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Marvel Contest of Champions offers you to live your dreams of having ultimate adventures and select the fights between villains and heroes. You can form your own Avengers team in Marvel Contest of Champions MOD APK and represent the Earth in Cosmic Wars. You can collect Marvel Contest of the Champions Characters from more than 80 years of Marvel’s history from X-Man to Fantastic Four, Spiderman to Guardian of the galaxy, and many more.

Fight of the Valkyrie

The Collector, an evil elder of the universe puts you in wars against Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, Maestro, and many others. You play as a summoner and choose from the list of heroes and villains to make an unbeatable team in wars against Gods. If you win the war, it will give you access to ultimate powers, and if you lose you would get nothing. Download the MCOC MOD APK and begin your conquest towards becoming the ultimate Marvel Champion. You can also check this awesome Nulls Brawl Mod Apk to enjoy unlimited resources.

Marvel Contest of Champions Guide

Marvel Contest of the Champions MOD APK offers MCOC Game Guide to provide the players with all the information about the story of the game and all the techniques required. It also gives tips and tricks on how to play, get money, find hidden treasures, and unlock your gameplay to enjoy unlimited characters. With these tips, you can discover how to play the game in the best way and become a champion. It also provides you with the characters to select such as Spiderman, Captain America, X-man, etc. Universalapk also provides the latest DBZ TTT Mods 2022 for its users.

super heroes

The newbies can start with random challenges which are quite easy, and you can start again after a single dose. Players can then try the best challenge which challenges their skills without level annoyance. Advanced players can also select Greatest Challenge, one of the hard modes which have time restrictions and require quick critical thinking to beat the timer.

Key Features of Marvel Contest of Champions

Have Your Dream Matches

You can start your challenges by taking battles between various heroes such as Spider-Man vs X-Man, Hulk vs Thor, Captain America vs Iron-Man, and many more. You can join with other players as well and compete in the contest of champions to gain access to ultimate power sources.

recruit perfect team

Make Alliances with Other Summoners

You can explore the game by making allies with your friends and other Summoners to build your own alliance. You can join an already existing alliance or make your own by inviting other players to aid you. Recruit the best player and conquer the Marvel World. Crash Arena Turbo Stars Cats Mod Apk is also an action-based game you will absolutely love.

Select Your Team from the List of Champions

There are hundreds of Superheroes you can choose your team from, each having its unique abilities and powers. Gather the best champions that suit your requirements and make a mighty team. Explore the game and choose the fights against the toughest of the opponents in the cosmic race and prevent them from destroying the universe.

marvel collection

One interesting feature of the game is that each character has its own skillset with skill trees in which you can make power and ability upgrades. Select the best champions and make them more powerful by making these upgrades.

Engaging Quests and Battles

In the MCOC app, there are a lot of quests and battles with interesting storylines which you can play instead of having the same tasks repeatedly. You can have these battles in famous Marvel Universe locations such as Asgard, Oscorp, Avengers Tower, S.H.I.E.L.D ship, and many more. If you like Brawl Stars Mod Apk, you can download it from our website and enjoy everything unlimited.

Marvel Contest of Champions latest version

Free Unlimited Content

Marvel Contest of the Champions MOD APK offers unlimited content that is completely free. Although you can download the free version available in Google play on your Android phone, you will need to make an in-game purchase to access premium content. Using this MCOC MOD APK you can have all the premium content free of cost so that you can focus on the stories and unlock superpowers to help your heroes take down the enemies.

Game Graphics and Music

This game has 3D graphics which makes the battles and quests a pleasurable experience. You can enjoy the battles with realistic visual effects and powerful soundtracks. This game has impacted sound effects along with actors’ voices making you be in MARVEL Universe in reality.

Marvel Contest of Champions mod apk 2022

Gameplay of Marvel Contest of Champions

You need to assemble your own team of avengers from the list of heroes and villains such as Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, Gamora, Dead Pool, Wolverine, and many more, and go on the quest to defeat the mighty Kang and Thanos. Face a new cosmic competitor in every new challenge. The ultimate goal is to prevent the destruction of the Marvel Universe.

Choose your team wisely because by clearing each new level, you can receive synergy bonuses based on your team’s relationships in Marvel Comics. The more powerful the Champion, the better will be their skills and stats.

You can improve the offense and defense of your team with Mastery trees. You go on the quests and battles with your team through exciting storylines in Marvel storytelling fashion and fight in iconic locations in Marvel Universe. You can explore the dynamic quest maps and engage in action fighting utilizing your mobile controls.

You can also join up with your friends and ally with other Summoners to build alliances. You can strategize with your allies and help them keep their champions in a fight. You can battle in Alliance Quest Series together in specially designed quest maps and earn exclusive Alliance rewards.

Download Marvel Contest of Champions MOD APK v 36.0.1

You can download the MARVEL Contest of Champions MOD APK from the download button and install it on your android system. You can learn tips and tricks and all the hacks available in the MCOC guide.

Additional Information of Marvel COC Mod Apk

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Game Marvel Contest of Champions
Developer Kabam Games, Inc
Version 36.0.1
Size 1.5 GB
Genre Action
Requires Android 6.0 +


Final Say

This is an engaging game for both MARVEL fans and others as well. It has beautiful graphics, amazing soundtracks, amazing visual experiences, and tons of unlockable content. It is a roller coaster ride every time you set a new challenge. Download the game now and start enjoying it!

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