Otherworld Legends MOD APK v1.15.1 (Unlimited Coins)

Otherworld Legends MOD APK is a rogue action developed by ChillyRoom publishers. It is one the most exciting rogue games which has every twist of Sci-fi action series. There are aliens, monsters, villains, another realm, a conspiracy, and a dangerous overlord of that realm in it.

You are one of the heroes abducted by Asurendra who is willing to bent time and space to kill every hero in it. Equip yourself with skills, items, and weapons you need and kill all the monsters you encounter. Download the game now and brace yourself for an amazing ride to this illusion land!

Otherworld Legends mod apk Boss Fight

Background Story

The main character of the Otherworld Legends named Quan wakes up in a new place and does not remember where she is. A monster attacks her and she kicks it until it dies. Then, a human appears who says that he is her guide at Mirage Club. Quan asks her what a Mirage Club is. And where the hell she is? The guide told her that she is not in the human realm anymore. She is summoned there by Asurendra, an evil villain, who is the creator of this Mirage Club.

To get back to the human world, Quan must earn her way back by fighting with monsters in the club. The guide tells her every detail she needs to know for fighting. When certain levels are cleared, you can go shopping in the item shop by a guy named Peddler where you can spend gold to procure all sorts of items to enhance your skills.

Otherworld Legends Mod Apk dungeon

There are deadly traps and monsters everywhere. There is a plot to dominate Asurendra’s dimensions after the heroes are destroyed. You become aware of this conspiracy as you are one of the heroes and you need to work with other heroes to stop this brutality!

Magical Features

Otherworld Legends has pixel-like graphics and a background story that unravels as you play along the quests. Some of the magical features that make it unique from other rogue action games are given below:

Boss Fights

Each quest has different levels in it and these quests finish with boss fights. These bosses have unique battle structures and make surprise moves to injure you. Once a player returns or defeats these bosses, they automatically evolve and develop new combat tactics. This shows how detailed ChillyRoom publishers have created the Otherworld Legends game. Once you kill a boss, you get different rewards. You can use these rewards to upgrade your characters and make them stronger.

Otherworld Legends Monster Fights

Multiple Characters

There are multiple characters in the game to choose from. Each character has its specifications, skills, and skins. The details of some of these characters are:

1. Quan Huying: A Kungfu gitl, Quan inherited secrets of the oriental fighting arts. She has developed a variety of skills to cope with ever-changing fierce fights. She is noted for her health and tremendous punching powers. Her common skins are Jumper Dress and Dragon Child. Her skills are Tiger Charge, Shadow Strike, Shoulder Bump, and Thunder Pheonix.

2. Katherine: A talented witch from the magical continent that is separated from the elfland to its southwest by the ocean. She is known for her elemental magic. She fights in a unique way, and has low health but strong armor. She has multiple skins such as Mage TA, Rogue Mary, and Magician. Her skills are Thunder Strike, Infernal Lotus, and glacial Tempest.

3. Hayfa: A mysterious traveler from the land of the desert. She can weave through the enemies without being noticed. You can upgrade her skin to Arcadian Sentinel. Her skills include Shadow Attack, Blaze of Toxin, Beheading Wire, and Sandstorm.

4. Penhaligon: Enemies hit by Penhaligon’s non-skill attacks have a chance to be more vulnerable to ranged attacks. If they are hit by its non-skilled ranged attacks, they have the chance to be more vulnerable to melee attacks. You can upgrade it to Nutcracker skin. Penhaligon has Denting Blow, Trench Charger, Royal Artillery, and Regiment of Fusilier’s skills.

5. Akaisha: A legendary archer from elfland. Akaisha is an expert in beating enemies from afar. You can upgrade her to Artemis, Elfland’s Watch, and Little Red Riding Hood. Her specialized skills include Arrow Rain, Leprechaun, and Rapid Shot.

otherworld legends mod apk all characters unlocked

6. Hannah: The bounty hunter who lived alone in a new world far beyond. The world was wild and rowdy and filled with crimes. But to this nemesis of villains, that place was a land of hope and untapped treasures. She takes advantage of various powerful guns. Her skills are Fire off, M1894 Rifle, M1887 Shotgun, and Marlin BFR.

