OrderZero MOD APK v4.2.1 (One Hit, God Mode)

OrderZero MOD APK is an anime-style RPG shooting game. The game has an interesting storyline, intense action, and great gameplay. Women have always been considered frail and scrawny but Order Zero makes women their lead characters. You start your journey as a heroine, the only girl stranded alone in the city. The strong heroin has to take a huge burden on her shoulders and save the world all on her own. You’ll be enthralled with her combat skills and fight like her.

OrderZero with its weapon system and apocalyptic special items is diverse and dynamic. Kill all the enemies and level up in the process. Gain experience by defeating bosses and improving your skills and stats. The heroin has taken the noble cause of saving this world filled with monsters all on her own.

 Shooting Game


A girl has been sent to a post-apocalyptic world. The world is almost destroyed completely, monsters roam around freely feeding on and destroying what’s left. All communications are down for good. You have a mission to save this world and get rid of all the monsters. With great weapons obliterate your enemies coming your way. Find a way out and be very cautious as you only have one chance to save this world. This a test of your willpower and the courage to never give up.

game features

ANIME Style Heroine in a Devastated World

The game is stylized and visually inspired by Japanese Anime. The high school girl is sent to a world. Where she is stranded alone and has to take the enemy out herself. She is a strong woman and a great fighter with exceptional combat skills. Pick up your weapon and start destroying monsters of this accursed world. Fight the forces of the dark that have plagued your world and has made it a devastating mess. You need to help her to get out of this world, so will you be up to the challenge?

 Addictive Shooting and EPIC Cut Scenes

OrderZero is an addictive shooting game with exceptional visuals and easy gameplay interactions. The boss Fights are intense and the game makes this experience more epic using cut scenes. The cut scenes introduce the Boss with all his glory and a glimpse of horror when the enemy is taken down.

Maneuvering the heroin and devising plans

OrderZero allows the players to maneuver the game’s character by only using one hand. Move your character around the battlefield and dodge enemy attacks. Defeat the enemies that are on your way to completing your goals and coming out on top. The enemies are brutal and it is not easy to take them out. Devise strategies to implement your plans to make the situation tip in your favor, so think hard before taking any step. Make the best use of available resources in hand.

OrderZero mod apk equipment and skills

Upgrading Characters and Unlocking Special Items

There are only a few characters in the game OrderZero, but they are designed extensively and methodically having unique abilities and different skill sets. As you progress in the game, the game becomes more grueling. You will be facing enemies with great strength, complex fighting techniques, and bosses that possess unbelievable strength.

So you have to upgrade your character’s equipment, special abilities, skills, costumes, and weapons. They prove to be veritably effective in defeating adversaries with mind-boggling strength. Level up, earn credits, and experience points to max your characters to the max. Unlock special items that give you strength like artilleries, costumes, materials, and support systems. Upgrading will increase your stats, damage power, speed of attack, and much more. You can also explore Every Hero Mod Apk has many warrior characters of different caliber that reflect their stats, persona, and special abilities.

Special Abilities

After completing every level, you will be given a choice to choose only one of the 3 given skills. These skills will upgrade your strength and abilities like healing your HP, increasing the rate of fire, increasing the damage your weapon deals, doubling or tripling your shooting attacking bullets, and many more. These upgrades help a lot against enemies, especially against boss enemies. Just Like Angel Saga Mod Apk provides players with a plethora of energies, abilities, and skills to destroy enemies.

OrderZero Abilities

Ability Drone

The ability drone is like a blessing from the heavens. It is an in-game Ability Reward box. This drone allows the player to choose a special ability before going to the next room of the level. You will be given 2 skills to choose from. Select the one that you think will help you the most in the upcoming battle. These abilities are Increase ATK, Recover, Increase HP, Increase ATK speed, and many more. So choose it wisely.

Daily and Weekly rewards

OrderZero has a reward system like many other games of different genres. You will get a daily reward for signing in to the game. Collect them all to make your upgrades easier and speed up the time to take your character to the max. Just like daily rewards you also get weekly awards. So sign in daily and do not miss the chance of expediting or upgrading your character.


OrderZero brings a never-ending series of fights in dynamic locations and diverse enemies. Each battle is full of surprises and enemies with great strength and intricate fighting styles and special attack patterns. Take part in these battlefields and experience intense action and jam-packed thrills. Each location has many obstacles, booby traps, and bloodthirsty monsters. Completing each stage you will earn different rewards and valuable loot.

OrderZero Mod Apk Chapter


  • Mod Menu
  • God Mode
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Always Critical Hit
  • Freeze Currencies
  • Unlimited Chaos Oil


In OrderZero characters can be controlled with one-hand operations. These operations are simple and easy to get familiar with. You can move your character with an on-screen joystick and the player will attack automatically when it stops moving. There are also many obstacles you need to avoid and attack the enemies. Observe enemy movements and attack patterns so you can adjust your attacks and gameplay accordingly. You can also explore the gameplay of Last Hero: Roguelike Shooting MOD APK does not require comprehensive strategy formation.

The game stages are dynamic and filled with brutal enemies. These attacks vary from enemy to enemy and their attack patterns do as well. Devise a plan to cross these hurdles and conquer the battlefield. The game also has eye-catching combat effects. The stages in this game are endless that test your vigor and nerves.

OrderZero Mod Apk Skills

The characters in this game are few but are designed extensively with great attention to detail. The warrior of this game are girls which make the heroines. The game has anime-style visuals and a character’s outlook. The character can be customized greatly with costumes, weapons, equipment, accessories, and skills.

IN Game Panels

  • Shop
    This is an icon on the main screen that allows users to spend their credits to buy things for upgrades, costumes, and accessories.
  • Talent
    Upgrade your characters’ skill set from here.
  • Home
    This shows the map of the world and shows many stages of the battle. The location’s difficulty can be set from the map as well. You can choose from Normal difficulty level to Hard difficulty level.
  • Equipment
    This is the place where you can upgrade your character’s equipment, weapons, costumes, and materials.


OrderZero is a Shooting RPG genre game from publisher IKINA GAMES. The game draws inspiration and art style from Anime. The game starts with a lone girl stranded in an apocalyptic world. Your mission is to help the girl save this devastated world and rid it of these cruel monsters that are eating away the world she lived in. Download the OrderZero mod apk for free and without ads. Enjoy this ad-free game with infinite gems, unlimited money, and God mode. This will speed up your time to gain strength and you can save this world without worrying about maxing your characters. Help this young school girl bring down her enemies and save this world.

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