Kick the Buddy MOD APK v1.5.5 (Unlocked Hack)

Kick the Buddy MOD APK v1.5.5 (Unlocked Hack)

October 26, 2022

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26 October 2022
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Description Kick the Buddy MOD APK v1.5.5 (Unlocked Hack)

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The hectic routine always takes a toll on us and we need something to get all the frustration out. If we keep things inside us, we will blast all the anger on someone we love. Kick the Buddy mod apk is the perfect game for you to reduce your stress and anger on a game buddy instead of people you care about.

This game is quite innovative, involving the action genre of gaming, creative characters, and eye-catching graphics, which really makes a player addicted to the game. You can easily kick the buddy in the head, or even kick it to death.

The game comes with a hack to unlock all the premium content free so you can take a sneak peek into features and then decide whether you want to buy it or need some other app. Kick the Buddy MOD APK will give you a chance to play with friends and have some fun.

relaxing game

There is another version of this Game which is Kick the Buddy: Forever and it’s actually part of the series. If you are having problems in the limited edition “Kick the Buddy” game with limited access to characters and weapons, then the latest version, but Kick the Buddy MOD APK with all unblocked features can rescue you in this situation.

Basically, this game is designed and developed to tackle the stress and anxiety people are facing, and yes millions of its users have got results as well. The physiological background of this game has been successful and Game Play on the behalf of the medicated sort of treatment is effective and brilliant result oriented.

kick the buddy game Mod

game features

Kick the buddy mod apk comes with wicked stuff which you can use to torture the buddy. Each stuff has its own way of hurting the buddy to reduce your stress.

Bucks is the in-app currency used to buy stuff. When you use any stuff on buddy, your bucks count starts increasing if the stuff is hitting the buddy.

Different types of stuff can be used together to enjoy the game to its full potential. Below is the detail of stuff available in the game.

1- Firearms

You can fire unlimited ammo on a buddy with as many weapons as you want at the same time until you get first blood and KO.

After the first kill of the day, you will get a reward based on the number of days. Most days, it’s a cash reward that you can use to unlock content and there are rare rewards as well which are in the shape of premium stuff.

Each firearm has a different price to unlock before you can use it. Some weapons are free and can be obtained by watching ads only. Some can be obtained with gold and others need in-app currency to purchase them.  In our hack version, you can get all the weapons unlocked for free.

Below is the list of firearms available in the game.

Beretta – Default
M16 – Free
Flame Thrower – free
Pancor – free
Tavor M203 – 9999 bucks
Barrett M99 – 99 gold
M202 Flash – 99 Gold
Coonan – 99 bucks
Thompson – 350 bucks
AK 47 – 99 Gold
Golden Gun – 9999 bucks
Sentry Gun – 149 bucks
.44 Magnum – free
Heckler & Koch – 199 Gold
Uzi – 250 bucks
Musket – Free
Spas-12 – 99 gold
M134 Minigun – 149 gold
Bushmaster – Free
Stoner 96 – Free

2- Cold weapons

Weapons are used by murderers to kill someone cold-blooded. Each weapon is more dangerous than the other and causes more pain to a buddy which ultimately leads to KO.

Mace – Default
Sword – 599 bucks
Trap – 499 bucks
Longbow – Free
Shuriken – 199 bucks
Machete – Free
Cleaver – Free
Chainsaw – 5300 bucks
Crossbow – 499 bucks
Katana – 99 Gold
Nunchaku – 149 bucks
Buzzsaw – 250 bucks

3- Explosives

Each explosive is very dangerous and keeps on blasting until you get KO. You can use as many weapons as you want together to get your anger out on your buddy.

F1 Grenade – Default
Land Mine – Free
Missile – Free
C4 – 490 bucks – Free

4- Objects

Objects are small tinkling explosive elements that keep tinkling the buddy and explode after a few tinkles. Buddy keeps complaining about tinkles and pain from these objects.

Colored Balls – Default
Baby Cube – 199 bucks
C-roach Killer – 199 bucks
Helium – 3000 bucks
Disco Balls – 1500 bucks
Rolling Pin – 300 bucks
Whip – Free
Handheld Taser – Free
False Teeth – Free
Taser – 199 gold
16 Tons – 9300 bucks
Fan – 5300 bucks
Feather – 7300 bucks
Rocking Chair – 3800 bucks
Trash Bin – Free
Squeaky Hammer – 7900 bucks
Grater – Free
Stinky Sock – 49 gold
Garden Gnome – 8900 bucks
Torch 5th day reward

5- Liquids

Liquids are chemicals used in science labs. These liquids tinkle, burn or cause a chemical reaction on buddy to make him do funny reactions.

