Swamp Attack MOD APK v4.1.4.291 ( Unlimited Money)

Swamp Attack Mod APK is an amazing shooting game full of exciting and challenging levels with great graphics, simple controls, and weapons.

GenreShooter Action
DeveloperOutfit7 Limited
Requirement5.0 and up
Size143 MB
MOD Feature1- Unlimited Money
2- Unlimited Gems

Swamp Attack MOD APK is a fun stylized 2D shooter game. The game belongs to the tower defense RPG game genre. The game is Published by OUTFIT7 Limited and developed by MOVING EYE. The story sets you in a dark forest far from the habitats of people. You live in a house rotting in a swamp.

Your rotten house in the swamp is under attack. Monsters, creatures, and aliens gang up; are after your rotten house. You need to fend off these attacks from these evil creatures of the dark. Defend your swamp house from rodents. Show off your shooting skills in a nail-biting swamp action. Download Swamp Attack latest version with modded features from UniversalApk now.

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The story of Swamp Attack begins with a night that seems calm. Our main protagonist is enjoying the night in the front yard of his rotten house. The calm dude is a guard and nothing escapes his sight. The badass dude has a strong intuition.

He has a tingling sensation in his bones that something is going to go down today. He knows that this is the calm before the storm. Creatures of the dark lake, monsters, and even aliens are trying to take over the swamp. An evil scientist has also made robots for the sole purpose the swamp domination.

swamp attack mod apk character

Your arch nemesis crocodiles have teamed up with these beings are robots to take you down. Their plan of swamp domination needs to be stopped. Redneck the swamp guard needs to take an action against them.

Fight these swamp monsters and attack with your favorite shotgun. And if that is not enough; blow them up with dynamites, Molotov, and oil barrels. Call out your neighbors and family members to help you against these attacks. The ultimate journey has just begun. Attack the swamp monsters and defend your castle, albeit it is your rotten stinking house.

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The main objective of Swamp Attack is to defend your house from the attacks. Come up with a line of defense and an attack strategy. A strategy that will ensure your safety and the safety of your old rotten house. The game is based on a tower defense gameplay style. The game has no moving elements; it just needs to be played by simple rules of aiming and firing. You can also explore Zombie Frontier 4 MOD APK is an awesome Shooting game in the Classic FPS, RPG shooter genre.


The entire game Published by Outfit7 Limited is a package of entertainment and fun. The gameplay gets more interesting as the game progresses. Unlock new features along your journey. Unlock new players after completing episodes. Earn gold coins to defeat swamp monsters and unlock new weapons to unlock new weapons.

The weapons hold great power and special perks. Fire at the enemies with your shotguns and assault rifles or blow them with explosives. Diversify your gameplay style with each progression and the new content you discover.


The game features 10+ episodes and many levels. Levels are designed to have a fast pace action and intense situations. These situations make the game more exciting. The game engages the players too deeply in the game that they feel refreshed after ending each battle. 

The monsters leave behind many exciting rewards and gifts for the players. Use them to upgrade your weapons and defenses, and unlock new artillery. The game features more than 220+ levels making it a joyride of excitement and thrills. Download the swamp attack with unlimited money. Get all the weapons unlocked and unlimited gold coins.


The gameplay of the swamp attack is lively and welcoming. The game never gives off the violent theme vibes. It gives a sense of calmness and soothes the player. Although it is a shooting genre game. The game is a fun packed entertaining adventure. Just Like Zombie Hunter Mod Apk is a great shooter RPG that provides a great shooting experience gainst swarms of deadly zombies.

The visuals of this game are designed to indulge the players in the simplistic essence of the swamp world. Each element of the game is well thought out and crafted to perfection. With unique characters, weapons, and villains; the game elevates the gameplay experience and pleasure to higher levels.


The game has more than 45 monsters that want to destroy your house and take control of the swamp. Each has its unique abilities and special powers. Always be on guard, because they will do anything in their power to destroy you and your rotten house.

swamp attack mod apk creatures

If they have strong points then they must have some weak points. Luckily the game gives an introduction to every new enemy that you will be facing. Exploit their weaknesses and kick their butts with your badass guts. Same as Best Sniper Legacy MOD APK is an action-packed shooter game with nail-biting encounters with Dinosaurs and Zombies. 


