NETFLIX Moonlighter MOD APK v1.13.40 (Unlimited Money)

NETFLIX Moonlighter Mod Apk is an exquisite indie game in the roguelike RPG genre. Step into the shoes of Will the Moonlighter – a shopkeeper in the day and a demon hunter at night. Explore the dungeons of the village Rynoka; it holds many secrets and treasured items. Will the Moonlighter encounters a tough time making a living out of mere everyday groceries? He has now set out to be a Hero and excavate a lot of riches, treasured items, Herbaceous Plants and animal skins, organs, and even blood to brew some potions for the town folk. Help him reach the pinnacle of his strength and get Heck a lot of rich in the process. Buckle up your bag and get ready for the adventure.

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NETFLIX Moonlighter – INDIE Game Brilliance

The Moonlighter was a hit on PC and consoles. So the game publisher 11 Bits Studios decided to release it on mobile as well. The Indie game had to go through some changes; it was improved a lot in some aspects and made a few tweaks to make it suitable for mobile. The Game has the same DNA but was enriched to attract a huge number of online players. The game is now under the Umbrella branch of Netflix, Inc. Games. The game can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play for a stooping high price of $ 9.99 but the game can be enjoyed for free if you have a Netflix Subscription. If you still don’t have that money to spend you can download this game from UNIVERSALAPK for free.

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NETFLIX Moonlighter has a characteristic loop structure with two contrasting roles; Day and Night. In the day you will be posing as a Merchant selling potions, loot, and magical items. The role focuses on the commerce side of the game where you have to manage the store, set realistic yet profitable pricing, customer gratification, and order fulfillment. Use the money from the store to upgrade your gear for the night Ninja-like role.

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At nightfall, you will be a warrior of the night. This nocturnal phase of your lifespan holds your secret life as a Hero of the darkness. You will be exploring dark dungeons, fighting epic battles with countless creatures of the dark. It gives a Vibe of ARPG genre games like exploring, slashing enemies, earning rewards, looting treasures, leveling up, and saving the world. You can also explore the Crypt of the NercoDancer MOD APK provides a great reward system offering many tools, weapons, and support systems to the players.

Both of these loop roles complement each other to such an extent that they behave as YING and YANG – a Balancing Act.

explore dungeon


The game lets you explore the Dungeons named Rynoka. These dungeons are full of mysteries and dangers. Many have lost their lives exploring these dungeons. The village near the dungeon is having a stroke bad omen and is not much good for the business. You, as a successor of the oldest Merchant of town; decide to exploit this situation and make full use of it. You explore the vast dungeons in search of items, gold, and potions to be sold. Procuring these kinds of booties is a tedious task. So help the protagonist – Will the Moonlighter become a successful merchant and a great Hero.

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You can also explore Hero Adventure MOD APK has lots of dungeons and castles filled with various monsters, quests, and magical items.


The game’s main protagonist is a merchant by day and a hunter by night. He explores the dark dungeons to obtain items; sell them at their shop and earn a profit. This dangerous task is carried out by defeating countless monsters and evil creatures. That is where the gear and equipment come in like weapons, armor, and potions.

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The game Netflix Moonlighter has 5 main categories of weapons

  • Swords and Shields
  • Big Swords
  • Spears
  • Gloves
  • Bows
upgrade weapons


Every weapon has some normal attack or special attack.

  • A bow can hit a 3x combo with the last bow dealing double damage
  • Swords and shields can charge up and hit a powerful attack.


The game Netflix Moonlighter has 3 types of Armor with their effects

  • Fabric – a small health increase and some boost to navigation speed.
  • Iron – an adequate health increase.
  • Steel – a hefty health increase but reduces his navigation speed.
NETFLIX Moonlighter Mod Apk treasure items

You can also explore Road Not Taken Mod Apk has many items that can be picked up along its journey. All of these items have various use cases and special effects. 


The game Netflix Moonlighter has the following kinds of potions. They can be attained from The Wooden Hat from ERIS. These health potions are extremely rare and acquired by thrashing skeletons or killing Mimics in reward for HP potions.

  • Healing Potions
  • Guidance Potions
  • Map Reveal Potions
NETFLIX Moonlighter Mod Apk gameplay


  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Everything


The game Netflix Moonlighter has a tutorial at the beginning of the game; letting you get familiar with the control of the game. The gameplay controls are like other standard roguelike RPG genre games. Interact with objects and NPCs by just tapping on them.

  • An onscreen Virtual joystick for movement controls.
  • A button to attack enemies.
  • A button for rolling and jumping over.
  • A button for a dash attack. It is greyed out for the attack replenishing period.
  • A button for swapping weapons.

The daytime phase requires you to be the best merchant in town. Sell the items acquired from the dungeons at a reasonable yet profitable price. Keep in the views of buyers on how they perceive items and their pricing. A customer’s reaction to the item and its price will determine your business strategy. Keep a log of items in the Merchant notebook and their impressions on the customers. This will help you make a business plan to find items that are high in demand and that make the customers the happiest. Try to acquire items that are high in demand and low on stock to sell them at a higher price. This way you are sure to get the maximum profit.

The night phase requires you to be an adventurer and a fortune hunter. When the night falls pack your gear and head towards the gate of the dungeon. There you will fight countless creatures of the dark and blood-thirsty monsters. Get strong with each battle; level up; upgrade your weapons and cut down your adversaries like butter. The dungeons hold great treasures and special items hidden inside chests, treasure, and loot boxes. Acquire items in demand to compliment the daytime loop of your adventurers’ life. Keep a balance in the life of Will the Moonlighter as a tycoon Merchant and a great warrior.

The game unlike other RPG roguelike action games lets you choose the burden you can handle. Meaning that you can choose the level of the strain of the game. The game lets you choose from 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. These modes are self-explanatory. The game’s control depends upon the level of difficulty you decide to choose; changing depending on your needs. You can also tweak them as you like. The difficulty of the game can be changed at any given point in time throughout the game.


NETFLIX Moonlighter Mod Apk is an addictive game that gets you hooked on its loop mechanism. You play as a merchant at the time of day and a Hero of the dark at night. The town of Rynoka is facing many difficulties so you decide to take action and improve the quality lifestyle of the town’s folk as well as yourself. Evil forces are reawakened and engulfed the land in its darkness. Will the Moonlighter has drawn his sword to rid this world of this endeavor? Download this mod apk which is the modified and modded version of the game that helps you enjoy this game to the fullest without many difficulties. Help Will the Moonlighter achieve his dream of becoming a great Hero and his ancestors’ wishes to see the Business flourish as well.

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