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Light and darks being the polar opposites do meet in Stickman Legends MOD APK as the main characters of the game are willing to live in the dark and fight killers and demon bosses for humanity’s survival. Stickman Legends: Shadow Wars is an RPG and PvP Action game. You can play this game anytime you want as it is available offline as well.

Stickman Legends APK has a classic storyline in which evil arises in the dark and wants to destroy all humanity. Players play as skilled warriors who have combat training. These warriors go on the hunt for all kinds of monsters, zombies, and killers arising at night in each level of the game. You cannot quit the game during battles and must fight at every cost. You can master the sword game with passion and courage and get to take on many exciting challenges with frightening enemies. Play alone or with a group of friends and enjoy the fully immersive experience of Stickman Legends.

Stickman Legends Game Characteristics

Simple Gameplay

Stickman Legends MOD has very simple touch controls which you can use to engage in exciting combats immediately. You can control everything on the map using an intuitive side-scrolling view. Fight in each level using your selected warrior’s skill set and combat in the Stickman Legends gameplay to destroy the enemies.

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At the start of each battle, you must fight all the enemies attacking you continuously. You can hack and kill these monsters using the controls given at the right bottom of the game. It can be a challenging game, but you can use multiple skills to make your character more powerful and avoid getting hit by the monsters and their magic. You can also try, the shadow of death dark knight mod apk provides you with higher attack power that is needed to defeat your opponents in battles or missions.

Game Modes

Stickman Legends game Modes from which you can choose are four in total and include Classic, Time, Attack, Trick Game, and Infinity Tower. You have to fight and complete required battle missions in very limited time in Time Attack mode. The trick Game mode is the most interesting and confusing one as all the skills and parameters are the 180-degree inverse of the original skillset which brings a lot of surprises. In PvP mode, you play with or against your friends and enjoy the game offline as well.

Stickman Legends Characters

The character system in Stickman Legends is very synchronized and classified into various classes such as Assassins, Archers, Monks, and Monks. Some of the characters are given names according to their specialties such as Legendary Ninja Warriors, Hason the Shadow Warmaniac, Mistral the Elite Archery, Lion-Hearted Swordsman, Raven the Powerful Mage, or Dark Hunter Legend. Each character is unique and has different skills which you use to its full potential with enough practice.

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Endless Enemies Waves

Along with in-game quests, you can also select to go against endless undead enemy waves in Stickman legends. You can choose the difficulty level depending on your skill level and winning can lead to upgrades so that you can choose waves of horrible enemies for you to practice your skills.

Stickman Legends Upgrades

There is a multitude of upgrades available in which you can enhance the abilities and skills of your warriors to fight dangerous monsters. You can also upgrade your attack, health, and armor after winning each level so that you can perform better in the next level. You can upgrade or buy more stamina, gold, or gems for your characters. Skills also enhance the strength of the warriors and the warriors can destroy monsters much quicker using swords, arrows, etc. in each legend.

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There is a global ranking system in the game as well. If you battle smartly and strategically, you can take your warriors top of the ranking list. In this ranking, you can make friends all over the world and fight them with your ninja to practice your skills.

Game Graphics

Stickman Legends MOD APK has interesting animation and engaging 3D graphics. You can hook up to the game for hours because of its addictive combat sequences and beautiful visual effects enhanced by amazing soundtracks and music. You can maneuver controls smartly in the fight for maximum game effects.
Stickman MOD APK has crazy fighting effects and scenes, beautiful warrior costumes, and metal music filled with monsters’ screams to fuel up the adrenaline. At the end of each level, there is a slow-motion sequence to add to the game’s fantasy.


Stickman Legends Gameplay

Stickman Legends: Shadow Wars is an RPG with a very fast and crazy fighting sequence as it has multiple enemies on each level. These enemies continuously try to take your life and attack ferociously therefore you need powerful combat skills to destroy them.

Stickman Legends’ weaponry range is extremely wide-ranging from plain knives to full arms artillery including God Power weapons. Characters or combat warriors do not have fixed limited strength rather their powers grow infinitely as you continue to win the battles. When you win battles and level up you can also train to get new fighting skills as well. But keep in mind, in higher levels not only do your strengths increase but the monsters, killers, and zombies also become powerful as well.

You can fight different shadow enemies simultaneously and challenge the mighty bosses of each level. The game’s boss can appear any time during the battle, so you must be vigilant during gameplay. The game difficulty range is divided into five levels: Normal, Hard, Extremely Hard, Nightmare and Hell. Download the game developed by ZITGA now to immerse yourself in a multitude of adventures and defeat all evil enemies.

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Get Stickman Legends APK: MOD Version 

You can download the Stickman MOD APK from our website and enjoy:

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  • Unlimited Money
  • All Characters and Warriors Unlocked
  • Amazing 3D Graphics
  • Easy Upgrades of Characters
  • Slow Motion Battles End


All these features make the playing experience unforgettable. If you want to become a warrior and fight to protect humanity, download the Stickman Legends now from the download button given below. This MOD version is suitable for both the Android operating system and iOS. It is also completely free of cost with zero ads so that your playing experience becomes memorable. I also recommend  Archero Mod Apk for android users who love action-packed games and want to take their gaming experience to the next level.


Stickman Legends MOD APK is an Action game and has multiple levels involving serial killers and bloodthirsty bosses. You need to fight them in these levels using weapons from knives to heavy arms in order to win. Also, Stickman Legends has amazing graphics, captivating animations, classic combat styles, and comfortable controls. You can spend your free time amazingly while playing this game with its multiple interesting modes and characters. Download the Stickman Legends MOD version from our website now and enjoy the full access game without any restrictions!

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