Super Wizard MOD APK v1.4.8 (Unlimited Money)

Super Wizard MOD APK is a cute rogue-like action game with more than 20 magic skills and artifacts with spell effects for unlimited battles. You can use more than 20 magical skills and 10+ abilities to create different battle styles and become an adventurous wizard. You can unlock multiple heroes, weapons, rings, artifacts, and armor.

Super Wizard has various difficulty levels. You start with normal mode and unlock higher difficulty levels to earn more rewards. Defeat the scourge and kill all monsters which have devastating abilities and collect rewards to upgrade your levels in the game. Download Super Wizard MOD APK to test your survival limitation capacity and enjoy hunting monsters!

Super Wizard game


The Story took place in a small kingdom on the eastern land. The princess and the prince were taking a stroll outside when a bad scourge appeared. “What are they doing here,” the princess asked prince Ron. Prince did not know, and they started running toward the city. The scourge named Usar reached them and kidnapped the princess. Prince Ron came back to the palace and remembered his father’s words when something happens, open the magic chest. He discovers the clothes of the wizard in the chest.

Prince Ron demanded Usar bring the princess back to him. Some of their dialogues are:

  • Usar: Prince Ron, your mother is an ancient witch. You must have the energy crystal. Surrender it and I will let the princess go.
  • Ron: No way! The energy crystal is the source of all life. Anyway, I will destroy your Scourge with magic.
  • Usar: Alright, Prince Rob. Let’s see how powerful your magic is!

and then the game starts.

unique features

Super Wizard mod APK has cute wizard avatars which make it unique in rogue action. Its most distinguishing features are:


There are various chapters in the Super Wizard mod APK and each chapter has its own missions with various stages within each mission which you can also try in Soul Knight Mod Apk.

Chapter 1 is Shadow Castle, and it has two missions:

  • Clear 30 waves of enemies.
  • Kill the bosses Molphite and Elise

There are a total of 30 stages, two bosses, and 6 monsters in both missions. Similarly, the next Chapters have their own missions and rewards until the last chapter where you will face Usar and free the princess from him. These chapters are:

  • Chapter 2 Lost Dungeon (stages 50)
  • Chapter 3 Flame Land (stages 60)
  • Chapter 4 Crystal Dungeon (stages 75)
  • Chapter 5 Nightmare City (stages 100)
  • Chapter 6 Heart of the Dark (stages 100)
  • Chapter 7 Tranquil Forest (stages 100)
  • Chapter 8 Wild Desert (stages 100)
  • Chapter 9 Space Castle (stage 1)
  •  Chapter 10 Dragon Soul (stages 51)
  • Chapter 11 Damon Castle (stages 100)
  • Chapter 12 Holy Palace (stage 1)
  • Chapter 13 Deep Core (stage 1)
  • Chapter 14 Tinker Town (stages 100)
  • Chapter 15 Lost Circus (Stages 500)
Wizard Challenges


Super Wizard allows you to choose your wizard according to your liking. There are a lot of heroes with different abilities and skills to choose from. The list of these wizards is as follows:

  • Ron: The first wizard is Ron which you can upgrade up to 30 levels. Its
    Specialization: Arcane
    Start Magic: Magic Bolt
  • Bellamy: Upgrades Up to 20 levels
    Specialization: Frost
    Start Magic: Magic Bolt
  • Mia: Upgrades up to 20 levels
    Specialization: Nature
    Start Magic: Magic Bolt
  • Elor: Upgrades up to 10 levels
    Specialization: Lightening
    Start Magic: Electric Ring
  • Agnes: upgrades up to level 10
    Specialization: Fire
    Start Magic: Fireball
  • Lucie: Upgrades up to a total of 10 levels
    Specialization: Lightening
    Start Magic: Lightening Chain
  • Rolla: upgrades up to level 5
    Specialization: Nature
    Start Magic: Nature Ball (Shoot a recoverable nature ball, and deal damage to the enemies in the path)
  • Shingen: Upgrades up to level 5
    Specialization: Arcane
    Start Magic: Shuriken (Shoot a Shuriken at the enemy, deal damage, and then jump to nearby enemies)
  • Zeus: Upgrades up to level 5
    Specialization: Lightening
    Start Magic: Lightening Hammer (throw out lightening hammers in random directions)
wizards in SuperWizard

