Legends of Lunia MOD APK v1.22.0 (Menu MOD)

Legends of Lunia MOD APK is an MMORPG genre game. You start your journey by traveling to legendary kingdoms chasing the legend of Lunia. It is believed that the legend is a never-ending war between the heroes of the light and monsters of the dark. A hero is needed to rise up to the occasion, and use special abilities, skill, power, and intellect to defeat all the bloodthirsty monsters and villains. The kingdoms are filled with many mighty enemies. You need to play your part and rid this world of this dark despair!

This game is filled with exotic kingdoms and exciting battles, the game developer ALLM has put the effort into character designs ad upgrades. Although the abilities are not as many as we would like that makes it simple to play and react to situations more accurately.

Legends Of Lunia Mod Apk Skills


The Adventure Begins

Starting Legends of Lunia, you will be playing as the hero named ‘Dyne’. Use his abilities to navigate through the battlefield and kill enemies. After completing the first stage of the game. You will be given an AI companion to help you with your dangerous battles. There are a lot of characters to choose from but you have to earn them as you get stronger and better. Be on constant movement as they will be targeting and attacking you the most.


The controls are easy to understand and execute. Just like controls of the Impossible Space MOD APK are very easy. You only need one finger to navigate the character, the character will fire automatically when you release the joystick. There are on-screen buttons for the player’s special ability and ultimate ability. These kinds of controls are very common in the RPG genre of games.

Stage goals

The game Legends of Lunia mod apk has a predefined set of goals for each stage. You need to meet them to claim the highest rewards possible. So keep the stage goals in mind and reap their rewards.Fore more details, you can visit Legends of Lunia official page.

Legends Of Lunia Mod Apk Character

Play in decks in events

Legends of Lunia has events like the guardian Iron knight. These have many levels of difficulty and players need to score the most to top the charts. Players group together in a team deck of 3. Choose your characters and obliterate the enemies to shreds.

Play with AI companion in story mode

The legends of Lunia mod apk has many stages and kingdoms that are filled with many monsters and enemies. You need to take them all down and reach your goal. To make this journey better and more exciting for you, the game has an AI companion that fights injustice alongside you. You can select your partner from the vast list of characters available in the game. Choose your companion wisely!


Summon in legends of Lunia are loot boxes that can be summoned using the in-game crystals. With each summons different mythical items, magical runes, and soul stones of new characters are awarded. Summon items to include stuff like Mage staff, Leifdrasir’s Bow, Artas’s sword, and much more. So save up those crystals and summon a lot.!

Legends Of Lunia Mod Apk Summon

Legendary Heroes

The Legends of Lunia Mod Apk offers a large variety of game heroes that are unique and have special perks of their own. Not to mention these characters follow a tier system and the level of strength they can offer.

The heroes list includes

  • SS – Tier
  • Azero – Fighting Element: Thunder
    Azero is a lightning God in this game and can bend lightning to his will. Azero can burn enemies to the ground with his lightning bolt attacks.
  • Lau – Fighting Element:  Water
    Lau is a magician and a potion maker. Lau is the strongest character in the game
  • Ojisan – Fighting Element:  Earth
    Ojisan is the most powerful melee character in Legends of Lunia with the most damage and a shield to protect himself.
  • S – Tier
  • Krieg – Fighting Element:  Earth
  • Ariel – Fighting Element: Wind
  • A – Tier
  • Raciel – Fighting Element:  Water
  • Dyne – Fighting Element: Fire
  • Eir – Fighting Element:  Water
    Eir is the princess of the LUNIA Kingdom
  • Asta – Fighting Element: Thunder
  • Kiara – Fighting Element: Fire
  • Kiara – Fighting Element: Fire
  • B – Tier
  • Yuki – Fighting Element:  Water
  • Tia – Fighting Element:  Water
  • Iris – Fighting Element: Fire
  • Nefnut – Fighting Element:  Earth
  • B2 – Fighting Element: Fire
  • C – Tier
  • Zeke – Fighting Element: Wind
  • Agni – Fighting Element: Fire
  • Asuka – Fighting Element: Wind

With new characters like Yohan, Arien, and Khali who is a dancer of the Asti Empire, and many more to come. Just like in Otherworld Legends Mod Apk each character has a specialized skill set making it unique from other heroes.

