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Description Mad Skills BMX 2

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Mad Skills BMX 2 is a racing game that takes you right back to the days of the arcade. It features high speed bikes and crazy stunts. The objective of this game is simple: you need to race against other bikers in order to be able to pass them and earn money. You can play this game on Android devices but it also works great for iPhone. Download Mad Skills BMX 2 Mod Apk now and enjoy all resources unlocked.

BMX racing is a sport for people who are really into bikes, dirt bikes, motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, surfboards, snowboards, and kites. The sport itself is a competition in which competitors race on a course made up of many obstacles. Obstacles include jumps, ramps, and even drops off of cliffs. BMX racing takes place on a large dirt or grass track with one rider on each bike. Riders compete in events called points races, freestyle events, and trick events.

Additional Information

Mad Skills BMX 2 apk mod uses special camera styles to showcase proper BMX moves and immerse players completely in the game at every level. It also upgrades on regular basis to incorporate new content and new events every week. You can learn the art of BMX riding in this game by overcoming hurdles and in-game challenges.

You can do a lot of mad tricks and flex your moves to win the game. Mad Skills BMX2 apk gives you a forum to do fantastic and crazy skills in virtual media instead of doing them in real life and putting yourself at risk. Download this action-packed and challenging game now from our website and enjoy all these mad skills with your friends and family and find out who is the best and most crazy bike rider. Need for Speed No Limits Mod Apk is a game for car racing lovers where they can play with opponents in real time.

Distinguishing Features of Mad Skills BMX 2

BMX is a very popular game, but it can be difficult to get into. One of the best parts of the game is that you can customize your bike. You can change its colors, add accessories, and even swap wheels. However, you need to spend money to buy new items and upgrade them. Luckily, there are ways that you can earn more cash. Here’s a list of the top three methods that you should use to make some extra money.

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  • You can earn points by doing challenges in the game. The more you do, the better your score.
  • If you play with friends, you’ll earn bonus points. So, it makes sense that you should try to invite other players to join you.
  • You can also purchase upgrades for your bike. These will improve its performance, so you’ll end up getting more points. But, if you don’t like spending money, then you could always sell unwanted bikes.


Difficulty Increases with Levels

In Mad Skills BMX 2 apk, difficulty levels increase gradually as you progress through the game. Initially, you play against AI but as reach higher levels, you get to compete with other players around the globe. You can challenge yourself to compete with tough opponents and learn new tricks and maneuvers. These changing opponents keep the surprise elements of the game and keep it very entertaining.

Master the Skills

When the game starts, a tutorial is played, and players are introduced to the game controls that are easy to understand by everyone. Once the tutorial is complete, you can start playing the game with easy moves and gradually increase your skillset. Mad Skills does not focus on character control and is solely dependent on controlling other factors. Mario Cart can also test your skills where you have to control the cart on dangerous paths.

Easy to Play

Game controls are up to down and you have two buttons on the screen to jump your bike up and down. Proper use of these buttons makes all the difference in winning the game as the speed of all the bikes is the same but flying over the slopes leads you ahead of your opponents. Depending on your progress, the game gives you an opponent that can be a real person. All you have to do is to balance your bike and reach to finish line as quickly as possible and use flying, landing, and sliding to your benefit to ensure the win.

mad skills pro

Game Controls

Mad Skills BMX 2 apk up to down controls are very intuitive and suitable for touch screens which you can familiarize yourself with ease. There are two up and down arrows given on the right side of the screen. You just have to press the up button to jump up your bike and down to slide down difficult tracks effectively. Just like in real life, you have to keep your BMX’s balance in control while proceeding forward at high speed. Controls are not that difficult to learn; you just have to remember to keep them flexible.

Perform amazing tricks and reach to finish line before your opponents as the speed of all bikes is the same, it’s just the skills and tricks that make the difference. There are also flip keys and accelerated missile keys for making backflips. Hill Climb Mod Apk is another exciting game where your goal is to reach the destination over the hilly path.

simple controls

Multiple Bikes

Mad Skills BMX 2 provide 7 different options for bikes to choose from. You can switch bikes in between each game, unlock new bikes and upgrade previous ones as you progress in the game. bike upgrades allow you to completely transform your bike making it faster and improving its handling. As you explore the adventures of BMX, enjoy rides on these bikes to your fullest.

Bike Upgrades

On clearing each level, you get different rewards. These rewards can be used to get different upgrades in the game. Bike upgrades beautify your ride and improve its speed, endurance, and performance. You might feel different reaching certain levels and upgrades are necessary to regain balance.

