Road Not Taken MOD APK v1.0.2 (Mod Menu)

Road Not Taken mod apk is a puzzle game with great visuals. The game is about a Ranger who wanders these vast worlds of terrible storms. Drift through the snowy forests; help the ones in dire need and fill their frosty spirits with fiery warmth. The color of the ranger’s fire is cold blue; with this blue flame, he brings a beacon of hope to this world. Finds many victims along the way and helps them by solving tedious tasks and challenges. Interacts with the residents, form relations with them, and solve their problems which you; only you can solve. You being a great wizard on top need to Use your magical prowess to bring peace to this world.

Road Not Taken Mod Apk Characters



Road Not Taken apk is about a Lone Ranger with magical powers rivaling a wizard. The hero wanders the land of frost, traveling through numerous villages, snowy forests, and dark dwellings. He roams these lands to help the people who need a hero to solve their problems. The lands are shrouded by snowstorms and many children lost their way to their homes. You need to make use of the magical powers you have been blessed with; save those lost children and reunite them with their parents. Solve the mysteries of the children with various puzzle-solving skills; that vanished into the thick blizzard.

Road Not Taken Mod Apk Special Abilities


Every time you play the game you will be presented with a new story. Every path you will take you to a new journey. The paths will be changing and you will be faced with different challenges and trials each time. The game has unpredictability and each path and choice will lead you to a different place just like how real life is. In the world in which this story takes place people have ideal lives and a clear path for them; lead a good life, work on a job you are good with, find a loving partner, make meaningful relations and nurture the future of upcoming generations. In this world of clear paths, your paths are foggy and ambiguous. Will you be able to find a Road that will take you to the destination you desire?


Road Not Taken apk has dazzling 2D graphics and mesmerizing artwork. The game uses pleases color pallets that are easy on the eye and hold the attention of the players. The game is designed to be intuitive and engaging; with its brilliant puzzles requiring strategies to complete them. Think hard before you make any step as it might cost you and the people you are trying to save. The game indulges the players in its gameplay and gives them the delight they need.

puzzle game


The game’s main protagonist is a lone ranger that possesses great powers. He is a wizard of a magical sent to help the people of this world. His kind soul has immense abilities like levitating objects and people in the air; pushing objects with great power sending them flying meters. The Sorcerer also can transport from any point to a marked point. The hero is bewitched with the ability to brew many potions for various effects. Use your intellect; great might and save the victims from the creatures of the dark and monsters out for human blood.

Road Not Taken Mod Apk adventurer


There is a total of 6 characters in this game who can exchange points in return for resources. Only 2 offerings can be exchanged throughout the game year. The value perception is different for each player depending on their inclinations. These characters include

  • Archer
  • Hunter
  • Maiden
  • Nymph
  • Yodeler
  • Prodigy
Road Not Taken Mod Apk charms


The game has a reward system based on the relations you can build up with the Non Playable Characters aka NPCs. The stronger you have a relationship with them; the greater the reward you will be able to get. Only 2 offerings can be exchanged throughout the game year. The rewards are called Charms and these can be passed down to the next rangers that can come. These charms are stored in the house of the rangers and 2 can be equipped at a time.

  • Coffee Mug
  • Crown of Challenge
  • Egg Boiler
  • Fork of Eating Alone
  • Giant Coffee Mug
  • Glasses of Wisdom
  • Goblet of Friendliness
  • Handcuffs of Hovering
  • Hat of Creativity
  • Ring of Acceptance
  • Rope of Social Bonds
  • Ruler of School Disasters
  • Socks of Meditation
  • Trousers of Strength
  • Yo Yo of Mania
Road Not Taken Mod Apk Relatioships

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The relation can be identified as the hearts displaying over NPCs. They range from 0 to 7. Zero is a Stranger and 7 is a life Companion. Relationships that can be formed are

  • Stranger
  • Acquaintance 
  • Friend             
  • Good Friend   
  • Great Friend
  • Lover  
  • Spouse            
  • Life Companion
book of secrets

various items

The game has many items that can be picked up along its journey. All of these items have various use cases and special effects.

  • Food – used to gain Health Energy
  • Animals – they can be turned into Food or items for Potions and other stuff.
  • Forest Objects – Items like Plants, Equipment and Rocks
  • Household Objects – can be found in the Ranger’s home
  • Potions – used to upgrade the Items
  • Resources – given to gift-able characters to strengthen their relationship with them.
  • Spirits – helpful in Crafting but cause damage to the player.

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mod features

  • Free paid version
  • MOD Menu


The gameplay is similar to other Roguelike RPG games with strategic elements. The game is based on puzzle-solving skills. Use an onscreen joystick to move around. Tap to pick up items. Press and hold an object or person to levitate it; swipe in the direction where you want it to be sent flying. But this can only be used vertically and horizontally. Levitate items, objects, and persons to levitate them and move around with you as well. So grab your android phone and start playing.

The adventurer lone ranger passes through many vast lands engulfed with snowstorms. The randomly generated levels bring unlimited possibilities for probing and completing trials. Every action will yield another consequence for you and the villager alike. The story will change every time you die and things will be different new time around. So, keep the villagers and the bond you share with the, from worldly disasters.

The type of rewards you get is based on the path you take and the bonds you form. The game has a system of making relations with the NPCs. These relations determine what reward you get for the strength of your relationship. The relationship is from a total stranger to a life partner. Getting exciting rewards from them like coffee mugs, egg boilers, glasses of wisdom, and hats of creativity. These items have unique characteristics and special abilities that can change the course of the game. Use your head and mix and match these abilities to make use of them to the fullest.


Road Not Taken mod apk is a fantastic roguelike RPG game developed by Spry Fox LLC with great puzzle game elements. Download the free version of the Road Not Taken apk android game. The Lone Ranger is on the adventure to be the beacon of hope in this wretched world and bring a glimmer of happiness to the people he saves. Solve mysteries and puzzles to help the victims and get them what they need. Battle through many stages and bring back the lost children of the villagers. Help the world become a better place with your puzzle-solving skills.

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