7. Gerard Quentin: A knight from Montargis. Gerard Quentin is heavily armored and equipped with a shield. Though cannot evade attacks, he moves among enemies with ease with his powerful defense. His skills include War Mass, Roar of Gauls, Shield Bash, and Angelic Pact.

8. Ginzo: A Swordman from a mysterious land, renowned for mastery of swords. With a keen eye for the enemy’s weakness, Ginzo can perform fast and fatal attacks. His skills include Hiken Shooting Stars, Tsubame Gaeshi and Heirloom Katana.

9. Hilding: A berserker from the coldest of colds. Holding onto the fighting philosophy most raw and rough, he goes rogue in the northmost part of the continent. As a berserker, Hilding has no armor. His skills are Elephant thrusts, Sneaky Rat Rubs, Tiger Devours lamb, and tornedo decimates Donkey Farm.

10. Oli: A genius in mechanics, Oli is able to collect parts during fights to build many support weapons. She has relatively low health. Her skills include Ping Pong Gun, Oli’s Flying Fish, and Oil Mecha.

And many more. You can unlock these characters by using coins or making in-game purchases but our mod version offers access to all these heroes completely free of cost. You can also explore many unique characters in Combat Quest MOD APK with different skill sets.

Otherworld Legends gameplay


Otherworld Legends offer game skills that fight with you and help you kill your enemies more swiftly. The skills that you can get during gameplay are

  • Thunder Elf: Chance to summon lightening on hit
  • Ice Elf: Chance to freeze enemies on hit. The chance is lower for elite enemies and bosses
  • Fireball: Every attack releases a fireball. With an additional Special Attack category power item, you equip, the number of fireballs is increased
  • Catalyst of Vengeance: You enter a rampage when losing health, only when your health is full can it be re-activated
  • Infernal Lotus: Shoot a mega fireball that explodes on a hit. As the primary skill, normal attack turns into cone-shaped fire spray. As a secondary skill, a normal attack has a chance to set enemies on fire
  • Glacial Tempest: Cast a circling snowstorm that slows down enemies and has a chance to freeze them. As a primary skill, normal attack turns into circling icicles. As a secondary skill, a normal attack slows down enemies and has a chance to freeze them.
  • Thunder Strike: Cast a thunder rune that randomly strikes an enemy every few seconds. The frequency is affected by attack speed.
  • Tiger Charge: Perform a powerful palm thrust that knocks back enemies
  • Shadow Strike: A Shadow appears and doubles the normal attack
  • Shoulder Bump: Charge forward and attack with a powerful shoulder shove, dealing damage and remaining invisible during the attack
  • Thunder Pheonix Fist: Focus Chi into the fist and then thump the ground, causing a large explosion that deals a huge amount of damage
  • Sandstorm: Consumes three daggers. Move-in stealth mode and leave a sand puppet to taunt enemies nearby.
  • Beheading Wire: Consumes 5 daggers. Reduce dodge cooldown. Perform combos of multiple fast slashes
  • Blaze of Toxin: When it is equipped passively, your attacks have the chance to poison the enemies on hit
  • Shadow Attack: Perform a backstab on a marked enemy within a certain range
Otherworld Legends Mod Apk unlock Skill

And many more. Each character has a specialized skill set making it unique from other heroes. Choose your character based on these skills to effectively combat your enemies. Roguelike games mostly consist of skills as we saw in Archero MOD APK.


