Last Hero: Roguelike Shooting MOD APK v4.4 (God Mode)

Last Hero: roguelike shooting MOD APK is a zombie shooting, gun action game where you play as a hero to save the survivors of zombie apocalypse. As doomsday erupts, there are zombies everywhere and nobody is safe. The government has set up relief camps for survivors at different locations. Your job is to fight as a hero to combat zombies everywhere and help survivors to reach relief sites seeking sage area.

You are a superhero in the game who combats masters, enemies, and zombies to uncover the truth of doomsday crisis. Are you the last hero in this apocalypse who is going to uncover the truth and be the savior of humanity? Download the Last hero mod apk now to find out and kill thousands of zombies along the way!

Last Hero Roguelike  zombies Shooting

Features of Last Hero: Roguelike Shooting

Last Hero mod apk with its cartoon-like graphics gives gamers a unique new experience to zombie survival action. The Rogue features of Last Hero are as follows:


There are missions in the game each having multiple levels in it. Main storyline remains the same in each mission, that is zombie apocalypse and helping survivors, but each mission has unique story as well. The first mission is TOWN which starts as

“April 22: Rescue plane left. I was late. The entire Rogertown was quiet. Hopefully, I could find other survivors”

This mission “Town” has 20 Levels. You can battle in only one mission at a time. By completing the first mission, you can access the second one called Carnie. It has a total of 40 Levels which on clearing gives access to mission three called Gas Station has 20 Levels and so on. But downloading Last Hero: Roguelike Shooting Mod from our website can give you access to all missions from the beginning of the game! Just like every mission in ArcRobo MOD APK has a different background story and specific goals. 


There are many Heroes in the game who have unique combat skills. Initially, you are provided with only one character called Francis, but as you progress in the game, you can unlock new characters as well. The characteristics of these Heroes are:

  • Francis
  • Ability: Explorer MAX (heals 10% HP upon level-up in the battle)
  • Dorothy
  • Ability: Quickdraw MAX (All weapons are available for the rapid shot)
  • Zoe
  • Ability: Phantom Assassin MAX (The Bullets you fire can ignore the barrier, and it increases their MOV SPD by 20%)
  • Bill
  • Ability: Fighter MAX (Max HP increases by 15%)
  • Liv
  • Ability: Economist MAX (Increases Gold by 30% after clearing the room)
  • Ethan
  • Ability: Zero World MAX (Upon taking damage, freezes all enemy units in the room for 1.8s)
  • Sara
  • Ability: Adventure MAX (Increases Exp by 20% after clearing the room)
  • Peter
  • Ability: Auto Turret – All Max (Attacking on the enemy has a chance to perform one more attack, while applying frost, fire, poison, and charge elemental effects)
  • Kohen
  • Ability: Battle Intensified (Every one monster eliminated increases a certain attack)

These are the heroes which are initially available for you to unlock and upgrade to their max level 80. Once you complete that, you can unlock more new characters or earn them in rewards. You can role-play any character in Tiny Dungeon: Pixel Roguelike MOD APK and choose from more than 22 heroes. You can customize each character with various cosmetic upgrades using coins you earn in rewards

Weapons and Gear

Last Hero: Roguelike shooting MOD APK has 4 types of weapons to choose from for multiple zombie challenges and combats. Each of these 4 guns has unique mechanics. There is also gear available for you to protect yourself with. One unique feature of Last Hero mod is that there are two options for weapon upgrade:

  • 1. Enhance which upgrades the same weapon with better powers
  • 2. Modify which converts one weapon type into a deadlier type completely altering its mechanics.

The best weapons in the game are

  • Desert Breeze ATK Machine Gun which can be modified into Desert Twilight with much better ammunition and range
  • Calm Sniper Rifle can be obtained by modifying Desert Twilight

There are four armor items available in the game:

  • i. Hunter Shirt Chest plate (modifies into Guard Uniform)
  • ii. Mayor’s Gloves
  • iii. Gambler Leggings
  • iv. Fallen Belt (modifies into Lucky Belt)
last hero roguelike shooting game

If you do not need a certain gear, you can dismantle it in the Workshop and refund 70%. You can also merge power gems in the workshop.


