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Iron Blade mod apk, a destiny changer RPG game set in Medieval Europe, is full of magic, struggle, and discord. It is developed by Gameloft studios where you can forge your own future and be a master of your fate. Neither destiny nor ancestry can make you a hero, you need to hold your own sword and become one. You can become a hero by holding up your blade and discovering a fantasy world brought to life with amazing console-like graphics.

Iron Blade has an adventurous and easy-to-learn combat system. It is filled with multiple challenges which will keep you entertained for hours up to the end. You can gather weapons to hunt monsters, discover new places, and find dungeons to check your leadership capabilities as your form a new kingdom and interact with millions of other people in PvP mode.

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Background Story

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends begins at a period of dark French history. King Philip IV took a massive debt from an organization “Sanctuary Knights.” Instead of returning the debt, King Philip IV owed, he planned to murder the entire organization with the help of King Baal causing the whole of France to be overwhelmed by the Hell Army’s march. You are the last surviving Knight of the organization like Damien, and you need to battle with King Philip and King Baal’s army to bring back peace to France.

You have to do battles in the game, and you do not have to worry about controlling computerized development if the virtual gamepads become invisible. Your only focus should be on assault, redirect, and guarding yourself. Iron Sword is a very straightforward game with streamlined battles to ensure continuous engagement.

Exclusive Features

Iron Blade Mod Apk- Medieval legends have a lot of exclusive features, some of these features are:

An Amazing Journey

Iron Blade Mod Apk demands you to be a monster hunter. The demonic military of King Philips approaches and there is no place to hide. You need to pick up your sword and kill the army to fulfill the prophecy. As you progress in the game, the plot unravels further, and you face betrayal and intrigue while trying to complete the missions. This amazing journey will lead you to explore the fantasy world from battles with Demon Knights in Notre Dame to Transylvanian Dungeons to putting swords in the hearts of vampires. Iron blade is developed by Gameloft studios where you can forge your own future and be a master of your fate.

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War Controls

The controls of the game are specially created for cellular recreation to perform amazing combat skills with swords in the dungeon-crawling RPG while fighting the struggles. You can link faucets and swipes in the game to carry out special skills combo to kill dungeon prisoners. The amazing graphics of the game make these enemies epic due to the details of their character, motion, and fight skills. If anyone becomes a nuisance during the battle, finish them off using your special sword skill to finish the level. This feature is almost similar to the one you can experience in Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk is a must-have in your collection of top fighting games!

Weapon Skills

Each weapon in Iron Blade has active and passive skills to provide you with unique combat combinations. Active skills of the weapons ensure complete annihilation of your enemies while passive skills improve your health stats. Therefore, before each battle always choose the weapons which will improve your chances of winning through their active and passive skills.

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Special Combat Moves

In order to get three stars in any level in the Iron Blade mod, you will need to use your own special combat move. These special moves take time to charge, and you cannot select your own special move because these moves change cyclically. Therefore, use whatever special moves get loaded because all of these moves can cause some serious damage and may result in 3 stars on clearing the level. Just like the combat in Grimvalor is also very advanced and allows for a lot of flexibility and strategy. You can choose the weapon of your own choice to fight the hordes of darkness and defeat King Valor’s fearsome guardians in this breathtaking game.

Equipment Upgrades

Just as the selection of the correct weapon is necessary, similarly its sharpness, robustness, and effectiveness are also necessary. Upgrade your equipment as frequently as possible. You can also trade your older items that you no longer require to get newer and stronger items.  If you are looking for something new and sharp in equipment, use Grinding to get that. Always check the level’s rewards and if the level rewards contain a weapon or armor you need, keep replaying that level until you get that reward.

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Elemental System

Iron Blade mod apk uses an elemental system similar to other RPGs. Initially, you may not notice it because the game does go in-depth with this system. Some interesting aspects of this system are colored emblems on each weapon and equipment e.g., yellow laurels represent Heroic, blue wings indicate Divine, and red skulls symbolize Demonically. These emblems can beat each other in cyclic manners. Demonic beats Heroic, Heroic beats Divine, and Divine beats Demonic, and the cycle continues.