You can equip yourself with a weapon of your choice but remember you can use only one weapon at a time. Some of these mighty weapons are Gilded Gauntlet – Chihu, Spiky Knucks, Oak Ferule, and many more. These weapons help you become stronger in battles.

art picture

Every character has different weapons, and these weapons can be upgraded with the rewards you get at the end of each level. You can also make custom weapons for each character by combining different items after killing monsters. You can also explore tons of different weapons and armor available in Soul Knight MOD APK.

Otherworld Legends Mod Apk Weapon


There are different items available that can help you during gameplay. Some of these items and their specifications are as follows:

  • Gin: Ingredient of Martini, Frosty Gimlet, Deity of Woods, Sea in Twilight, Star Cloud
  • Vodka 90: Ingredient of Tianchuan Brew, B5, Grasshopper, Scarlet Queen, Naples Bomb
  • Gum: You may find a slime that will fight for you in obstacles that you break. When 3 or more summon category power items are equipped, a super slime variant is summoned
  • Boxing Gloves: Chance to stun enemies on hit. The chance is lower for elite enemies and bosses
  • Pioneer Armor: Increase max armor
  • Sacrificial Katana: Conjures soul missile upon the death of an enemy.
  • Golden Armor: Every few seconds you enter an unflinching state. In the unflinching state, enemies cannot interrupt your attacks
  • Brick: Guaranteed stuns on enemies backstabbed by you. The chance is lower for bosses
  • Crushing Gloves: Chance to deal one insane damage to enemies who are attacking without flinching
  • Holy Cross: Leaves a holy mark on the ground after an enemy is killed
  • Angry Pufferfish: A pufferfish circles around you and deals damage to enemies on contact
  • Stasis Grenade: Dodging launches a grenade that slows down enemies
Otherworld Legends mod apk Items

Mod Features

By downloading the mod version of Otherworld Legends, you will get access to the following mod features:

  • Unlimited gold to buy whatever you need
  • Unlimited Gems
  • All levels unlocked
  • No ads
  • All weapons upgraded
  • Free premium content

All these features make the game even more fun!

Otherworld Legends Mod Apk (unlimited Money)

What’s new?

The new version of the game offers the following Glitch fixes in

  • Multiplayer Mode Summary
  • Mirelha Aiming and Fourth Combat Art Picture
  • Better Joystick Control
  • Quan’s Flaming Wreath
  • Penhaligon’s Supreme Command


Otherworld Legends MOD APK has pixelated graphics and gameplay that are unique for the rogue action genre. You not only need to kill the enemies but also kick all the wooden boxes and barrels to get hidden rewards. There is a hidden room in every scene and to enter a new room you need to move through a small black alley. Each level has different rooms you need to cross before completing it. To enter a new level, Touch the vajra scepter in the center of the room and defeat the stage guardian to unlock the next level!

Otherworld Legends Mod Apk (unlimited Coins)

Game controls are tricky to handle but if you use both hands it becomes easier to control your character. The left side button is used to move your character forward or backward while the right button is used for attack or do a backflip. You can use different weapons to kill enemies more quickly. Use advanced weapons for maximum damage. There is also a tiger charge, which performs a powerful palm thrust that knocks back enemies.

Otherworld Legends Character Skills

Leveling up your character does not enhance your armor; it is regenerated automatically. Weapons can provide you with extra stats and additional item effects. Only one weapon can be equipped at a time. Higher-quality weapons offer more stats and item effects. There are also items available that enhance your combat skills and you can equip only four items simultaneously.


Every time you enter the mirage, its levels, foes, and loot are randomly generated thus creating a new cycle. Play the levels to reach new highs in the game and unlock all the content to enjoy the game to its full extent.

Final Words

Otherworld Legends MOD APK is an amazing roguelike action game with beautiful pixel graphics and amazing content. A large number of choices for every feature makes the game interesting and you can never get bored while playing it. To get unlimited access to premium features download the mod version of the game from our website and enjoy it completely free of cost!

Our mission is to provide Mods of all apps available in the play store to give our users an insight into the paid app. We do not want to infringe the rights of publishers.

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