Pirate Code Mod Apk v1.3.8 (Unlimited Money)

Pirate Code Mod Apk v1.3.8 (Unlimited Money)

September 21, 2022

APK Information
Codex7 Games
Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Action
56.31 MB
MOD Features
  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Unlimited Gems
  3. Unlimited Battle Pickups
  4. Freeze Everyone
21 September
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Description Pirate Code Mod Apk v1.3.8 (Unlimited Money)

Pirate Code Mod Apk v1.3.8

Pirate Code mod apk is an online shooting game, suitable for those players who enjoy action games full of adventure. Shooting is not everybody’s cup of tea, and it requires a certain level of concentration skill to pull it off. If you think you are a terrible shooter in real life, download the Pirate Code mod apk and start practicing. Competing with players all around the world will definitely improve your shooting.

So, what are you waiting for? Download game pirate code mod apk now and become the captain of your warship! Confront your enemies and complete your missions to unlock new content and progress in the game. As you fulfill your missions, you will get amazing rewards that can be used to upgrade your weapons, warships, and characters.

pirate code mod apk

Key Features

Pirate Code – PvP Battles at Sea takes you to full-scale naval warfare with fast-paced conflicts. The most intriguing features of the Pirate Code are:

Warship Collection

Pirate Code apk offers you to select one of the 12 most powerful warships to fight your battle in the sea. You can take these warships from the dreaded Obsidian into Fray, or you can choose Dragon Boat or mighty Flying Dutchman. All of these ships are different from each other and have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose these ships based on your requirements for battle.

private fleet

Ship Captain

Pirate Code-PvP Battles at the Sea mod apk allows you to choose from a number of capable and fearsome characters to be the captain of your warship. There are 10 mighty sea-faring captains available and every character has their unique abilities e.g., Billy has a mighty energy wave, Vasco De Gama offers a lethal Fireball, Hattori has a cunning invisibility shield, and Catalina has a formidable frost arrow. Select your captain based on the surroundings of battles. Create strategies and defeat your enemies using the special skills of your captain.

pirate code mod apk ship captian

Ship Sailing

Prepare your ship to sail into wars by upgrading its weapon and canon system. Use heavy-duty armor to protect your ship’s captain. Check your ship’s torpedoes before launching into ship-to-ship combat. Sail your ship on the pirate’s journey into the unknown and defeat Kraken to find treasures. 

explore world

Missions and Challenges

Pirate code mode apk has grand-scale wars in open oceans which can be solo missions or PvP. You can take part in five vs five players to fight in naval battles for collective glory. You can orchestrate different strategies by combining captain capabilities, skills, and ship’s abilities to ensure a win in the battles and conquer the high seas! You can also enjoy more challenges of ship battles in Battle of Warships Mod Apk.

Multiplayer ship battle

You can use all types of attacks at your disposal to defeat the enemies. You can use frost beams, fireballs, or shark attacks for powerful impacts, or you can be discrete and use your healing and invisibility skills. On completing the given missions in the game, you can win gold and a huge amount of money which you can use to dominate one of three maps.


The graphics of Pirate code- PvP Battles at Sea are very sophisticated and simple which are very comfortable for players and are not very flashy and in your face. The rhythm, music, and coordinated sound effects of the game completely immerse players in the fighting sequences. The background has very clear colors which give soothing effects to the tired eyes of the players. Just like Modern Warplanes mod apk has high-end graphics with realistic sound effects and immersive 3D views. You feel the real taste of modern warfare.

pirate code mod apk graphics

Pirate Code Mod Menu

The mod version of Pirate Codes mod apk offers the following additional features

Unlimited Money

Pirate Code mod apk unlimited money version gives you the opportunity to buy whatever you need to survive the sea warfare. You can spend your unlimited money to upgrade the weaponry of your battleships, unlock new warships and upgrade your character.

Unlimited Gold / Gems

Gold and gems can be used to unlock rare items after completing certain missions. Get the mod version for unlimited gold and gems and never miss the opportunity to collect unique weapons or unlock new characters.

unlock rare items

Unlimited Battle Pickups

Battle pickups allow you an upper hand during battles. They increase your health bar, speed, or impact of your weapons and canons. Pirate Code mod also comes with an unlimited amount of these pickups that you can use whenever you need an upper hand.

pirate code mod apk battles

No Ads

Pirate Code mod apk android 1 version plays ads in between missions in order to proceed further in the game which can irritate players therefore download its mod version from our website which cancels ads that pop up automatically.


Pirate Code mod apk revolves around pirates and their code of conduct. You control heavy-duty warships loaded with canons when you start playing this game. There are different types of warships available in the game to choose from. Each of these ships has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is wise to choose your warship according to natural environmental factors impacting the terrain and the area where you face your opponents.

The game is packed with seaborne action from ship to ship which you can join as an alone player or make a team with 10 other players to fight battles at the sea. Select your character to be the captain of the warship and armed it with unique firepower to dominate the sea. You can read more details about the game on Google Play page.

Your main objective is to observe the shots and watch your enemies destroy them as they appear on the small map of the ship. One Pirate Code hack you can use is to play in PvP mode. The PvP mode gives you the opportunity to face other players and learn from them new tips and tricks to improve your navigation and shooting skills.

pirate code warships

Final Words

Pirate Code mod apk is a very entertaining game to play for getting relaxed after a very tiring workday. The number of devices downloading it is increasing day by day. With very clear and engaging graphics and amazing content, Pirate Code is one of the best Shooter games. You can download the Pirate Code mod apk now and see it for yourself.

Note: If you are facing any problems regarding the game, comment down below, and our team will contact you to solve the issues you are facing. Thank you! 

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