Slime Quest MOD APK v1.0.2 (Unlimited Money)

Slime Quest MOD APK is a roguelike RPG genre game. The game gives true meaning to the phrase “fun and games”.  The game starts as you are transported to a slime world. You are transformed into slime and the lone surviving slimming hero. They only ones who can save their race. Defeat the various kingdoms’ enemies that come your way. Defeat all the opponents, gain various skills, abilities, and strengths, and level up. The enemies stomp your way in the form of waves, enemies seem to be rushing toward you. You have to be a smart slime and avoid their attacks and hit back.

Each slimy character has unique abilities, and powers that create diversity and engages the players. The enemies are of different races like dwarves, archers, soldiers, frogs, and even plain old dinosaurs’ descendants aka Chickens. The Boss enemies are daunting and powerful so make strategies to bring down the strong foes. Leave a slimy mark on the world and become the strongest slime across all the kingdoms.

Slime Quest Mod Apk Dungeon Adventure


ALL Fun and Games

Slime Quest is a fun 2D game that brings happiness to the faces of players that play it. This game gives off a retro vibe. This game is just a pure joy to play. The game has a vast world of different kingdoms where they will be fighting many enemies. The enemies are great in number and have many abilities and powers that can shred you to pieces. The fate of the world depends upon you and you have to be the slime hero that saves the day. You need to be strong and have faith in your abilities and slimy powers.

unlock new equipment

Gameplay Dynamics

The gameplay of Slime Quest is very simple and intuitive. Unlike many other action games, its controls are very simple. There are large on-screen buttons for moving in either direction and there are also buttons for attacking and jumping. The game has a retro vibe and aesthetic like Mario which we played during our childhood days, so be ready to be hit by nostalgia.

Slime Quest Chapter

Retro vibes and schematic art

The game has a retro art style and 2D graphics. Each of the characters is unique and stylized but all of them are slimes. These slimy characters can be upgraded using many gems, unlockable items, and keys. Each of the battlefields is uniquely stylized and offers great diversity. Each location is a part of a kingdom and has a Boss Enemy associated with it. Each kingdom has many foes and kinds associated with it. LoadComplete makes this game extremely enjoyable to play.


Slime Quest is filled with character upgradation and extensive skill sets. Players can upgrade their characters as they level up. With each level up they can decide to use a certain ability or skill helping in defeating the enemy. After clearing the bout you will be awarded loot boxes. These loot boxes contain gems, in-game currencies, special items, and keys that can unlock new features or various skill sets. Slime Quest MOD APK has 3 types of skills i.e. Main skill, support skill, and physical skill.

Slime Quest Mod Apk Skills

The characters can upgrade their skills like:

  • Pierce – Main Skill
    Basic Attacks that penetrate enemies only 1 time.
  • ATK – Main Skill
    Basic Attack damage increases by 25 %.
  • Add frontal Attack – Main Skill
    Basic Attacks from front count 2.
  • Add Back Attack – Main Skill
    Basic Attacks from Back count 2.
  • Reaper Slime – Main Skill
    Instantly finish Enemies with the basic attack but the chance of this happening is only 5 %.
  • Crit Rate – Physical Skill
    Critical rate increases by 5%.
  • Mini Slime – Physical Skill
    50 % chance to create 1 mini Slime with each kill from a basic attack. These attacks surround enemies for 2 seconds
  • Wind-like Attack – Physical Skill
    Basic Attacks speed increases by 10 %.
  • Quick Attack – Physical Skill
    Basic Attacks speed increases by 5 %.
  • DEF – Support Skill
    Defense increases by 5%.
  • Dodge – Support Skill
    Dodge increases by 10%.
  • Skin Massage – Support Skill
    Instantly recovers 20% of HP.
  • Revenge – Support Skill
    Damage of 300 ATK upon collision with the enemies.
  • Jump Master – Support Skill
    Double Jumps in midair.
  • Coin Bullet – Magic Skill
    Fires a coin-guided missile upon coin collection. Damage dealt with this is 20% of ATK power.
  • Evil Spirit – Magic Skill
    Creates 1 Spirit that attacks surrounding enemies automatically. Damage dealt with this is 20 % of ATK power.
  • Meteor – Magic Skill
    Creates 1 Meteor at a random position. Damage dealt with this is 400% of ATK power.
  • Electricity Cloud – Magic Skill
    Generates an electricity cloud that at time intervals attack enemies. Damage dealt with this is 150% of ATK power.
Slime Quest Mod Apk Unlock New Skill

And many more throughout the game. You can also Explore Every Hero Mod Apk has many warrior characters of the different caliber that reflect their stats, persona, and special abilities. 



