Sniper Strike Mod Apk v500131 (Unlimited Money)

Sniper Strike Mod Apk v500131

I was craving a sniper game and finally, I stumbled upon Sniper Strike Mod Apk. This is one of the coolest games I have ever played in my life. As its name implies, you will get to be a sniper in this FPS 3D game.


Sniper Strike mod Apk is an epic adventure FPS shooter which pits players against the most dangerous threat to mankind – bioterrorism. You are part of an elite military unit sent out to eliminate terrorist threats and restore peace in various hot spots around the world.

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One thing I love about this game is that it features awesome 3D graphics, dynamic music, and gripping gameplay that makes me crave more. The controls are good too – intuitive with every action accompanied by sound effects.

3 Different Modes of Sniper Strike Mod Apk

In this FPS sniper game, players can choose from 3 different modes.

PVP (Person vs Person) has 20 intense missions to take on with 5 locations in each mission.
PVE (Person vs Environment) features 20 v/s 20 multiplayer combat and weapon sale mode that allows players to buy and sell weapons between different modes.
Single Player is basically the survival mode where you must fight off endless waves of bioterrorism.

As you progress in the game, better weapons will be unlocked for you to use and fight off more powerful enemies. Your success depends on your sniper skills.

Sniper Strike mod apk is one of the best 3D FPS shooter games available online so I highly recommend this game to all gamers who enjoy playing sniper games. I also recommend Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk for android users who love action-packed games and want to take their gaming experience to the next level.

The Gameplay of Sniper Strike Mod Apk

Unlimited Money and Gold

Sniper Strike Mod Apk has both Unlimited money and gold in-game currency. Money is required to upgrade weapons, and buy new guns and explosives whereas Gold can be used for buying various items in the store.

One of the best features of Sniper Strike Mod Apk is that you get unlimited cash and gold every time you win a round or complete a mission and you can use this in-game currency to upgrade your weapons and buy new guns.

Wide Range of Combat Missions

As a sniper in the game, you will have to complete various types of missions that include assassination, rescue, and bomb disposal. The first mission takes place at an abandoned military base somewhere in Montana. There are reports of a new virus being stored there since it is the only one strong enough to wipe out any living organism on Earth. Your task is to take out all terrorists guarding this facility before they bring the virus back to life.

combat missions

Deadly Weapons

As you play Sniper Strike, you will have to carry out various missions set by your commander. Each mission has different objectives, time frames, and other factors that come into play between success and failure.

Gulf Turf Wars

In PVP mode, players can take part in Global Turf Wars where they can fight against other real-life opponents.

Console Standard Graphics and Audio

The Latest Update of Sniper Strike Mod Apk, Developed by Mobile Gaming Studios Ltd has improved the graphics dramatically. Now, all the 3D models and environments look more realistic. It is one of the most immersive FPS games on the Google Play Store for Android that offers this level of realistic graphics for the game.

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8 different locations in Sniper Strike Mod Apk

Sniper Strike has 8 different locations which include abandoned ruins, military outposts, and high-rise cityscapes. Each location will have a certain number of enemies to kill. Critical Ops also offers various locations in which you can play the game. These locations are based on real-world locations and include places such as a school, a warehouse, and an airport.

sniper strike fps 3d shooting game

Loot Like Never Before

While you play Sniper Strike, you will earn points and cash. You can use these points and cash to upgrade your weapon and buy new weapons in the store. The best part is that Sniper Strike cheats make it all possible!

The gadget that Lets You See Through Walls

The game developers have added a special Gadget called ‘Range Finder’ which lets you know about the enemies behind walls. It is a handy feature that you must try out during your playthrough.

Unlimited Ammo for Sniper Strike Mod Apk

As a sniper, you are required to kill as many enemies as possible without getting caught. Sniper Strike Mod Apk has an unlimited ammo feature that allows you to shoot with precision without reloading.

unlimited ammo


Overall this is one of the best FPS games I have ever played on my Android device which provides tactical combat along with puzzle-solving abilities from time to time. Sniper Strike Mod Apk gives you a variety of options and offers all the necessary features that a good FPS game should have.

So, what are you waiting for? Give this awesome 3D FPS Shooter a go now!


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