Watering Can
Fire Hose
Boiling Water
Water Gun
Gas Nozzle
Drip Bags

6- Food

Convert it into normal blocks

Beretta – Default
M16 – Free
Flame Thrower – free
Pancor – free
Tavor M203 – 9999 bucks
Barrett M99 – 99 gold
M202 Flash – 99 Gold
Coonan – 99 bucks
Thompson – 350 bucks
AK 47 – 99 Gold
Golden Gun – 9999 bucks
Sentry Gun – 149 bucks
.44 Magnum – free
Heckler & Koch – 199 Gold
Uzi – 250 bucks
Musket – Free
Spas-12 – 99 gold
M134 Minigun – 149 gold
Bushmaster – Free
Stoner 96 – Free

7- Appliances

Normally, appliances are the first thing to face your wrath at home. So, instead of destroying your home appliances, you can choose different types of appliances to throw at buddy along with your frustration.

These appliances keep on hitting the buddy until you get KO or the appliance is completely broken.

TV – Default
Iron – Free
Meat Grinder – free
Juicer – 99 bucks
Toaster – 350 bucks
Washing Machine – 99 Gold
Blender – 250 bucks
Barbecue – Free

8- Bioweapons

These are the mass destruction weapons that are banned to use in the world but to get your frustration out, Kick the buddy developers added these weapons to be used in a controlled environment on the buddy and see its funny reaction.

Parasite – 99 Gold
Bacteria – 9000 bucks
Prion A-51 – Free
Fungus Vulgaris – 6800 bucks
Mutation Serum – 149 Gold
Virus-A – 9900 Bucks
Hazardous Waste – 7500 bucks
Nano Virus – 99 Gold

9- Machines

This game includes heavy artillery to be used on the buddy. You can use heavy machinery to torture the buddy. You can electrocute the buddy using a broken hairdryer or throw a train on buddy.

Vise – 900 bucks
Electric Chair – 199 gold
Guillotine – 149 gold
Mecha-Rack – Free
Machine Press – 249 gold
Barrett M99 – 99 gold
Gallows – 8999 bucks
Paper Shredder – 99 bucks
Gas Chamber – Free
Dental Machine – 19949 bucks
Harvester – 9999 bucks
Rack – 99 gold
WC – 9500 bucks
Helicopter – Free
Broken Hairdryer – 11000 bucks
Train – Free

10- Animals

Everyone is not a fan of science or machines, some people love animals too. If you want to see your favorite animal shredding the buddy, you can use them and enjoy the game.

Wasps – 29 bucks
Shark – 399 bucks
Piranha – 2500 bucks
Vampire Bats – 790 bucks
Bald Eagle – 149 bucks
Black Mamba – 3800 bucks
Black Widow – 99 Gold
Killer Squid – Free
Lion – 249 gold
Scorpion – Free
Mutant Rabbit – 7900 bucks
Porcupine Fish – 49 bucks
Pigeons – 8700 bucks
Fly Swatter – 199 gold
Sea Urchin – 3900 bucks
Elephant – 169 gold
Dino Egg – Free
Leech – 5999 bucks
Fish ‘n’ Blade – 49 gold
Cooper Dragon – 7499 Bucks
Anthill – 99 gold

11- Power of Gods

If you are fan of superheroes and want to have superpowers, Kick the buddy mod apk has got you covered with god powers. you can cast these deadly abilities to unleash the wrath on buddy.

Mega Gravity – 699 bucks
Tornado – 1500 bucks
Mjolnir – 149 bucks
Smoke Master – 1200 bucks
Flood – 6900 bucks
Frog Rain – Free
Retro Fireball – 139 gold
Ball Lightning – 750 bucks
Asteroids – Free
Hail – 49 gold
Freezer – 1200 bucks
Black hole – 99 gold
Lava – free
Crystal Ball – 169 gold
Angel – 1100 bucks
Lightning – 4500 bucks
Rain – 555 bucks
Earthquake – 999 bucks
Solar Rays – 49 gold
Shooting Stars – 49 gold

12- Nano Weapons

Don’t be fooled by the name of these weapons. These are very dangerous weapons that come in small packaging otherwise they cause heavy damage as well. Get hold of these weapons and enjoy the pain they inflict on buddy.

Alien Blaster – 49 gold
Pencil Gun – 49 gold
UFO Attack – 199 gold
Buddybot – 99 gold
Plasma Gun – 99 gold
Plasma Grenade – 149 gold
Mars Rover – 149 gold
Orbital Strike – 9900 gold
Magic Laser – Free
Teleport – 49 gold
Zero Gravity – 19500 bucks
Space Gun – 149 gold

13- China Town

Chinese craft has its own value in every aspect of life, from medical science to technology. We have gathered a list of all Chinese mastery available in the game for you to enjoy vibes of China Town within the game.