There are many rewards you get at the in this game. After completing every level you get rewards like chests, loot boxes, gems, special items, and magical keys. Just like Hunt Royale MOD APK has a daily and weekly reward system for you to get exciting items. Slime Quest game also allows users to get Soul fragments. These fragments can be used to unlock Characters. Mimic chests are offered to players at the cost of gems and magical keys. You can get 2 types of mimic chests.

  • Normal chest
    This includes Common and Uncommon characters and equipment.
  • Advanced chest
    This includes Uncommon and Epic characters and equipment.

Demon King’s Roulette

The scary slime king lets its players use roulette as well to acquire more rewards. The roulette wheel has many awards like gems and coins. Spin the wheel to see what luck has in it for you.

Slime Quest Mod Apk Rewards

Enemy Waves

You will be swarmed with enemies on each battlefield. Slime Quest has Enemies facing you in the form of waves. Each stage has many waves and is mentioned at the top of the screen. Every stage has different Waves numbers and various enemies that will be out for your slimy blood. You can also unlock many skills in Archero Mod Apk and use them to kill enemy waves.

There are many enemy types and some of them are mentioned below:

Enemy level

  • Trainee
  • Archer
  • Novice
  • Novice dwarf
  • Miner dwarf
  • Boar rider
  • Chickens
  • Frogs
Slime Quest Enemies

And many more along your quest of the Slimes.


  • Unlocked
  • Infinite money
  • God Mode
  • All Quest Claimable
  • Gems Don’t Decrease
  • Gold Don’t Decrease


The gameplay is simple and onscreen buttons that help you to move, jump and attack. At just a glance you’ll know what to do and can operate seamlessly. The Left and right keys are for navigation, a dedicated jump button for jumping, and an ATK button for attacking. So evade enemy attacks and fight back to win.

Slime Quest Mod Apk Gameplay

The human and monster enemies flood the slimy main character AKU. You will need to defend your character, avoid enemy attacks and fight back. Enemies possess different levels and boss enemies are mostly 20x to 40x stronger than weak enemies. Boss enemies are introduced like most arcade games where it’s a one-on-one battle and before the fight starts you get a screen You VS Boss Enemy. So buckle up and be ready to fight.

Slime Quest Mod Apk Upgrade Character

The game has a ton of upgrades. Level up and upgrade your Slime Hero to the max. Customize your slime, and acquire strength and skill set worthy of the warrior you want to become. Slime world needs a Hero of great talent. New characters can be unlocked using fragments. So collect as many rewards as you can.

The reward system is also huge and you get rewards at various points of the gameplay. These rewards include gems, magical items, special equipment, keys, and earthly treasure like gold coins. There are many ways to win these rewards i.e. completing stages, leveling up in the battle, and Mimic chests and Demon King’s Roulette.

mimic chest

Gather your friends online and the game stacks up your results compared to others in that particular stage. There are also sidekicks like chickens and snails that help you in your fight against the humans and monsters that threaten your existence.


The only Slime Hero is left alone in this world apart from the demon lord. Humans and monsters now threaten your existence. You need to fight all the enemies that come to destroy you. Defeat them and conquer their kingdom. Enslave the kingdom and be the extreme ruler of that kingdom where everyone is in the palm of your slimy hands. Slime Quest mod apk is free to download with no ads. You can enjoy this game to the fullest without worrying about the in-game dynamic of upgrades and reward collection. You are free from these hassles, so just focus on the gameplay and enjoy this splendid and fun game. Be the warrior you always dreamt of and become the next demon lord.

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