Soul Knight MOD APK v5.0.2 (God Mode)

Soul Knight MOD APK is a fun pixelated game in the genre of RPG shooting. This game gives a nostalgic feeling like the old console games but it is way smoother and more fun to play. You start your journey in a dark pixelated world. A magical stone is taken away by advanced tech aliens, the stone maintains the balance of this world. The world is in a dire need of a hero who can retrieve the magical stone from the alien thugs. The hero embarks on his journey shooting any enemy in sight. The world is filled with dangerous alien creatures and you have to kill them all to retrieve the magical stone. Will you be the Hero to do so?

Soul Knight Mod Apk Latest Version

Soul Knight Official Features

The Soul Knight MOD APK offers a wide range of features that give you a leg up on the competition. With God Mode, you can take down your enemies with ease. The Mod Menu gives you access to powerful weapons and armor, as well as cheats that make the game easier. And if that’s not enough, there are also unlockable characters and costumes.


The story of the soul knight originates from the ancient magical relics that hold old the whole world in place. The magical stone is the sole most important artifact that keeps the balance of this world. But the stone gets stolen by the aliens. The aliens are very advanced in tech and weaponry. The whole world is in chaos and needs a Hero to save this world from this unholy predicament. He will have to fight countless enemies that stop him from advancing. Forge your way and come home victorious with the magical stone to restore the heavenly peace you knew before.

Soul Knight Mod Apk Latest Magic stones


Exploring the dungeons and castles you’ll be facing many creatures popping out of thin air. The enemies are very quick and they will attack you endlessly. Choose your weapons to defeat them and hold your position. The one weapon that you will always is a BAD PISTOL that will not consume any energy to attack. You can swap between many weapons after you collect them on the battlefield.

unlock all Skills


Traveling through many maps and stages within them you will find many chests, vending machines, wishing wells, traders, tombstones, and much more. Chests hold most of the weapons and energy points. Find them, unlock them and earn your rewards. The others have items like health potions, armor, gold coins, crystals, ammo, weapons, and energy points. Keep an eye on these chests, decorations, and crates; Bust them open and you might get rewards that will help you immensely in your battles. Each weapon is unique and has its pros and cons associated with it. Weapons consume mana energy, so these rewards are a great way to replenish them in the nick of time.

Multiplayer Mode


The game has 25+ unique characters with distinctive abilities and skills. Each character can hold a definite number of battle weapons. You will have to choose to hold which weapons at what point in time. The game has a multiplayer online mode as well where 4 Heroes gather to accomplish said tasks. The enemies will be in bouts and you’ll be flooded with enemies from every side. That is where you have to work as a team and have each other’s back. Defeat the enemies as a sole unit and complete your quest. Everything is fun and easy when there are friends to help you.

unlock all Heroes

Dungeon World

The Soul Knight game is set in a dungeon world. In this world, you need to explore the dungeons and defeat all kinds of enemies along the way. There are many different types of monsters waiting for you so make sure that you’re prepared before entering any dungeon! You can also explore Tiny Dungeons: Pixel Roguelike MOD APK where you play in endless dungeons and kill a lot of enemies.

Soul Knight Mod Apk Combat

These are some of the features that are available in the Soul Knight. Make sure you download it and enjoy all these benefits while playing this amazing game! You can also check the War robots MOD APK Game which is equally exciting.

hero upgrades


The game has more than 25 playable characters out of which 5 are legendary heroes. Every Hero has unique characteristics, skills, special abilities, skins, and weapons. Every character has a definite number of weapons in its arsenal. Characters can be purchased within game currencies while some are exclusively available when you pay with real-world money. There is a living room with Tavern aesthetics in which all of the characters are present. Select the one you want to play with and defeat all your enemies.

You can also explore Otherworld Legends MOD APK many unique characters. You can unlock these characters by using coins or making in-game purchases but our mod version offers access to all these heroes completely free of cost. 

Powerful Characters
CharacterStarter WeaponsPriceSkills


Bad Pistol/
New Pistol
0Dual Wield
Superior Fire
Chaotic Strike


Jack and Mary
2,000 gemsDodge


The Code
3,000 gemsLightning Strike
Piercing Frost


Blood Blade
4,000 gemsDark Blade


Dormant Bubble Machine
5,000 gemsGas Grenade
Elemental Potions


$1.00 / £0.99Gun Turret
Armor Mount


Crimson Wine Glass
$1.00 / £0.99Bat Swarm
Alien Swirl


Sacred Flail
$1.00 / £0.99Energy Shield
Holy Warrior
Splash Ɛ Bash


Ancient Bow
12,000 gemsFocus Fire
Arrow Rain
Guardian Elf


Flaring Claw
$2.00 / £1.99Berserk
Blood thirst


Wooden Cross
12,000 gemsRegeneration Pact
Moon Shadow


Crispy Bone
$1.99 / £1.89Summon Wolves
Fuzzy Bear


Satellite Floating Gun
20 20Electric Overload
Drone Swarm


Boxing Gloves
$1.99 / £1.89Rage
Free Style


Staff of Plague
$1.99 / £1.89Nightmare
Omen Stone
Souls Resurrect


Nemesis of Villains
Unlocked with achievementGun Spin
Bounty Tag
Close Air Support


Tao Sword
$1.99 / £1.89Genesis of Swords
Sword Fly


Qian-kun Punch
Obtain by achieving “No Discord, No Concord” AchievementPulsating Blow
Orbiting Stars


