD APK has lots of dungeons and castles filled with various monsters, quests, and magical items.

The Enchanted Cave 2 Mod Apk Treasures


The game has a huge variety of enemies to fight against. The game has a balance of the enemy’s stats and diversity in the power levels. The enemies range from weak enemies to strong bosses depending upon the pace of your progress. Weak enemies like animals and mushrooms are in abundance and are quite easy to handle. The real challenge is the boss fights. The Enchanted Cave 2 modded has variations in the type of boss antagonists as well.

The Enchanted Cave 2 Mod Apk Monsters


The Enchanted Cave 2 mod apk has a total of 9 playable heroes. Selecting a character, talking to NPC and locals, and getting the news about the dangers of hunting those villages. The first few levels are easy with meager animals, mushrooms, and enemies to defeat. As you level up you’ll be faced with humongous monsters like giants, walking dead, necromancers and others to make your journey very problematic. Opponents do not swarm you from all sides. Be patient in exploring the location, crafting your skills, gain strength and equipment to make your journey stress-free. For more details visit the developer’s website.

 chose your Adventurer

The Character list has

    An experienced explorer who has become enamored with the enchanted Cave’s mystery.
    A well-rounded adventurer; eager to push the limits to satisfy her own curiosity.
    A traveler who stumbled upon the cave and couldn’t help but stay until he had plenty of loot.
    A demon outcast searching the cave for those that played a part in his exile.
    A retired explorer who just couldn’t resist the Cave’s allure for one more adventure.
    A young spells word intent on proving herself in the mysterious enchanted cave.
  • DORA
    Knight Captain for a kingdom that’s been at peace for centuries. Vacationed here for a change of pace.
    A famous treasure hunter known for his excellent survival skills.



Craft numerous items like weapons shields and magical spells. The Enchanted Cave 2 mod version has more than 300 items ranging from gear, incantations, and hewing materials. Engross in a battle with monstrous creatures to use your art and craft to work in bringing down powerful enemies.

craft items

Find rare relics like gold coins, gems, extraordinary weapons, and special items. Climb the ladder in the skill tree to become mighty. You can be a Mage, warrior, alchemist, bounty hunter, or plain old simple adventurer. Concoct potions, bewitch your enemies, enchant your weapons and explore every nook and cranny of the dungeons within the cagey cave.  You can also explore Tiny Dungeons: Pixel Roguelike MOD APK where you play in endless dungeons and kill a lot of enemies.

The Enchanted Cave 2 Mod Apk Crafting Items


These are the in-game items with the SILVER border. Most of the items are cursed and destroyed when you leave the Cave.

  • Equipment
  • Potions
  • Crafting Ingredients
The Enchanted Cave 2 Mod Apk Artifacts


These are the in-game items with the GOLDEN border.

  • Stat Gems
  • Gold Coins
  • XP

You can check Multiple artifacts available in the Super Wizard MOD APK which have unique spell capacities. You can combine these artifacts with items to make new skills giving you a whole new set of skills to kill enemy waves quickly.


The Game’s ability mechanisms are very limited and players can upgrade these abilities with a different ranging number of level-ups. These abilities are upgraded in increments of +10, +5, +30, etc. They include abilities like

  • Health
  • Gems
  • Attack Power
  • Defense Shield power
  • Magical Powers
The Enchanted Cave 2 Mod Apk Abilities


  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • All characters unlocked
  • Modified game


The gameplay controls of this game are very simple and easy to comprehend. The Game screen is divided into a grid system of invisible boxes. Just tap on the screen to navigate in the direction of your choice. To attack your enemies just tap on the enemy to go to them and the Hero will attack enemies automatically. From time to time, you will interact with your environment and NPCs. For interacting with them onscreen buttons will pop up. Breaking open chests and collecting rewards has never been easy just tap on the chests to get your rewards.

The Enchanted Cave 2 game app has 4 playing modes

  • The Story Mode – Explore, Loot, and Learn secrets of the Mysterious enchanted Cave.
  • Monster’s Lair Mode – Conquer a Cave packed with tons of monsters of many different types.
  • The Labyrinth Mode – Explore a dark maze of winding Tunnels! Start the game with 10 Magic Pickaxes.
  • The Green Goo’s Quest Mode – No longer the weakest baddie, this brave green goo aims to be the strongest Hero! It can only Equip Swords and Helmets.
Green Goo’s Quest Mode

Chose from 9 playable characters. All of these adventurers have different stats, skills, and power levels. Playable Characters include Graham, Dora, Alesah, Endon, Velix, Phoebe, Murphy, and Vinston.

Choose from many game items like Equipment, HEXES, and Crafting Ingredients. These are the in-game items with the SILVER border. Most of the items are cursed and destroyed when you leave the Cave. Pick from many artifacts like stat gems, gold coins, and EXP. These are the in-game items with the GOLDEN border.

Every changing labyrinth in the cave of mystery brimming with numerous enemies like animals; bats, mice, mushrooms, etc. The great challenge and trials await in the dark dungeon’s each floor. Get strong by upgrading your character to the max using bonuses like health, attack power, defense, Hexes power, and stats gems.

The Enchanted Cave 2 is an RPG with roguelike features with a substantial emphasis on risk vs reward. Tactically choose your encounters with the enemy, and craft a stunning persona for your Hero. Bewitching your gear and knowing when to use Magical Wings to escape dire situations in the cave is vital to reaching your goals.


The Enchanted Cave 2 mod apk is a labyrinth RPG roguelike game. The game is about a mysterious cave full of treasures, riches, jewelry, and gold. You as an adventurer delve into this village of the cagey cave; the greed to get a piece of treasure has made you dive into this dangerous dark cave. The path to your goal is full of trials and complications. To make this experience more indulging and less gruesome get this modified apk game for free with no ads. So what are you waiting for..? Download this mod game now!

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