Last Hero: Roguelike shooting MOD APK has a lot of abilities along with weapons to use and kill zombies more effectively. The skills can be selected during the missions. You can strategize using particular skills at crucial moments in the mission to cause maximum damage to the enemies. Just like Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG MOD APK has a variety of skills and weapons. The strength of all these skills and weapons can be enhanced using gems and coins. 

A few of these abilities are:

  • Steadfast-CRIT: During Steadfast, increases CRIT every 2 seconds
  • Current Robot: Spawns current-abled robots, inflicting damage upon contact with target and dealing chain damage to the units in the vicinity.
  • Shoot to Kill: Has a chance to execute minion
  • Charge Round: Deals chain damage additionally to targets nearby
  • Frozen Round: Freezes and immobilizes the target for a duration
  • Gas Round: Renders the target to lose HP constantly, until their death
  • Steadfast – SPD: During Steadfast, increase a CRIT in every 2 seconds
  • Anger: The lower the HP, the higher the attack
  • Sleeping Room: Sends all enemies in the room to sleep when receiving damage
  • Diagonal Bullets +1: Number of Bullets shooting diagonally +1
  • Backward Bullet +1: Number of Bullets shooting backwards +1
  • Refraction: After the bullet touches the barrier, it refracts
  • Incendiary: Deals additional burning damage to the target
  • Increases Max: Grants an increase to max HP and restores HP accordingly
  • Bouncing: The Bullet will bounce for 2 times in between the enemy units
  • HP Regen: Regains HP by half
  • Increases MOV: Greatly increases MOV SPD
  • Economist: Grants Gold when the room is cleaned

And many more!

Time Rifts

There are time rifts in the game which make the levels even more interesting. When you come across the time rifts, another dimension opens. New dimensions have strange creatures which sometime are difficult to identify due to the location obstacles. But killing these creatures bring rich rewards if only you are willing to take the risk.


The gameplay of Last Hero: Roguelike Shooting does not require comprehensive strategy formation. You just need to control your character’s movement. The controls of the game are very simple and intuitive. Just Slide the stick present in the middle of the screen to move your character. Release the stick to charge your weapon and shoot to destroy your enemies by standing at the safe point.

Select a new ability in every level to better combat zombies. Bosses at each level are harder to kill therefore use upgraded weapons for quick kills and steer clear of their bullets. As you move to higher levels within each mission, the number of enemies and monsters in each wave increases. Kill the monsters by moving quickly as staying at a single point can make you an easy target.

Once you clear all the levels in each battle, you earn warrior’s rewards which depend on your performance. You receive hard-earned gold coins, special power gems, and diamonds in these rewards. Use these items wisely to buy new equipment and upgrade your character. SuperNova Game Last Hero: Roguelike shooting enhance or modify your weapons and characters strategically to have more explosive combo in each mission.

Install Last Hero: Roguelike Shooting Mod apk

You can download the mod version of Last Hero: Roguelike shooting from our website and get all premium features unlocked. Our mod version offers:

  • All Content Unlocked
  • All Characters unlocked
  • Unlimited Coins and Diamonds
  • Unlimited Enhancements and Modifications of Weapons and Gears
  • No Ads
  • Completely Free

You can use the following simple steps to install the game in your android/iOS

  • Uninstall the regular version of Last Hero from your device and change the Security Settings to allow Downloads from “Unknown Sources”
  • Click on the download button on our page to download mod files on Last Hero
  • Access the downloaded files and follow pop-up instructions for installation of the game
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open and enjoy the game completely free of cost!


Last Hero: Roguelike shooting is a zombie action survival game that can keep you engaged for hours without getting boring. The urge to enhance and modify your weapons and gear makes you replay the game again and again. So don’t think any further and download the mod version of the game from our website now. You can enjoy unlimited content free of cost without any interruptions!

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