Knight’s Edge MOD APK v2.3.1 (Max Battle Pass)

Knight’s Edge MOD APK is an RPG with real-time knightly battles to take down powerful bosses. You along with your friends can implement different strategies to come out victorious. This game has a weapon upgrade system that allows you to get stronger and defeat your enemies. Wide variety of special abilities to make your knight battles more engaging. A weapons system that is epic and destructive. Conquer each incoming challenge, come on top and earn the title of the strongest KNIGHT…..!

Join the game with your friends in PVP battle mode. Develop strategies and attack plans to have an edge over the enemy team. Hold your ground, showcase your powers and come out victorious. This mod apk of KNIGHTS EDGE will give you a Battle Pass for free. So you don’t have to worry about that Battle Pass and march forward towards your Knight’s journey.

Knights Edge Mod Apk Defeat Bosses

Save the land from the Darkness

Your knight’s honor demands you to come forth and save this accursed world from darkness. This world is plagued by the horror of monsters and you need to set this world free of this curse. You need to provide a ray of hope for the people of this land and eradicate this darkness. Just like Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG MOD APK gives you a chance to fight against nightmares in pitch-black darkness to destroy evil and become the savior of reality. I

Weapons of Divine Power

The game has a variety of weapons of divine power. These include swords, melee weapons, and axes. With more than 20 weapons that have amazing perks. You’ll be filled with excitement to use them. Acquire weapons that suit your playstyle and attack plan the most.

game features

easy to play

Knights edge is a relatively easy-to-play game. No complex and highly demanding operations. With one-handed operation, you can navigate and attack easily. You have an attack panel on the screen and can choose what will be best suited for you to use. Simple buttons and operations to start your action.

epic weapons

Knight’s edge has a large number of epic and unique weapons. The weapons ranging greater than 20 are each unique with their own special perks. You will know you have the best weapon for each challenging situation you find yourself in. You can make a weapon that truly fits your fighting style. Same as weapons in Combat Quest MOD APK to carry out your journeys like bows, shards, axes, shuriken, and many more against the magical beasts. 

Knights Edge Mod Apk Customize With Perks

Loadout system in Knight’s Edge

In the heat of battle, you need to make decisions right every time. To make your strategies and decisions simpler this game has a loadout system. This system has a mixed match of your primary and secondary weapons. You can make a loadout of your special mix of Knights, magical items, and lances. Make sure to make it balanced so you have a weapon for every situation. You have an arsenal of weapons to choose like primary weapons, secondary weapons, deployable bombs, and upgraded versions of all weapons. You can make up to 4 load-outs. A loadout for each of your needs.

pvp MODE

Knight’s edge MOD APK has a player vs player mode as well. You dive into a 3-on-3 battle. You are sent to a battlefield where you have to overcome various challenges and defeat your enemy. The battle arena awaits!

PVP Gameplay


The game with the loadout system allows you to choose from 4 custom loads out. You can fill these load-outs with 44 incantations and 40 weapons of different kinds like swords, melee weapons axes, etc. These runes are helpful in making your enemy weaker and destroying them. Enchant you, enemies, with your knightly charms!

Special abilities

Leveling up you will be to unlock abilities that make you more powerful and quick on your feet. Upgrade your weapons and use them against those giant monsters. These weapons are then in your arsenal and use them at your disposal. The choices and simple strategies make it highly intuitive. Just like Heroics MOD APK has a lot of abilities available for you to strengthen your skills. The magical combination of powerful weapons and magical abilities makes you a lethal force to reckon with.

Knights Edge Mod Apk Special Abilities

game events

The Game has in-game events that make your gaming experience special. The Game developer LIGHTFOX GAMES collaborates with other gaming studios to hold special events. Recently it collaborated with TRIBE GAMING for an event.  TRIBE GAMING is an E-Sports Organization that helps with in-game events. These events hold special tournaments. The prize pool of these tournaments is in hundreds of Dollars $$$.

It featured a theme story of monsters stealing the powers of the tribal people. During this event, players will be awarded different costumes and special weapons like battle axes of Tribe people. Participants from different parts of the world received exclusive rewards. So keep an eye on the UPCOMING EVENTS……!!

special gear AND EMOTES

To make the experience more special, players can be a part of getting special rewards by entering creator-specific PROMO Codes. These promo codes unlock special Gear and Emotes. This will make you stand out more in the crowd and express your feelings more vividly.

real time Battles

To win these Special weapons, skins, gear, and emotes. The players need to defeat the Boss enemy named Borks. Borks is the possession of the Tribe’s LOGO. Borks with the ancient Tribe Axe as his weapon is extremely powerful. So, Knights ready your horses you need a Tribe’s axe to reclaim……!!


  • Max Battle Pass
  • Unlimited Rewards


Knight’s edge MOD APK is an amazing strategy game. With its simplicity, it is catered to a wide range of age groups. The simplicity comes from easy-to-navigate and non-complex operations. The game is stylized and has amazing artwork. The game has a variety of weapons, runes, and skills. With these, you can defeat powerful enemies, monsters, and bosses. The PVP mode also adds flexibility to your gameplay. You’ll be thrilled with every moment of this game. So download this game for free. You need to free this accursed world with the power of a knight’s sword. Your Knightly duty awaits you!

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