Legendary heroes with legendary abilities

There are a lot of heroes in Legends of Lunia Mod apk to choose from. Also, an AI partner will be keeping you company along the way. The heroes aside from their appearances also differ from each other in many other aspects like runes and special abilities. It also reminded me that some of the heroes have the status of legendary as well. Out of all the stunning and mighty heroes, only 5 are legendary and the most powerful. Choose your hero and sidekick from this vast number of heroes and leave a mark on this kingdom.

Necessary skills

The journey is long and hard, despite having strong legendary heroes on your side, you need to constantly hone your skills. The power is necessary to balance in your favor and come out victorious. The enemies will mainly be focusing on the main character and attack you heavily. Needless to say, you need to level up continuously along your journey. Mix and match your characters to see what works for you. The main character needs to be well-suited for the task at hand. Improve your stats and skill set and be the hero that the kingdom needs!

 Upgrade Heroes

Season Rewards & Tier Rewards

  • Emperor
  • King
  • Duke
  • Marquis
  • Count
  • Viscount

Facing your Enemies

A lot of foes are waiting inside their dungeon to have a piece of you. The dungeons are filled with enemies of different types and bosses of different caliber and power. Each boss you face will be stronger than the boss you faced before. You need to defeat them all and rid this world of this darkness. Some of them are

  • Undead footman
  • Undead lancer
  • Undead new soldier
  • Royal infantry
  • Undead sniper
  • Undead Elite sniper
  • Undead Archer
  • Rogue demon

And many more of other kingdoms.

Boss Enemies

  • Assault demon
  • Golem
  • The guardian
  • Iron knight

And many more mighty bosses of other kingdoms.


Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have many skillsets and abilities for attacking and dodging. But it has a huge variety of character upgrades. The game has 2 skills for each player. These are different for each hero according to their persona, fighting element, and abilities. But their effect is the same. Roguelike games mostly consist of skills as we saw in Archero MOD APK. Choose the hero with combat skills matching your requirements to defeat the enemy. 

Character Skill


This skill can be activated using the onscreen button and can be reactivated after 5 seconds. This has more than double attack power than the basic attack of your hero. So, this comes in handy when you are flooded with a storm of enemies.

Ultimate skill

The ultimate skill is also different for each character according to their fighting element and fighting style. This skill can only be activated when a Boss enemy is nearby. You can obliterate the enemy in only one blow.


  • Increase Attack Speed


Legends of Lunia is a roguelike RPG game. The game is in portrait mode and has one joy stick and 2 on-screen buttons for using Heroes’ skill and ultimate skills. The game can be played with a single hand but using both hands will result in a comfortable experience.

Use the joystick to move around the dungeons easily. The hero automatically attacks when the player is not moving. This results in easy gameplay. The gameplay is more about evading enemy attacks and then attacking yourself.

Each character will have a definite amount of HP at the start of each battle. When it hits zero you have to start the stage again. As you progress the stages will get more challenging and you will be knocked out more frequently.

Enhance your character’s ability to the max before entering a challenging fight. Don’t let them know what hit them.

  • Go to the hero’s panel
  • select heroes and abilities to enhance
  • click on enhance to upgrade the abilities
  • choose the materials (use auto-select to upgrade to the max)
  • click on enhance to upgrade the materials
  • your hero is reborn

Strong enemies await your arrival bosses want to kill you as soon as possible, so you need to avoid their attacks and strike them quickly. Join arms with your friends and strategize to defeat the enemies.

The game supports many languages like Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.


The game Legends of Lunia is the journey of a warrior to become the legendary hero that saves the kingdom from demons, monsters, and the darkness that spreads these lands. The expedition is hunting a legend with heroes of the titular kingdom. The game is an action-packed RPG game with multiplayer online mode as well.

The game has many characters and heroes that have tons of abilities and need a lot of resources to upgrade these abilities. This mod allows you to bypass this hassle and max your hero’s ability quickly and for free. You only need to focus on defeating the enemies.  So, download this apk mod for free. The chance of becoming the legendary hero of Lunia is now!

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