Kick The Buddy Forever Mod Apk v1.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Kick The Buddy Forever Mod Apk v1.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

Kick the Buddy Forever apk is a sequel to the all-famous Kick the Buddy game. If we talk about the old version of the game, It was a seamless game for stress release and when it comes to the newer version of the game, the same dummy is here for you to take the beating.

Kick the buddy forever mod apk game

Introduction to Kick The Buddy Forever

Kick The Buddy Forever is a fun game to play. The genre of the game falls under the action game. The gameplay of this Kick The Buddy Forever Game allows you to hit your poor friend with some of the latest weaponry being introduced by the developers. These weapons range from advanced guns to cold weapons like bombs to atomic bombs.

Furthermore, the graphics of the game are almost similar to the original version of the game. And the colors and themes of the game are drastically developed by the developers. So that the engaging element of players remains the same during the gameplay.

elements in kick the buddy

Features for Kick The Buddy Forever

Stress Reducer

This Kick The Buddy: Forever Online, is a perfect game for reducing stress levels, anger levels, and players’ fatigue levels. During the gameplay, the players now even nuke the poor buddy in a manner to eliminate him. And make some catharsis of the day-long stamina-crushing fatigues.

Stress Reducer Game

Exciting Weapons

Well, the most required and important feature of Geometry Dash MOD APK’s latest version is “Money” which is officially named “Coins” as it is used in every option, from unlocking characters to unlocking the tool, this feature is used to get access.

Exciting new weapons of Kick the buddy

New Clothes

This Kick The Buddy Forever Mod Apk All Unlocked comes with new cloth options. Allowing the players to change the current clothes theme of the buddy from traditional to more modern clothes. Furthermore, these cloth sections include funny clothes for making the buddy a more funny-like figure.

New Wallpapers

Kick the Buddy Forever allows you to change the wallpaper themes of the room the buddy box is placed. These are interesting features that allow the players to indulge more in the game.

Physics rule in kick the buddy

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this Kick The Buddy has forever been an exciting and perfect tool for relieving you from the stress and fatigue you faced during the workday.

Yes, we bring you the latest version of the game. The current prevailing version of this game is 1.4.1.


Kick The Buddy Forever Play Store is a perfect game for killing stress and fatigue. This game is a sequel to Kick the Buddy MOD APK previously. And the features that are brought in this version of the game are more than interesting. Besides, the themes, weapons and clothes, and wallpapers of the game are reintroduced with the latest updates.

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