Key of the Faint Star
$2.00 / £1.99Amii’s Burning Body
Helping Hand: Eligos


Pickaxe/Gemmed Pickaxe
12,000 gemsUnderground Operations

Trap Master

Grappling Gun/Precision Grappling Gun
$1.00 / £0.99Telecontrolled Bomb

Inter-dimension Traveler

Dimensional Grip
Dimension Travel GuideDimension Jumping

Element Envoy

Visage of Elemental Power
Echo AmberTablet of Elements

The Beheaded

CytoplasmSpartan Sandals

Time Traveling Ninja

Molecule Ichimonji
Time Traveler’s GadgetTime Space Shuriken

Special Forces

S.O. Firearm
Walkie TalkieSpecial Operation
Soul Knight Pets

You also have a pet companion with you such as a cat. You can buy other pets from the in-game store to help you win battles. But it only changes the color, so we don’t see any point to upgrade them.


Every weapon in this game has its perks and strengths. Each uses mana energy to be able to fire except for the BAD PISTOL. The bad pistol uses no mana to fire, while others use different exclusive mana points/ energy depending on their attack power, rate of fire, accessibility, range, and brutal strength.

The game has more than 170+ unique weapons to choose from. Each weapon has its rarity depending on its strength. Its tiers are given below:

  • White – Normal weapon
  • Green – Quite good
  • Blue – Good
  • Purple – Rare
  • Orange – Very Rare
  • Red – Legendary weapon

The types of Weapons the game includes are guns, pistols, blades, machine guns, Machete, bombs, Swords, bows, crossbows, spears, laser guns, fire throwers, freeze guns, wind blowers, earth breakers, lighting shooters, and even weapons like a rocket launcher and many more.

Soul Knight Mod Apk Weapons


The game also has multiple abilities that are given after each time you travel through a portal. You have to choose 1 of 3 skills such as:

    Gain life after hitting an enemy
    Improve accuracy and critical hit chances
    Increase maximum life
    Get more gems at the end of each game
    No extra damage when the shield is broken 
    Release a radial attack when the shield is broken 
    Immunity to fire
    Immunity to poison 
    Immunity to evade traps

And many more!

soul knight abilities


The Soul Knight MOD APK comes with many different features which will make your gaming experience much better.

  • Menu MOD
  • Free craft
  • One hit kill
  • God Mode
  • Free shopping
  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • Unlimited seeds, craft materials, items
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlock all Heroes
  • Unlock all Skins
  • Unlock all Skills
  • Unlock all plots in the garden
  • Unlock all pets
  • Unlock all weapons
  • Unlock all decorations like Magic Wells, Vending Machines, etc.
  • No skill CD
  • Bullet speed multiplier 1x to 5x

Gameplay of Soul Knight Mod Apk

The gameplay is like many roguelike RPG games. A joystick to move your character and onscreen buttons. These buttons include:

  • A button to attack. A button to use the Special skills.
  • A button to quickly swap your Weapons.
  • A virtual Joystick to move your characters.

More than 25 characters to choose from with their unique abilities, skills, skins, materials, armor, price, and weapons. Choose any character from the tavern-style living room where you can each unlock a character as well. Choose all the characters for diverse experiences and indulge in the gameplay each time differently. Characters can be bought with in-game currencies as well as real-world money through microtransactions. 

Extreme upgrade capabilities of characters, companion pets, skills, weapons, abilities, skins, armors, and overall stats through in-game currencies and special items like gold coins, crystals, mana Energy and diamonds. The game has buff support to help you in between portal transitions such as max health, immunity to fire, suck enemies’ powers, increase speed, increase damage attack, increase critical attack, and many more. Soul Knight has 170+ diverse weapons for players that use mana energy.

Explore vast maps of this world and delve into the battlefields to conquer them all. Each Map has 5 levels and many enemies and powerful bosses. Have a companion pet to help you in difficult battles 

The game has a multiplayer mode for you to enjoy SOUL KNIGHTS with your friends and conquer the castles. These battlefields will be swarming with enemies, showing your team’s skills and symphony to blast off all the enemies.

The game has a retro pixel art style which gives it a unique look and feel. The soundtrack is also amazing and helps create an immersive experience while playing. Overall, Soul Knight is an amazing game developed by ChillyRoom that everyone should try out!

How to Install the soul knight mod apk

Soul Knight MOD APK is the best way to experience this game. This version of Soul Knight has all the new features, including unlimited money/manas, unlocked weapons & armor, etc. so it’s worth downloading if you’re looking for something different than what’s already available!

To install the soul knight MOD APK, follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, download the Soul Knight MOD APK from the link below.
  • Then, go to your device’s settings and enable “Unknown Sources” so that you can install apps outside of Google Play Store.
  • Once that’s done, locate the Soul Knight MOD APK file that you downloaded and install it.
  • After the installation is complete, open the game and enjoy all the amazing benefits that this MOD APK has to offer!


Soul Knight MOD APK is an extremely enjoyable 2D game. The game has a pixelated look which not many shooter RPG roguelike games have. Soul Knight has a plot akin to “Enter the Dungeon”. The aliens have stolen the magical stone which has disrupted the balance of this world. It has not only placed the world out of order but also stolen its peace. A hero is required to retrieve the magical stone of the ancient ruins. Download the modded apk game for free with no ads and unlimited maxed-out features. Become the hero the world needs to restore its harmony and peace.

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