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Download the Latest Survival Heroes mod apk which is an online battle royale action game having a mixture of both MOBA and Survival genres.
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3 March 2022
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Survival Heroes mod apk is an online battle royale action game having a mixture of both MOBA and Survival genres. The new version of the game offers a better weather system, a new map, better teleportation, new weapons, and more character updates like 4 new avatar frames and 7 skins. Bring your hero avatar out and gather with your friends to loot treasures and crush your enemies. You get to fight 99 other players in the battle royale and in order to win you need to be the Survival Hero and last man standing!

Survival Heroes unlimited money

Salient Features of Survival Heroes

Survival Heroes Mod, an online multiplayer survival game, offers the following interesting features:

  • A MOBA Battle Royale

Survival Heroes is a MOBA game in which you fight against 99 other players in the battle royale filled with zombie attacks and maps to cover. The game starts off easy and becomes fun to master. It has traditional MOBA game controls. Ninja Creed Mod Apk 3D is also a MOBA-action game that you’ll love playing,

In the game, players start off in the same valley of heroes and you need to be careful in your weapon choice so that you can have a fair fight with other players. You get to explore the vast land of loots and dangerous creatures. Always be aware of fog and mist and bushy areas as you never know what manner of dangers lurk there.

Moba royal game

  • Survival Game

Survival Heroes is not only a battle royale but also a survival game. When you move through the maps all manners of creatures come to attack you including zombies. When the zombies enter your land, kill them to protect yourself. Zombies can come and go at various times of the day making it difficult to kill multiple zombies at the same time. Zombies may fire off on you and other people in close vicinity making it harder to shoot them accurately. Be a survival hero and protect yourself until you are the last survivor of the battle royale.

  • Character Landing

Survival Heroes Apk starts with your character in the sky and your choice to land it down. Choosing the first landing position is very important as you might get little advantage if you choose a good parachuting position. As soon as you land, collect the necessary items such as weapons and other survival items you need to fight the other 99 players. You can play Lara Craft Relic Run Mod Apk to play the action game in the best locations.

Landing heroes

  • Maps

Survival Heroes Mod Apk maps are much wider and are filled with lurking dangers that you might not even see. You need to have a general look at the small map in order to stay aware of all the dangers that may suddenly surprise you.

You might also get the chance to fight dragons in the game as one of the challenges. You can choose the participation time in the challenge to destroy the dragons to get rewards and surprises for you and your team.

  • Weapons

Survival Heroes has a diverse range of MOBA-style weapons such as swords, bows, arrows, guns, knives, etc. ranging to about 30 in number. You can also customize your skills and weapons with upgrades and rewards. These weapons give heroes unique skills and abilities to choose from. You can use firearms to kill all your enemies, or you can step traps to lure them in to entrap them. On killing monsters, you earn gold and points along with finding new items and equipment.

survival heroes all weapons

  • Graphics

Survival Heroes Mod has 3D graphics suitable for mobile screens. Some of the best visuals of the game are at the start where vegetation is quite detailed and looks great giving the actual feeling of being in the middle of the forest. The maps in the game are also very detailed and there are even caves at the corners of the map which could be used to hide from the zombie hordes. The map has very wide terrain however you should always go in at right time otherwise you might end up going back out. The soundtrack of the game is also very impressive and engaging making it even more entertaining. You can read more about the Survival Heroes Game on their official website.

Survival Heroes Mod Menu

  • Unlimited Money

Survival heroes Mod Apk offers unlimited money and gems to unlock all the characters and maps and buy anything you need to have the upper hand on your opponents. Unlimited money can buy all the skins and avatars for your character that also upgrades the skillset of the character.

  • Weapons Unlocked

All the weapons are unlocked from the start of the game in the mod version so that you can easily start your battle royale against 99 other players.


  • Free Download

Survival Heroes is completely free to download, and its mod version gives you the upper hand on other players even at the very start of the game.

  • No Ads

Ads can be disturbing and make you lose your focus. Therefore, Survival Heroes mod apk offers no ads and you can enjoy hours of battles without breaks. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game from our website now and start enjoying it.


Survival Heroes mod apk is based on creating your own land on planetarium and surviving its harsh environmental conditions. You have to survive through various difficult conditions to increase your rank and update your character as well. There is a total of five maps in the game. The game begins with the starters area which easiest level and later you progress through other maps as you complete different levels and quests and rise higher in the ladder.

survival heroes all weapons unlocked

Some of the famous challenges you need to face in the game are surviving the Canyon, which is on an island, protecting your bases from the zombie hordes, and the final mines filled map, which tests your patience and endurance as you progress through it and continue the mission. You also need to keep an eye on zombie attacks as they happen very quickly, and you can get easily attacked. The best strategy to play the game is to stay indoors and protect your base instead of going out and hitting the zombies with only two weapons you have on you.

As time passes in the game, the safe zone starts shrinking and forces the players to move into central areas to avoid death outside the safe zones. The game becomes fast-paced at this point as the players are forced to confront each other. Be vigilant and try to be the last man standing in order to win the battle.

How to Install?

Survival Heroes is currently available only for the Android system. You can download Survival Heroes Mod APk from our website using the following steps:

  • Download the Survival Heroes Mod file on your smartphones
  • Allow the installation from “Unknown Sources” in your mobile’s settings
  • Extract the Mod files and install the game
  • Once the installation is complete, open the app and enjoy the game

Final Words

Survival Heroes Mod Apk is an entertaining blend of MOBA and survival games. You can play the game for hours and it is more engaging as compared to other survival games. So, do not wait any longer, download the game now and start strategizing to become the last man standing in this distinguished Battle Royale!


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