Royal Revolt 2 Mod Apk v8.3.0 (Unlimited Money)

Royal Revolt 2 mod apk is an RPG motion world that allows you to become a ruler of an entire kingdom. Your mission in the game revolves around making tower defense strategies, leading your army to overcome obstacles, organizing raids on the neighboring kingdoms, bringing down their defenses, increasing your territories, and looting their gold and treasures.

Success in the Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RTS and Castle Builder depend on your RTS conquest technique, offensive battle expertise, and strong tower protection which can resist heavy infiltration of enemy troops. You are given special magic spells like every other player in the game to clean up quickly after getting heavy fire from the enemy. If you get attacked with heavy explosives, allow your brave soldiers to deflect them. If you love creating the whole world for yourself instead of just an army base, you can play the worldbox mod apk and live another life within the game.

royal revolt 2 mod apk

Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense is a very addictive action game that is easily available on Google Play and Apple Store. After you finish all the levels in single-player campaign mode, you can unlock new content and buy new upgrades using the money you earned playing these levels. You can download its mod version from our website in which all premium content is unlocked from the start completely free of cost!

Key Features

The characteristic features of the Royal Revolt 2 apk are detailed below:

Build the Kingdom

In Royal Revolt 2, you get to build your own kingdom having a tower defense system to withstand your enemy’s attack. You will need to construct all sorts of buildings to resist foreign attacks. You will construct domain in the kingdom and raid other kingdoms to loot their gold so that you can strengthen your own infrastructure.

royal revolt 2 tower defense mod apk

The first structure you get to build in your empire is the troops academy which will allow you to grow your army and train them for the war. You will be the hero in the game and lead your army in the war. You will strategize the best defenses for the protection of your country. The combat in the game is thrilling and it will engage you completely.

Strengthen Your Army

In the Royal Revolt 2 mod, the location of a blacksmith is most important as it is an action game filled with weapons and combat. You will use the blacksmith’s place to make a large number of weapons which will grant new abilities to your army having humans, snowmen, and even dwarfs.
You can upgrade your army’s power by using up the gold coins you earned from the winnings and be able to fight off strange creatures your enemy might send toward you. You can melt the unnecessary weapons and other items to get pearls in their place to improve your weapon’s quality.

Chain Defense System

You can build strong and solid castle defense along with forging new weapons and training a loyal army in Royal Revolt 2 to protect your territory, army, and weapons. Your castle can also be used as a military base temporarily but be aware, that your enemy will certainly attack there.
Therefore, build your army defenses in your own personal style and defend your castle against the enemy’s invasion. You can also explore your castle dungeons to have strange experiences because they are extremely dangerous. You can play as a villain in the Tacticool mod apk.

royal revolt 2 mod apk latest version

Defeat the Enemy

Lead the army you fortify by making upgrades and forging new weapons and defeating your enemy. You play Royal Revolt 2 mod apk in the third person perspective and control your character leading the army. Your objective in the game is very clear i.e., to destroy your enemies, break their defenses and win their castles. You will enter into enemy territories alone, but you can summon your army immediately if you sense any dangers.


There is a shield and sword icon on the left side of the screen to summon the army before the battle started. There is an energy bar on the downside of the screen which will determine the number of troops summoned. If the energy bar is completely used up, you have to wait for it to be filled again before you can use it. You can raid your enemy kingdoms and destroy their army using RTS tower defense strategies. You can kill your enemies in silence playing Ninja Creed Mod Apk 3D.

Powerful Heroes

At the beginning of the Royal Revolt 2 apk, you can select your character who is the hero in the game, and the leader of your army. He also has his own powers other than the army. You can find his skills on the right side of the screen. You can use a hero’s powers to deal with massive amounts of damage in close vicinities and you can use them to destroy your enemy castles and clear the level.

upgrade heroes

Taking better care of your character as a hero is the most important warrior in the battle. The strength of the hero improves with time as you win multiple battles and upgrade your powers. You can also forge armor and weapons specialized for your character as with a strong character, you can simplify wars and easily win them.

Train Your Army

As you get to rule an entire kingdom and lead your army, build your army strong and with high fighting skills. Train them hard and teach them loyalty as raids on the other kingdoms and protecting the territory of your own depends on your army’s strength and loyalty. You can use the rewards you collect to unlock better armies.

Make Alliance

When you get tired of playing single-player mode in Royal Revolt 2, make your own team with your friends and other online players and enjoy the game from a different perspective. Use the guild system of the game to make new friends and join together to plan new events. You will be able to enhance your strength while fighting guild members. You can show your skills and talents to other players and learn new techniques from them.


Halloween Festival

In the Royal Revolt 2 mod apk latest version, you can fight the in the Halloween settings. In Halloween settings, the whole kingdom is filled with colors and traditional items like pumpkins, black and orange ornaments, etc. You can also customize your character with Halloween accessories.

Mod Features

Royal Revolt 2 mod apk offers the following features

Unlimited Money & Coins

Royal Revolt 2mod apk offers unlimited money and coins so that you can unlock new content and upgrade your weapons and fortify your towers without having to wait for level clearing rewards.

Unlock All Levels

The mod version of Royal Revolt 2 we offer has all levels unlocked so that you can play the game at whatever level you want instead of clearing a single-player campaign first to unlock new levels.

Unlimited Gems

Royal Revolt 2 apk offers unlimited gems so that you can buy new weapons, forge new items, and unlock strange creatures to increase the protection of your kingdom.

unlock new weapons

Offline Play

Royal Revolt 2 mod apk also offers an offline version where you can practice the game strategies and sharpen your skills.


The gameplay of Royal Revolt 2 is based on a series of events that revolve around a young prince’s kingdom. The defense of the kingdom depends on a real-time battle strategy involving the construction of new boundaries, making, and placing RTS strategy-based defense towers, a strong army, and defensive weapons. You can also change the shape of the terrain making stronghold traps, gates, and turrets.

Royal Revolt 2 mod apk has two major components: real raids against enemy kingdoms and grabbing their gold and using this gold to fortify your kingdom defenses and strengthen your armies. You play as a leader holding your sword and leading your army in the war against enemies. You can raid these kingdoms with an army of Paladins, Archers, and even Dragons, fire wizards, and Werewolves.

train army

Organize your tower defense in RTS strategy and your armies in an offensive military way to withstand difficult battles because your kingdom depends on it. You have a royal Guardian and a loyal Pet Pal for military raids and enemy tower defenses that lie ahead of you. When a warden makes a mistake, these Pals can help you by sending reinforcements to counterattack.

royal revolt 2 gameplay

Construct a long road to your castle with a twisting pathway filled with as many hindrances as possible. Place your defense towers correctly so that when the enemy attacks they can fall in the gaps due to defense barriers. You can defend your city entrances with dangerous pandas and log-eared mad rabbits

The Blacksmith will create an RPG recreation model of higher gadgets that you can soften down to accumulate Pearls. This Blacksmith can also apply magical Runes to enhance your protection and offense. Use the conquest mode of the hexagon grid battle to form online alliances with other players to get more resources and expand your region.


Royal Revolt 2 mod apk is the second installment of a tactical strategy game involving tower defense in which gameplay takes a 180o turn and instead of defending, you have to attack the opponent’s kingdom. This sequel has a number of upgrades, better 3D graphics, new map locations, and a whole new background story. When you are tired of playing alone, you can also play it with your friends in multiplayer mode. If you are a fan of RPG action, do give Royal Revolt 2 a try. Download Royal Revolt 2 mod apk now and start your revolt for the throne immediately!

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