The main focus of the game is to play and win therefore you need different bikes for different challenges. Each bike is built differently, and you need to spend your reward money to upgrade it. Keep in mind that you need to prioritize the essential upgrades to ensure a win. Game Developer Turborilla has explained other features of the game as well.

Rider’s Customization

Mad Skills BMX 2 mod apk hack allows you to upgrade your rider by customizing its hats, shoes, shirts, etc. along with bike customization, there are several options available to upgrade the rider as well. Change whatever you like and make it entertaining to look at as you take it to rides. This gives you an edge to enjoy rides looking your best when you are competing in online competitions.

Multiple Racetracks

Mad Skills BMX 2 mod offers dozens of hand-crafted BMX tracks to engage the most enthusiastic players. You can ride in different and diverse terrains in Mad Skills BMX 2, each with its own difficulties and visual scenarios. You can have new experiences and might be eager to overcome all the hurdles to win the battles.

These tracks are updated on weekly basis and new tracks are introduced for weekly challenges. These changing terrains are aesthetically very pleasing. You do not have to worry about your skills and maneuvers such as crabs, you only need to focus on reaching the finish line and riding different terrains.


Mad Skills BMX 2 mod apk android 1 allows you to have fun with your friends and other players around the globe in online competitions. You can learn new tricks and awesome skills by watching international players and immersing in challenges. You can compete with your state, regional, or international players in real matches in which you can show off your skills. Invite your friends and family members through Facebook and have fun races in the game.

Graphics and Sound

Mad Skills BMX 2 have awesome 2D graphics which impress the players with its realistic physics, amazing animation, and engaging visual designs. These amazing graphics make the gameplay very smooth due to better image quality and satisfaction with good character designs.

These graphics are upgraded compared to its prequel and in each game, the location, and terrain of the game change. Due to 2D graphics, players have to focus on a specific horizontal axis which makes the controls very easy. The BMX racing experience becomes more enhanced due to its engaging music and soundtrack. Enjoy the wild rides with amazing music in the games  

Features of Mod Version

Mad Skills BMX 2 mod menu offers the following features:

Unlimited Gold

Gold is earned hard in the game as it is usually received after completing difficult challenges and is in a limited amount. You cannot spend it freely to get whatever you want therefore, get Mad Skills BMX 2 apk unlimited gold mod to unlock all the new bikes and riders available in the game.

Unlimited Money

Mad Skills BMX 2 mod apk offer unlimited money which you can use to upgrade your riders and bikes and face off difficult challenges with ease. It makes the game much more entertaining and addictive knowing you can play the game with any rider or bike you want. Mad Skills BMX 2 mod apk unlimited money and gold download is available, go get it now and enjoy the game!

mad skills unlimited gold

Premium Unlocked

Mad Skills 2 mod apk premium content is locked in the game, and you have to make in-game purchases to unlock new content. But in this mod version, you get access to all content without using any real-time money.

Completely Free

Mad Skills BMX 2 is a free game available on Google Play Store however, you need to make in-game purchases to unlock new content and upgrade BMX which can be very expensive. You need to play it for a few months to generate enough money in the game to make these upgrades or pay in cash. There is a third option as well, get the Mad Skills BMX 2 mod apk latest version from our website and enjoy all the premium content completely free of cost!


Mad Skills motorcross 2 mod apk is played by professional athletes, experienced riders, and sports enthusiasts. You can join the game to discover simple, addictive in-game challenges to learn the skills and as you progress in the game. The difficulty level also rises. Choose the more skilled riders with new upgrades to increase your stats and abilities.

In Mad Skills BMX 2 mod apk, you play as a BMX rider and join the challenge of the art of BMX riding. You play through multiple in-game challenges and move to new levels with more difficulty levels and unique gameplay. Each game lasts only for 10 seconds, make the difficult tricks in this limited time and beat all your opponents. The rewards you get on clearing each level can be used to upgrade your riders and unlock new riders.

Enjoy the escalating gameplay of racing action and discover new and addictive modes for varied game experiences. Unlock amazing rewards and become a top-notch rider. Compete with amazing riders around the globe and also with your friends and family members. Download Mad Skills BMX 2 mod apk now and have fun in addictive online racing matches.


Mad Skills BMX 2 is a velotrial racing continuation with all the features of the prequel version but with better graphics, new bikes, and more advanced settings for vehicles and riders. You can compete with players all around the world along with playing it with your friends. So, what are you waiting for? Use the Mad Skills BMX 2 mod apk download link given on this website and enjoy the game.

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