Steel Rage MOD APK 0.182 (Unlimited Money)

Steel Rage MOD APK 0.182 (Unlimited Money)

October 11, 2022

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Android 5.0 and up
Android Android 5.0 and up Action
142 Mb
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Unlimited Money, Ammo and Keys!
30 September 2022
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Description Steel Rage MOD APK 0.182 (Unlimited Money)

steel rage mod apk latest

Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War is an online car fight game developed by GDCampany. It is a high-paced, 6v6 skirmishes action game that gives endless excitement and entertainment to the players. Steel Rage mod apk gives you unique cars with crafted controls. You will destroy enemy cars, capture checkpoints, win the race, and claim the glory after the fiercest battles. There will be weapons attached to your car which you can use to destroy your opponent’s cars and complete the map before everyone.

The rewards you earn by winning the races can be used to upgrade the cars and weapons. The complexity levels of the race increase as you progress in the Steel Rage apk, and you need better cars and weapons to ensure your win. Upgrades can add superspeed and suspension to your car. You can play the game in daily quests and earn rewards including gold and red gems. You can also earn premium rewards by competing in seasonal challenges.

Be a part of this epic journey and discover places like the Recycler, Workshop, Skirmish, etc., and choose the best car for roaming around. If your cars are destroyed during racing battles, the game will end, and you will lose. Download Steel Rage mod apk from our website and become part of this action racing game with amazing 3D graphics giving a genuine and vivid experience! If you don’t like firing from cars and simply want to race with friends, you can play Need for Speed Mod Apk.

Distinctive Features

The defining features of the Steel Rage apk mod are as follows:

High-Speed Action

In Steel Rage mech cars mod players do not race with each other to get the victory but engage in wars with their opponent’s teams using high-speed cars loaded with advanced weapons. The game starts with a tutorial to give you an insight into what to expect while playing the game and how to play. You can learn new combat moves and skills. After practice for a certain time, you can join the game officially.

Every match in the game is 6v6 and you are equipped with mech cars having weapons, high mobility, and amazing performance. All the players in the team need to work together to win the match. You can enjoy the match with your favorite car customized with mighty weapons.

Steel Rage Mod Apk High Speed

Modes in Steel Rage

The game modes of the Steel Rage mod apk are very different from each other, especially the rules related to individual players’ goals and duties. New game modes are introduced weekly in which 12 players can form a team to take down waves of enemies and earn amazing rewards. Depending on the progress in the game, each player will have unique experiences and more entertainment in facing challenges.

Multiple Cars

Every mech car is different having unique features. Players can unlock and upgrade new vehicles either with the rewards they earn while playing the game or they can open chests that require resources to buy them. The more stylish the car is, the more expensive it will be. Chests not only give cars, but you can also find other items such as weapons, gold, etc.

You not only need resources to buy new cars and weapons but also require certain points corresponding to that item. If you do not have enough points, you will not be able to use these weapons. With a certain car, you can wield a maximum of four weapons and for more advanced weapons, you need to upgrade your car for better stats. You can master the skills by playing Mad Skills BMX 2 Mod Apk.

upgrade vehicles

The arena becomes even more chaotic with multiple vehicles running around. Every car is different in stats and appearances and players can get a better idea of how to use them with compatible weapons. New vehicles come at different levels in the game, giving the players enough time to progress and earn rewards to unlock them.


Steel Rage apk has high-tech weapons that can be used on cars. Weapons installed on the cars can be Light or Heavy depending on the vehicle being used. You can customize your cars with the weapons you like for having individual fighting styles. You can also earn some of these weapons as rewards by playing in special events. All the weapons in the game are highly destructive and cause a lot of noise on booming.


Detailed Arenas

Battlefields are the most essential in case of fighting to get the most out of weapons, vehicles, and making battle strategies. Therefore, maps in the game are very detailed with a lot of areas and sections. You can the full advantage of your cars and weapons depending on the conditions of racetracks and get amazing combat results. If you like hilly areas and want to test your skills over the hilly routes, you must give a try Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod Apk.

In the Steel Rage mod, you not only get high-speed mech cars action but also use high-technology weapons making the game very different from other fighting and racing games. Realistic graphics and strategic gameplay add more fun and excitement to the game developed by GDCampany.