Multiplae avatars

There are multiple avatars available for each wizard and you can unlock these avatars as you progress in the game. You can also customize these avatars with Avatar Frame to give your hero a unique look.

daily quest

There are daily quests which on completion give various rewards. Some of these quests are:

  • Kill 300 enemies and earn 100 coins
  • Fuse Items once and earn 300 coins
  • Break Down items once and earn 300 coins.
  • Defeat one boss and earn 300 coins
  • Pick up HP Heart once and earn 300 coins
  • Challenge any Event Once and earn 300 coins
  • Acquire 5 artifacts and earn 5 Rune El
  • Acquire 1 fused skill and earn 10 diamonds
  • Clear any chapter and earn 20 diamonds

Once you clear these quests, new quests get unlocked.

Quests in super wizard


There are 27 skills in the game which you can unlock during missions and fuse these skills to produce up to 54 new skills. Roguelike games mostly consist of skills as we saw in Arcrobo MOD APK. The easiest skills that you can unlock quickly, and use are:

  • Electric Ring: Damage the surrounding enemies regularly
  • Star Orb: Create Star Orb that circles the wizard and deals damage to the enemies
  • Fireball: Shoot a fireball at a single target and damage all enemies within its effect area
  • Magic Bolt: Shoot a magic bolt at one enemy.
  • Elf Guard: Call a spirit that assists with wizard
  • Energy Ball: Shoot some energy balls and damage the enemies
  • Ice Cone: Shoot an ice cone, deal area damage and slow down enemies
  • Meteor: Fall a meteor to a random area
  • Frost Nova: Slow down nearby enemies and deal damage
  • Holy Protection: Create a magical shield to protect the wizard for a short time

You can fuse these skills at blacksmiths to create more skills.

items available

There are various items in the game that strengthen the magical abilities of wizards. The best of these items is:

  • Rune el is used to fuse hat
  • Rune Eld used to fuse robe
  • Rune Ith used to fuse books
  • Radiant Sapphire

You can fuse these items using a blacksmith shop to produce more magical items.


There are multiple artifacts available in the Super Wizard MOD APK which have unique spell capacities. Some of these artifacts are:

  • Durable Rod
  • Azure Wand
  • Rusty Signet
  • Rough Robe
  • Whitemend Trinket

You can combine these artifacts with items to make new skills giving you a whole new set of skills to kill enemy waves quickly.

Super wizard cover image

Super Wizard MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • God Mode
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Mod Menu


Gameplay of the Super Wizard MOD APK is simple and long. The game is divided into chapters and these chapters have their own missions and stages. You start with chapter one Shadow Castle and complete its 30 stages and two missions to unlock the next chapter Lost Dungeon and the game continues.

The Controls are very basic. You just have to move your character using the joystick in the middle of your mobile screen to avoid the monster’s waves. Once you are in proximity of these monsters, your skills automatically kill them. Archero Mod Apk has gameplay where you try to save the queen.

On clearing each stage, you are given three skill options to choose from and kill the wave of the monsters with it to the next level. In this way, you can shuffle your skills and use the skills that best suit your needs. You also have the option to forge new skills at Blacksmith by combining your already unlocked skills or using artifacts and items for their magical effects.

Super Wizard developer Mofish, Inc. has made sure that each chapter has its own rewards depending on the stages you cleared. You can get EXP, coins, and bonuses like Magic Soul, Rough Robe, Rusty Signet, and much more as rewards. The killing of each monster wave brings the reward of gold coins. Collect these items and coins to upgrade your wizard and improve its avatar. You can upgrade your skills to their specific level as well.


You can download the Super Wizard mod APK from our website to get access to all mod features such as all heroes unlocked, all skills accessible, unlimited gold coins, unlimited avatars for your wizards, and much more! Just follow the given instructions to install the mod version on your android.

  • Uninstall the regular version from your mobile and change your mobile settings to allow downloads from Unknown Sources
  • Download mod files of Super Wizard APK from our Website
  • Open these files and follow the pop-up instructions to install the game
  • Once the installation is complete, click on the game icon to start playing the Super Wizard


Super Wizard MOD APK is unique rogue action that fulfills your magic fantasies in a new way. You get to act as a wizard in the game and perform destructive spells to kill the enemies and free the princess from the scourge of Usar! Fantasy games do not get better than that. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Super Wizard MOD now and enjoy unlimited everything!

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