Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG MOD APK (God Mode)

Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG MOD APK gives you a chance to fight against nightmares in pitch-black darkness to destroy evil and become the savior of reality. In the game, you play the role of a hero who is trying to save the world from the Demon king’s curse. Your character has a variety of skills and weapons. Use these weapons to destroy your nightmare enemies in the dark world.

Fight and defeat strong bosses and earn limitless rewards. Use these rewards to get stronger and experience more adventures. If you like Signature Gamez rogue-like action RPG, download its mod version from our website and get access to its all-premium features. You will experience the nightmare world to its full darkness!

Nightmare Hero rewards

Background Story

People are suffering from nightmares because of Demon King’s curse. To lift the curse, the hero drifted into eternal sleep through a magic spell. You must defeat the Demon King hiding in the Nightmare World to save reality.

Terrific Features

The distinguishing features of Nightmare Hero MOD APK are:

Multiple Chapters

Nightmare Hero is like a horror story unwinding with multiple chapters in it. Each chapter has different stages, and each stage has a new boss stronger than the previous one. Your goal is to kill all these bosses and move forward from chapter to chapter until you reach demon king at the end of the final chapter for the last war! You can also explore Wizard Legend: Fighting Master MOD APK is a Rogue action game with magic skills, battle combinations, and desert monsters.


You get various weapons to fight off monsters according to their types. A monster that has nature colors is more susceptible to damage by fire. A monster who has Water attributes receives more damage from Nature’s attributes. A monster who has fire color receives more damage from Water attributes. Therefore, the weapons available are

  • Two types of Blades
  • 1. Black Scar a Great Sword A large sword discovered in a crack in a deep dark cave and can be upgraded by collecting two enhancement stones.
  • 2. Blade Dance which is a machete that kills enemies immediately
  • Fire balls to kill Nature monsters
  • Air/Nature Flashes to kill Water enemies
  • Water Bubbles to kill Fiery enemies
Nightmare Hero Rogue-Like RPG Mod Apk dynamic battles

The strength of all these skills and weapons can be enhanced using gems and coins. Upgraded weapons have better destruction rates and kill bosses more quickly. Just like Tiny Dungeons MOD APK has different weapons available for you to choose from and upgrade them with the coins you earn in various stages.

Buff Choices (Upgrades)

There are multiple options available for you to buff up your character and make it stronger. Some of these choices are:

  • ATK Up: The ATK increases 10%
  • Move Speed Up: Your movement speed increases 20%
  • Evasion Chance Up: The chance of evasion increases 10%
  • Max HP Up: The maximum HP increases 10%
  • Bonus Life: You can resurrect once
  • Heart Amount Up: The amount of HP recovered by the Heart increases
  • Heart Drop Rate Up: The drop rate of the heart increases
  • Drain: You can recover HP 1% when you kill an enemy
  • Weakness Detection: The Crit Hit Chance increases 15%

Daily Quests and Rewards

There are various daily quests for you to complete and earn multiple rewards. These rewards help you improve your skills, buy more chests, and unlock premium features in the game. Each day’s quests vary with a 24-hour timer. Quests on the first day are:

  • Draw Equipment and receive 2 gems
  • Upgrade Equipment and receive 1000 coins
  • Change skill in Chapter and receive 1000 coins
  • Use Skill x 50 and receive 5 buffs
  • Play a Character and receive 5 buffs

On daily logins, you receive an attendance reward that is different every day, such as 3000 coins, 3 fire skills and 3 water skills, and so on. Just like various skills in Arcrobo MOD APK that you can unlock by leveling up during missions in the game.

Nightmare Hero Rogue Like RPG Mod Apk Challenges


Challenges are different from daily quests and have no time restriction. Once you complete the challenge, you receive rewards immediately. Some of the challenges in the game are:

  • Play a chapter and earn 50 gems
  • Enhance Equipment x 10 and receive 100 gems
  • Chapter 1 progress 25 % and get 50 gems
  • Draw Equipment x1 and get 10 gems
  • Learn uncommon Skills and get 50gems


Nightmare Hero is a role-playing game where you are the hero and savior of humanity. The Darkness bosses of each level attack humanity with nightmares which you need to kill with the weapons/skills you have. Attack the enemy with the skill they are vulnerable to.

The game controls are very simple. The character’s movements are controlled with left side button on the screen and weapons are used using right side button. There are four skills options available in each mission. Click on the skill you want to fight with, and it will appear on the right-side control button to use.

Nightmare Hero Rogue Like RPG Mod Apk weapons

Stop near the enemy to attack automatically. Kill the nightmares as quickly as possible and collect coins from the pathway. Try to reach the boss at the other end of the screen and fight it with your skillful combat and weapon use. Once you kill the boss, all other nightmares die, and the stage is cleared. You are rewarded with more coins or devil’s chests having gems and coins, which you can use to buff up your character for defeating future stronger bosses.

Install Nightmare Hero: Rogue-like RPG MOD APK

Use the following instructions to download Nightmare Hero: Rogue-like RPG on your android devices

  • Click on the download button to get Nightmare Hero mod files
  • Uninstall the regular version of the app from your mobile and change your mobile Settings to allow installation from unknown sources
  • Open the downloaded mod files and follow the pop-up instructions to install the Nightmare hero: Rogue-like RPG MOD APK
  • Once the installation is complete, click on the game icon and enjoy!


Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG MOD APK is a very simple game to take your mind off hectic routines. You play the role of Hero and save the world from nightmare bosses in each stage. Use the best magic spells, skillful combat, and amazing gear to wash away enemies. Download its mod version from our website to unlock all premium features and enjoy fast-paced battles with absolute control!

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