Bamboo – 1900 bucks
Terracotta Soldier – 149 gold
Durian – Free
Guan Dao – 3500 bucks
Noodles – 7900 bucks
Jian Sword – 2500 bucks
Chinese bell – 3400 bucks
Dragon – 99 gold
Kite – 3900 bucks
Jianzi – Free
Chinese Bomb – 3900 bucks
Chinese Lantern – 99 gold
Vase – Free
Shuang Gou – 7900 bucks
Baozhu – 99 gold

14- Sports

Everyone loves to play some sort of physical sport. You can use this sports equipment to beat down the buddy to exert your frustration.

Bat – 99 gold
Paintball – 49 gold
Pogo Stick
Skateboard – Free
Baseball – 299 bucks
Darts – 50 bucks
BMX – 10th Day reward
Basketball – Free

15- Horror

This is the stuff from horror movies. Burning Lanterns and broomsticks are very scary for buddy. You can scare buddy along with burning him with this create Horror stuff.

Jack O’Lantern – Default
Witch Cauldron – 99 bucks
Ghosts Storm – 49 gold
Zombie – Free
Broomstick – 160 bucks
Spider Web – Free
Necromancy – Free
Voodo – Free
Trick or Treat – 99 bucks
Flesh Ripper – 399 gold
Mad Jack – 149 gold
Witch Mushrooms – 149 gold

16- Office

An office can be the most favorite or hated place depending on the environment. If you hate your office space and want to break down the infrastructure by throwing everything, you can throw it on buddy while imagining your most hated person.

Map Tacks – 299 bucks
Burning Paper – 399 bucks
Power Strip – Free
Trash Can – 199 Bucks
Hot Coffee – 900 Bucks
Safe – Free         
Air conditioner – 3500 bucks
Super Glue 909 – 199 bucks
Chair – 999 bucks
Briefcase – 215 Bucks
5 Gal Bottle – 1200 Bucks
Newspaper – 1290 bucks
VHS – 12th day reward
Boss Mug – 199 bucks
Keyboard – 249 bucks
Adhesive Tape – 99 Gold
Compact Disc – Free
Light Bulb – 2300 bucks
Laptop – Free

MOD Features of Kick the Buddy

There are tons of features in Kick the buddy mod APK that is unlocked and you don’t need to pay a single penny. We have briefly described it in easy to read manner which you can read below.

Before reading the features of Kick the Buddy MOD APK, you must remember that the MODDED version of this game is totally safe and easily installable on Android and iOS devices both.

Unlimited Money / Gold

Access to limited money or Gold in this game is now history as the MOD APK helps you in getting easy access to Money and Gold. You don’t need to pay extras for this feature as the critical problem is solved after the latest version of Kick the Buddy MOD APK is installed on your device.

Entertainment games

The graphics of Kick the Buddy MOD APK are so unique and they have quite a friendly color combination which is one of the reasons for its popularity among teens and adults all around the world. Just like Dragon Ball Legends, the popular anime-based game having 3D visuals is one of the best and top-rated games all around the world.


There are too many applications that create troubles regarding compatibility with Android or iOS, but this game is highly compatible with every sort of operating system’ device like iOS and Android. There is no additional APK or technically root file required in order to install this game.

Multi-Player Mode

There is no MultiPlayer mode available in the simple and free version of Kick the Buddy, but the MOD APK of this game gives you access to the multiplayer mode which is quite a new and updated feature.
After enabling the “Multiplayer Mode”, you can easily play with two or three of your friends. Hopefully, this feature will be extended to more players, but right now this mode only allows a maximum of 3 players to play simultaneously.

Unlocked Weapons

Fighting a battle with limited and lightweight weapons is not enough, you need more weapons and difficult stages to enjoy the taste of battle which right now is impossible if you are having a free version.
The Modded version of Kick the Buddy helps you have access to unlimited weapons, melons, stones, and tools that are higher in range and powerful enough that can be easily utilized in passing any stage.

Kick the Buddy MOD APK combos

Characters Customization

Another stunning and updated feature of “Kick the Buddy MOD APK” is character customization. After installing this mod APK, you will have the option to customize your favorite character as per your desires and liking. Playgendary has explained all the features in detail on its website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely it is one of the safest mod APKs for android and iOS devices both. You can easily download and install this application, it does not matter what kind of device you are using anywhere in the world.

This is the modded version of the original application and it does not charge a single penny. Kick the Buddy MOD APK is totally free with all unlocked features for mobile and PC.

No, there is no need to install any technical root file and additional APK is required to install this MOD APK. You just simply need to install the above-mentioned MOD APK of Kick the Buddy and that’s it.


After the arrival of this stunning MOD APK, all the features of the original application are unlocked. If you are going through extreme stress and anxiety and are fond of the genre of action/battle games, then Kick the Buddy is right now the perfect choice.

It has all the mandatory features and graphics that are fair enough to minimize your stress and double the taste of battle. From briefing all the important unlocked features in the updated version of Kick the Buddy to answering your questions, everything has been mentioned above in an easy-to-read and applied format.

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