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Modern Strike Online mod apk is FPS real-time strategy game. Plan your strategy, conquer enemy bases, and establish your own empire.
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Azur Interactive Games Limited
February 10, 2022
Android 5.4.0 or above
1 GB

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Keep playing the best modern FPS Shooter for Mobile – get Modern Strike Online Mod Apk 2022 which has all players unlocked, gold Money and lots of money. Shoot your way through a vast world in this online multiplayer fps shooter!

Introduction to Modern Strike Online Mod Apk

Modern Strike Online is a global MMOFPS with millions of players from around the world engaged in fierce battles! Experience intense tactical multiplayer combat on a breathtaking 3D battlefield. Join forces with other players to form an elite special ops squad and head into battle together against other squads from across the globe! Gain access to hundreds of military vehicles at your disposal: tanks, helicopters, fast attack vehicles – and take control of the most powerful weapons on earth. Master sophisticated warfare tactics against real opponents in frontline battlefield operations led by experienced commanders from all over the world.

Modern Strike Online Game Features

  • Multiplayer First Person Shooting Game

    It’s one of the most popular multiplayer fps shooting games that you can play with your friends. PvP Multiplayer Battles Wage war against real enemies in online multiplayer games! With FPS shooter experience, lead your army to glory in online PvP multiplayer games!
    Team up with Your Squad Form an elite squad & enjoy modern combat together. Join forces with other players to form a deadly Special Ops squad! Choose from among the best combat units in the world and head into battle together in multiplayer team games.

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  • Real-Time Free MMOFPS

    It’s an FPS real-time strategy game. Lead your army through real-time PvP battles with rivals around the world in this mobile modern warfare game. Dominate the battlefield with well-aimed strikes and tactics of a professional combat unit in this MMO FPS!
    Strategic Commander Think like an army leader & test your skills in real-time tactical multiplayer warfare games online. Plan your strategy, conquer enemy bases, and establish your own empire. Become a commander of one of the most modern military forces in the world in this online multiplayer game.

  • Modern Weapons

    You Control and Dominate the battlefield with modern combat vehicles, artillery, and strategic units. Take control of tanks, helicopters, jets, gunships & more powerful weapons on the battlefield. Use modern military tactics to win multiplayer games or fight with honor in special PvP modes.

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  • 3D Graphics

    Modern 3D Graphics Experience a proper battle simulation with realistic 3D graphics and cutting-edge gameplay. Modern Strike Online has been optimized for mobile devices to give players the best shooter experience anywhere, anytime! Realistic FPS Shooter controls give you an edge in combat.

  • Unmatched Variety in Multiplayer Games – 9 Maps & 3 Battle Modes

    Experience modern battlefields in different locations. Use various tactics to win multiplayer games in this tactical FPS shooter! Experience the rush of tactical multiplayer games and fight for victory! Choose among several thrilling game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Capture Points, and more.

    modern strike online gameplay

Other Features

  • Over 1,000 different modern weapons with countless variations!
  • Lead a team of elite soldiers – choose your commander!
  • Fight according to the blockbuster movie plot!
  • Fight against real opponents in both PvP and PvE modes!
  • Have an open world with free access to every location on the map!
  • Compete for resources with other players in special ops battles!
  • Intense multiplayer team deathmatch games (TDM) where you can compete as infantry, spec ops or tanks!
  • Defend your base from enemy troops to secure victory!
  • Capture the flag and bring it back into your base, but watch out for enemies trying to return their flag home too!
  • Occupy the map’s key tactical positions with strategic advancements by infantry, spec ops or tank squads.  – Fight in the shadows of dangerous modern battlefields!
  • Carry out covert operations, sabotage, and raids behind enemy lines.  – Destroy your enemies’ bases and secure new tactical positions to gain an advantage over your foes!
  • With a huge range of weapons available to you, Modern Strike Online’s PvP battles will never be the same twice. you can also play Modern Warplanes Mod Apk where you can fly modern planes and unlimited resources.

Modern Strike Online: MMO FPS Shooter Mod Apk Details

  1. Unlimited Gold and Money

    With Unlimited Gold and Money, Gain access to all weapons in this online multiplayer game. Explore a vast collection of guns or unlock new military vehicles like tanks and helicopters! Upgrade your arsenal to dominate the battlefield & outplay rivals.

  2. Fast Level Up

    Gain XP points & level up to dominate the online PvP games. Become a better player and reach higher ranks! Gain access to modern weapons as you climb the leaderboards. Dominate your opponents in multiplayer games. PvP Multiplayer Games.

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  3. Player vs Player – Multiplayer

    Get ready for epic multiplayer games against players from all over the world! Fight against real enemies, test your skill, and become a legend in this multiplayer first person shooter. It’s the most fun you’ll have in a modern strike game.

    Overall this is one of the best FPS games I have ever played on my Android device which provides tactical combat along with puzzle-solving abilities from time to time. Sniper Honor Mod Apk gives you a variety of options and offers all the necessary features that a good FPS game should have.


Can I play Modern Strike Online without WiFi?
You can play this online FPS shooter in any area with internet connection. Gain access to the modern army arsenal and make your own decisions on the battlefield, no matter where you are!
Do I need to pay for this multiplayer game?
This online PvP shooter is free to download and play. You don’t need to pay. This mobile FPS is completely free-to-play! No annoying timers, energy systems or paywalls.
What do I need to join this multi player shooter?
All you really need is a newer Android phone and a stable internet connection to gain access to the battlegrounds! Modern Strike requires at least an 1GB RAM and 1.5 GHz processor to play, but it will work on any Android 4.4 and up device with at least 512MB RAM!
Is there controller support?
Modern Strike Online: Multiplayer FPS Shooter does not currently support controllers. You can only use the touchscreen for movement, aiming and firing your weapon!
Do I need to sign in with a Google account?
No. You can play Modern Strike Online: Multiplayer FPS Shooter offline! This online shooter does not require any registration or sign up process.
Can I download this modern strike game from PC?
This multiplayer FPS shooter is only available through the Google Play Store and no other platforms for now, but will be ported to iOs and PC in the future!
Do I need to play online?
Tes, you will need stable internet connection for this game. There is some offline mode included with limited content so you can enjoy gameplay even without an internet connection. ​


Modern Strike Online: Multiplayer FPS Shooter is a multiplayer shooter with modern warfare scenarios. You can compete against real players from all over the world in different modes and situations! Gain access to modern weapons and make use of them on the battlegrounds! Start playing today through your mobile device for free.


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How to install Modern Strike Online Mod Apk 2022 | PVP FPS Unlimited Gold and Money APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Modern Strike Online Mod Apk 2022 | PVP FPS Unlimited Gold and Money APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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