The game has such a nice upgrade system and unique characters that will help you reach your final destination. The game features many characters including the main, defense, monsters, bosses, and supporting characters. Characters are divided into roles such as main and supporting characters.


The main characters are

  • Redneck
    He is the main protagonist and the owner of the rotten house in the swamp. This badass man needs to safeguard his crumbling cottage from the swamp attacks.
  • The Evil Scientist
    He is the main antagonist of swamp attacks games. He is the maker of the giant robots that appear in the boss fights later on in the game.
swamp attack weapons


  • Cousin Roy
    A defender character who happens to be a chameleon. He is the cousin of Redneck
  • Aunty Misty
    She is the mother of Cousin Roy and the aunt of Redneck. She is also a defender character.
  • Neighbor Bud
    The neighbor of Redneck; lives nearby his cottage in the swamp. He is also a defender character.
  • Bear
    A mammal living in the swamp and also a defender character.
  • Uncle Joe
    He is the husband of Aunt Misty. The uncle of Redneck is also a defender character.


The game has a number of humorous weapons that can be upgraded over time. Unlock new weapons with rewards like gold coins. Each weapon varies depending on its type and core functionality. The weapons types along with the weapons are

swamp attack guns


  • Shotgun
  • Uzi
  • M16    
  • Flamethrower
  • Crossbow
  • Alien Gun
  • Blob-thrower
  • RPGs  
  • Double Shotgun
  • Mini Gun


  • Dynamite       
  • Molotov
  • Fridge 
  • Oil Can
  • Battery
  • Acid Rain
  • Stop Sign
  • Scarecrow
  • Pig Roll
  • Airstrike
  • Beehive
  • Piano
  • Stinky 
  • A-bomb
swamp attack mod apk explosives


  • Wood 
  • Barricades
  • Spikes
  • Metal  
  • Oil Barrel       
  • Mine  

mod features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gold coins
  • All characters unlocked
  • All weapons upgraded


The gameplay controls of Swamp Attack mod apk are extremely simple. Just aim and shoot. The game has no moving mechanism for the playable characters. You just have to hold your ground with your nerves to steel. Tap on the screen to fire in that area. Tap on the explosives icon and then tap to aim. Tap again to send that explosive flying toward the enemy and blowing it up.

The game has extensive weapon choices such as firing artillery and explosive fireworks. The weapons that can be used are displayed on the screen. Tap them to swap and use them to fire. If your gun has run out of ammo. Just wait a few seconds. The game will automatically reload them.

Unlock new weapons and upgrade your existing weapons using the in-game rewards. The rewards can be gathered by clearing the levels of the episodes. Get exciting gifts in the levels as well. Shoot as many monsters and gather amazing rewards. Shopping is free with this hack of Swamp attack 2023 that you can download from UniversalApk with modded features.

The game has many modes that indulge the players in the game and elevate their experience. These gaming mods are an unlimited source of entertainment for players. These swamp attack gaming modes include:

  • Campaign: this is the main story mode. This contains 10 episodes and more than 220 levels. Each episode has varying levels including normal, UFO and boss fights.
  • Multiplayer: play with a partner online in this multiplayer mode. Play in a team of two and find another team to battle against. The battles are carried out in an interesting and fun way. Shoot as many birds as possible. They will drop eggs; collect them. Send these flying toward the enemies. The eggs will hatch monsters that will attack your enemies. Quiet an interesting playing experience isn’t it?
  • Challenge: Earn extra rewards by playing this mod of Swamp Attack. More than 42 levels to collect gold, coins, and special items. Fight a giant pig at the end to complete the challenge mode.
  • Quick Mission: This is the second special mode to collect some extra coins. The players are sent to a random level. The level needs to be completed to earn these extra rewards.



Swamp Attack mod apk is an action shooting game. The application of defense style gives players a purpose to engage them in the game even more. Fight with viscous Swamp creatures and defend your house from their attacks. Kick their buts with destructive artillery and exploding fireworks. Let the hero Redneck save his cottage and swamp from the evil creatures. Join in the fun with millions of others and fulfill this grave task. Download Swamp attack with the latest feature and unlimited energy with no ad from UniversalApk.

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