Spelunky Classic HD MOD APK v1.1.3 for Android

In Spelunky Classic HD MOD APK you start your adventure in the cave as a hunter and tread the pathways of the Colossal Cave.

GenreRoguelike Games
Size65 MB
MOD Feature1- MOD Menu
2- No Ads

Spelunky Classic HD MOD APK is the android compatible version of the original Spelunky Classic PC game. This RPG is one of the best games in roguelike games of the last 2 decades. The game is modified to fit the android gameplay style with touchscreen controls. You start your adventure in the cave as a hunter and tread the pathways of the Colossal Cave. The pathways hide many secrets. Treasures and deadly creatures. Defeat all the enemies with your whips and bombs; Resonate like The Indiana Jones you always wanted to be.

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There is a legend of a Colossal Cave that lies deep in the ground. Its pathways are so cruel crumbling like the sand beds above it. The cave holds many riches and treasures; it lits a fire in the eyes of adventurers and treasure hunters. The cave is chock-full of thrillers and grave dangers.

You can also explore The Enchanted Cave 2 MOD APK has a mysterious cave full of treasures, riches, jewelry, and gold. You as an adventurer delve into this village of the cagey cave; the greed to get a piece of treasure has made you dive into this dangerous dark cave.



Spelunky is a Classic treasure hunting game in the genre of roguelike RPG. The game shares its DNA with many other early Classic platform games of the 2D category. The game has pixelated visuals with dense and dynamic environments; holding many treasures and secrecies. Spelunky Classic HD game developed by the developer Derek Yu. The game made a huge success in the PC game market and remained a benchmark for many years.  Spelunky Classic HD also won many awards and titles such as INDEPENDENT GAMES FESTIVAL Winner and PCGAMER Game of the Year 2013.


Explore the Colossal Cave filled with great riches and thrillers. Your goal is to wander these caves for treasure and hog all much as you want. The cave has many traps set out for intruders. Be wary of these traps that can crush you in an instant like being run down by a huge boulder; chopped down by a rapid swindling axe; arrows flying across the dungeons and many more traps. The trails and trials in the cave require great intellect, courage, and most of all your reflexes. You might not know when you will be smashed by who knows what.

Spelunky Classic HD Mod Apk 3


Failure in this game will be inevitable but you will have to stand up again every time. Like many other roguelike games, you will have to start over again and again. This tedious task is reduced by making save points in the game. Allowing the explorer in you to stretch his legs. The game is filled with exciting puzzles. Solve them with your wits and great strategies. Just like Road Not Taken mod apk is a fantastic roguelike RPG with great puzzle game elements.



The main protagonist will be faced with many enemies, creatures, and monsters in every nook and cranny of the cave. Fight them with all your vigor; devise strategies to take what you need and feel free to explore the cave to great lengths you might get to find what you are looking for. Even better would be to find something that you didn’t expect to find. Attack them with your whip or explode them with the bombs you have in your bag. The game will make you like Indiana Jones. You can also check Netflix Moonlighter MOD APK Game which is equally exciting.

Spelunky Classic HD Mod Apk enemies

The enemies include

  • Spelunky Guy
  • Damsel
  • Shopkeeper
  • The Tunnel Man
  • Snake
  • Bat
  • Spider
  • Giant Spider
  • Skeleton
  • Caveman
  • Scarab
  • Frog
  • Fire Frog
  • Mantrap
  • Piranha
  • Megamouth
  • Monkey
  • Jiang Shi
  • Vampire
  • The Ghost
  • Yeti
  • Yeti King
  • Alien
  • UFO
  • Alien Lord
  • Hawk Man
  • Magma Man
  • Mummy
  • Olmec
  • The Walrus Lady


The main story has 4 Main locations and some other bonus stages as well. Explore all of these areas to reach OLMEC and collect rewards, special items, and immense treasure. The locations of this game are

  • Cave
  • Lush
  • The Ice Caves
  • The Temple
  • Black Market
  • City of Gold
Spelunky Classic HD Mod Apk rewards



There are several items that can be collected and have special characteristics. They fall into the following category.

  • Equipment – Usable Items
  • Accessories – Passive upgrades
  • Objects – Throwable items
  • Weapons – Combat items including melee and long-ranged weapons
  • Various Items – Other  Items


  • No Ads
  • Free APK


The gameplay controls of modded Spelunky Classic HD are reminiscent of the original game but there is a catch. All the keyboard actions are now onscreen buttons. Getting used to the buttons is not that easy as the buttons do not spell the actions but they spell the buttons of a literal computer keyboard.

  • There is an onscreen D-pad to move your character.
  • A button for jumping
  • A button for unleashing your whip
  • A button to pick and drop items
  • A button to throw rope
  • A button to throw rope

The gameplay goes to another level because of its ever-increasing difficulty. The gameplay becomes more challenging as the stage intensity escalates. Things can go downhill; in the case of this game down the earth’s crust; very quickly and easily. Be wary of the things happening around you; the cave protects its secret treasures with booby traps and enemies out to kill you. As you might be digging your own grave if you aren’t vigilant enough.


Spelunky Classic HD MOD APK is a very challenging and addictive game. The thoughtfulness given behind this game makes it one of the best Classical roguelike games ever. The experience becomes greater because of this modified apk. You are able to play this well-established and accomplished game of the last 2 decades for free on your android smartphone. The treasure hunter and explorer in you will be gratified by playing this awesome classic game. Act like the great Indiana Jones.

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