Atmosphere Game World


The main goal of the game is to complete the in-game two-step challenge. First, you need to capture your enemy’s stronghold areas on the map. These areas can be located by looking at the number of people in that area. Protect yourself and your territory against your enemy’s attack.

Secondly, you need to eliminate all of your opponents to clear the level. Every member of the team can take a specific role to play in order to ensure the win. Strategize your plan in chat and give your teammates specific tasks so that you can complete both these steps of the goals to complete the game screen. If you get hit or your car gets fired, do not be alarmed and quickly change into a new car to continue the game.

Amazing Graphics

Steel Rage mech cars have realistic 3D graphics with pleasant sceneries and refreshing sights. The game is filled with high-speed chasing and shooting moments and amazing visual effects make these moments even more intense. The details of cars and weapons are also striking accompanied by background music that gives real-life feelings. The sounds of cars racing, accelerating, weapons shooting, different weapons having appropriate noises, all these minute details make the game even more enjoyable.

Steel Rage comes with multiple sets of Graphics for low and high-end devices. you can select any set to match your device capabilities and enjoy the game.

Unlimited Battle Experience

Mod Features of Steel Rage Menu Apk

Steel Rage mod menu offers access to all premium content. Download the game now and enjoy the following amazing features for free:

Unlimited Money

Steel Rage mod version gives you the independence to buy all the weapons and weapon points you need to acquire to get access to the deadliest of weapons. Some weapons are unlocked using unique and rare gems, therefore, download Steel Rage mod apk unlimited money and gems latest version and enjoy using all kinds of explosive weapons.

Unlimited Keys

Steel Rage mod apk latest version offers unlimited keys that can usually be unlocked with money. Use these keys to unlock as many vehicles as possible. Upgrade all the cars, weapons, and skills using these keys.  You can play CATS mod apk if you like animated characters.

Unlimited Ammo

Download Steel Rage mod apk unlimited ammo and use the weapons to cause mass destruction to your enemies. You do not need to reload your weapons again and again with unlimited ammo. Charge your weapons and march into enemy lines to completely eradicate them.

Unlimited Ammo

Unlimited Everything

Steel Rage mod apk unlimited everything offers almost all the weapons and vehicles unlocked. You become free of the condition to complete the levels in order to earn enough rewards to buy them. Isn’t that very cool?

Steel Rage Gameplay

In Steel Rage: Mech Cars mod apk, players take part in the battle of racing cars. At the start of the game, you will be provided with a car with which you can participate in different matches. The gameplay is very easy to understand and engaging and you can easily play it for hours on end.

Choose your car and go into the harsh battlefield of robotic cars. You can play the game in two modes:

  • Battle Royale: in which you race against 30 cars and there is only one winner
  • Team Play: in which teams of 6 players compete with each other in 6v6 matches.

Steel Rage apk obb offers multiple car options for you to choose from. You can select your car from more than 13 different cars including Sedans, SUVs, and Sports cars among others. Choose the car which you can use the best and start updating it to compete in high-profile matches.

You can customize your cars in Steel Rage apk mod by changing their color, body, and chassis and equip them with the deadliest of the weapons. The weapons available for your cars are machine guns, rocket launchers, armor piercing, shells, and many more. You can also upgrade the tactical capabilities of your cars such as energy shields, invisibility, acceleration, and maneuverability to give crushing blows to your enemies and change the dynamics of the game.

Steel Rage mod apk gives you beautiful graphics, amazing and instinctive controls, large maps with a lot of areas to explore, shelters, and unique objects. Steel Rage apk download link is available on our website, download it now and play the game. Sharpen your riding and shooting skills, improve your tactical skills and become the master of the arena.

steel rage mod apk

Final Verdict

Steel Rage mod apk is online car racing and shooting war game much different from other battle action games filled with heavy machinery and giant robots. You can choose your gameplay between multiplayer and battle royale options. You can battle with other players all around the world and learn new maneuvers from their tactical and combat skills.

Upgrade and customize your weapons and vehicles according to your needs and taste. So, what are you waiting for? Download Steel Rage mod apk from our website and start playing it with friends and family members. Choose your best car and weapons to dash into battles and become a master shooter!

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