Special Events

Iron Blade Apk offers unique events to participate in to stay ahead of human and AI competition. Depending on the event you participate in, you can win multiple objects, offering different skills and items to you to upgrade your stats.

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Free Chests

One interesting feature of Iron Blade Hack Apk is that every five hours, it allows you to open a chest completely free of cost. This makes the player come online frequently to get amazing items these chests offer such as keys, diamonds, and occasionally rubies as well.
In order to open premium chests, you need a collection of either silver keys or rubies. Logging in every day and completing challenges to level up to give silver keys while rubies can be earned through daily logins only. If you are consistent and log in daily for 30 days, you will collect exact 50 golden keys. These golden keys are required to open Legendary Gearboxes.

Iron Blade Mod Menu Features

Unlimited Rubies

Iron Blade Mod Apk unlimited rubies offer rubies without counting. Rubies are the premium currency of the game required to buy new items and make new upgrades.

Unlimited Diamonds

Iron Blade mod apk offers unlimited diamonds and these diamonds are used to make equipment upgrades. Usually, you earn diamonds on clearing certain levels but with the mod version, you do not have to wait for specific levels to clear and can buy whatever you need.

Unlimited Money

With Iron Blade mod apk unlimited money, enjoy in-game shopping and buy all the fancy weapons and armor that you desire to make your character a formidable force to fight with.


Unlimited Everything

Iron Blade mod apk unlimited everything is the mod feature that you will enjoy the most. You do not have to worry about making in-game purchases to unlock anything. Everything comes unlocked in this version and is free of cost.



Iron Blade mod apk offline version is entertaining to some degree but the content is very limited. The game is very heavy and requires a lot of space therefore it is better to have an internet connection to enjoy the game to its full extent.

Auto Updates

One amazing feature of our mod is that it upgrades automatically, and you do not have to download a new version every time an update comes.

Supported on all Devices

Iron Blade Mod apk download link given on our website is supported on all android devices and is safe to use and does not require a rooted device to operate.

Additional Information

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Name Iron Blade Mod Apk
Offered By Gameloft
Category Action
Version 2.3.0h
Size 1.5GB
Update 03/08/2022


Iron Blade: Medieval Legends mod apk
has very simple intuitive controls that allow you to have your own fighting combo based on your fighting style and playing skills to create a unique blend of abilities. There are two types of weapons skills, active to kill the enemies and passive to enhance your stats. One amazing passive skill you can use is Savagery which reduces the cooldowns of your active weapon skills each time you get hit with the offhand weapon.


Another combat skill you need is Shield Breaker which is required to hit a knight wearing heavy armor. This shield breaker can be used to strike hard on knights to overcome their defenses. If you are getting attacks and hits consistently, use your active skills more excessively to ensure a win.

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Uprooting and crushing your enemies bring an endorphin rush making the game very addictive. Depending on your needs, you can choose your weapon with multiple options from blades, bows, and so on. Winning the battles gives limitless diamonds in the reward which are used to upgrade your character and weapons.

Download Iron Blade Mod Apk

Iron Blade mod apk download link is available on our website. Download the game now and enjoy unlimited fun.

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How to Install Iron Blade mod apk on Android?

You can easily download and install Iron Blade mod using the following steps:

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  • First uninstall the original version of Iron Blade, downloaded from Google Play
  • Download Iron Blade: Medieval Legends mod apk file from the link given on our website
  • Extract the mod file to start the installation
  • Once the installation is complete, open the game and enjoy!


How to Install Iron Blade mod apk on PC?

You can install Iron Blade on a PC using the very simple steps given below:

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  • First, download and install NOX player or Bluestacks (Android Emulators) in your PC
  • Download Iron Blade mod files from our website
  • Click on the “Import from Windows” to execute the file and to start the installation
  • Once the installation is complete, click on the launch button to start playing the game.


Final Words

You cannot become a hero by your origin or your fate, you have to grab the sword yourself and become it alone. Iron Blade, set in Medieval Europe, and filled with war and magic, is the most entertaining action RPG. You can discover the fantasy world of medieval Europe in it. With console-quality graphics, innovative controls, and easy-to-learn combat moves, Iron Blade mod apk has everything to fill you up with excitement and put you in amazing fights. Download Iron Blade mod apk latest version now and start your journey to become a hero!

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