MARS mod apk v40 (Unlimited Money / Fuel)

MARS mod apk v40 (Unlimited Money / Fuel)

September 21, 2022

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Pomelo Games
Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Action
76.1 MB
MOD Features
  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Unlimited Fuel
21 September 2022
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Description MARS mod apk v40 (Unlimited Money / Fuel)

MARS mod apk v40

Mars mod apk is a survival action game where you get to explore the planet Mars on a jetpack with limited fuel. You can complete stories, take selfies, get rewards, unlock new characters, and enjoy the extreme weather changes in the game. as it is not a fighting action game, some might think it is very easy to play.

Rest assured that it is a survival game but not a very easy one, you might botch your landing and get exploded on touching the Mars soil or your fuel tank might get emptied during the mission causing sudden explosion and many more. Therefore, playing this game requires patience and a better strategy as if you and safely, your fuel tank refills automatically. Download the Mars mod version for an unlimited supply of items you might need and successfully complete all your missions.

mars mod apk unlimited fuel

Background Story

In Mars: Mars apk, MarsCorp is now able to send the first group of volunteers to Mars with a thrilling mission to uncover what’s new on Mars. Terraforming Mars mod apk provides the player with new jetpacks with limited fuel supply to fly around and discover new items. Alto’s Adventure Mod apk is also an exciting action game that you will love.

MarsCorp is efficiently trying to make human flights to Mars more viable and they are working round the clock on the “Put A Human on Mars no Matter What” program to make this happen. Skilled astronauts accompanying you will keep you informed on various issues for example “the gas in jetpack lasts about 30 seconds” or “No conscious person will travel through that area on that factor” etc. This is the perfect place for you to make history!

mars mod apk unlimited gold

Key Features of Mars mod Apk

Mars: Mars mod apk is a very relaxing game and requires only patience to play. Some of its key features are as follows:

Game Dynamics

In the game, you go to Mars playing the role of an astronaut moving from one station to another. You are equipped with everything you require to survive. Each of the platforms has a different atmosphere and feel to it and has a specific number. During your exploration, the environment will change gradually, and climate color will change accordingly. In this way, you can experience a lot of new environments and play different characters.

Multiple Challenges

Mars: Mars mod apk offers you to travel from platform to platform and each of these stations has a certain distance to cover which you need to calculate and observe accordingly. You will face many challenges depending on the number of platforms you visit.

If you are patient enough, you will discover many exciting items on these platforms. For example, you might find new characters with different looks and different paths. When you reach platform no. 13, on clicking the spaceship present there, a new character will emerge for you to collect. As the new character appears, the color of the climate also changes.

Mars mod

Game Controls

Mars: Mars mod has very simple controls and only requires you to touch the screen to perform different actions. You can activate the propulsion system of the spaceship by touching the left side of the screen. Touching the right side of the screen will activate the ship’s right push system. The ship will tilt to the opposite side to whatever side you touch.


The Mars: Mars apk scenes transform according to the character you are playing, and you will always feel the excitement with continuous flight-and-landing, and flight-and-response scenes. There are few skins available for astronauts and new skins can be unlocked with achievement points. You can collect many new items during your explorations of this giant red planet. Just like Among Us offers a lot of features that players need to build their spaceship and fly into the greatness of the universe.

Calming and Relaxing Effects

Mars: Mars is a survival game without any competition, combat, or killing. What makes this game interesting is that the objectives of the game are very direct and do not require a lot of brainstorming to perform better in the game. It is a very relaxing game and all you need is patience and a bit of luck in the game.

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Sound and Graphics

Mars: Mars mod apk has different colors and shapes mixture but it gets a lot of reviews based on “personality graphics.” Among very fancy 3D graphic action games, Mars: Mars has its own place due to its simple 2D graphics giving very calming effects. The subtle background and soothing sound of the game make the experience of playing the game more enjoyable. With stunning graphics and an intriguing plot, Space Marshals 2 is sure to keep you hooked!

Mod Features

Mars: Mars mod apk latest version offers the following amazing features to make the game more entertaining:

Unlimited Fuel

The fuel is the only factor that can make you extremely vulnerable on the alien territory. When you jump, the fuel capacity decreases sharply and once the fuel tank is completely empty, you are sure to get crashed. Therefore, download Mars: Mars mod apk unlimited fuel to avoid fuel problems.

Unlimited Money

Mars: Mars mod apk unlimited money offers a chance to buy the necessary upgrades for your character in the game to make it it’s the most advanced version and perform better on Mars.

All Characters Unlocked

It takes a lot of time to unlock all characters available in the game as it needs a lot of money and cons and upgrades in the game. But in the mod version of Mars: Mars apk we offer all the characters unlocked so that you can play the game with every astronaut available.

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Premium Content Unlocked

It is not a regular action game in which you shoot or fight rather it’s a survival action and it will help you survive on Martian soil if you have everything you need unlocked and ready to use therefore download Mars: Mars mod apk all unlocked to enjoy the game to its full extent.


Although there is no killing or fighting action on Mars: Mars but it is still a tough game because of its difficult landing and limited fuel supply. Although it provides the players with sheer delight while playing, you still need to complete its challenges to proceed further in the game.

If you touch both sides of the screen simultaneously, it will slow the spaceship’s fall. There is a very limited fuel supply and you have only 30 seconds for landing, once you land, fuel will be resupplied again. Slow the landing of your spaceship to avoid an explosion on touching the launch pad but not too slow as your fuel might get used or the position of your spaceship might deviate from the launcher.

Space adventure game

Basically, you require a balance between, navigation, speed, and weight which is the biggest challenge of the game. you can find this balance with patience and your spacecraft will hit the launch pad most ideally. Once you refuel, you can explore the area around you easily. You can also take selfies if you can successfully complete your mission.

You need to achieve high scores in order to distinguish yourself from other players during challenges. High scores might require playing certain levels multiple times. If you fail to complete the level’s task you will have to replay it again.  These challenges make the game even more entertaining, and you cannot resist playing Mars: Mars mod apk. You can learn more about the game from the developer’s website.

Download Mars: Mars Mod Apk

Mars mod gives an amazing experience of being an astronaut. If you like the fantasy about the future and would like to play a simple relaxing game, download Mars mod apk to enjoy unlimited fun for hours.  Mars: Mars mod apk download link is given below for you to download the game now! If you are a fan of building colonies and running them according to your rules, you may like playing Worldbox Mod Apk.


Mars: Mars mod apk is an arcade game that takes you to Mars. If you fascinate about living on an extraterrestrial planet, this game can give an amazing insight. You jump from one platform to another while reserving your jetpack’s energy. Once the energy finishes, you will fall to the ground and explode. As you progress in the game, you can unlock new characters in the game. The changing weather condition, being vigilant all the time, and conserving energy to survive all these things make Mars: Mars Apk a very addictive game. so, what are you waiting for? Download the Mars: Mars mod apk now and be an amazing astronaut.

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