Heroics Epic Legend of Archero MOD APK v3.9.46

Heroics: Epic Legend of Archero MOD APK has powerful weapons, magical items, equipment, and abilities and become the most formidable hero.

GenreRoguelike Games
DeveloperAzur Interactive Games Limited
Requires7.1 and up
Size378 MB
MOD Feature1- God Mode
2- One Hit
3- Unlimited coins and gems

Heroics: Epic Legend of Archero MOD APK is a legendary rogue action where the story progresses like a movie as you play along in the game. There are more than 50 powerful weapons, ancient magical artifacts, and best-throwing accessories for you to choose to become a lethal force in the game. Collect these weapons and artifacts and kill the hordes of monsters with ease.

Your character is accompanied by the pet rooster which runs wild in the field and helps you kill your enemies. Upgrade your character and pet to make them more powerful in the missions.  You can use tons of loot items, forge mythic equipment, choose a new skill every time, run, explore, and become stronger to defeat mighty bosses! Download the Heroics mod apk now from our website and go after legions of monsters. You can also explore Wizard Legend: Fighting Master MOD APK is a Rogue action game with magic skills, battle combinations, and desert monsters.

Heroics Mod Apk powerful bosses

Background Story

There once lived a simple village boy who dreamt of becoming a hero. He sought to fight powerful monsters and protect the innocent and the weak like his father once did. Yet, for all his dreams, he could never imagine what fate had in store for him.  The boy did it! He vanquished the last living monster but if only he knew his victory would bring!

The portal tree between the worlds was destroyed. The boy was spared. For without the tree, the barrier between worlds had collapsed and the most terrifying creatures of the abyss were free once again. Worst of all, the seed of the tree had fallen into hands of dark queen. And without the Seed, the rift between worlds cannot be closed! You are tasked to bring that seed back to bring peace to the world!

Distinguishing Features

The unique features of Heroics: Epic Legend of Archero are enlisted below:


The story of the game unravels in parts. Each part of the story is completed in two chapters and successfully completing these chapters new facts about the story come forward. Just like Nightmare Hero: Rogue-Like RPG MOD APK is a horror story unwinding with multiple chapters in it. The details of Heroics first few parts are as follows:

Chapter 1: The Story Begins has two parts

  • Prologue 1: World Tree and its boss is World Tree Portal Keeper
  • Prologue 2: The Rift and its boss is Creature of the abyss from the Depth of Darkness

The next Chapter is Fields and Plains which has three parts each part completes after 10 rooms by encountering the boss

  • Part 1 has a very terrifying boss called Possessed
  • Part 2 has Big Bad Wolf with long claws at the end
  • Part 3 ends with Sally the Potato Flycatcher

The names other Chapters are:

  • Into the Wild Green Yonder
  • Walking through the Ruins
  • Snow
  • Burning Sands
  • Legacy of the Ancients
  • The Night is Dark
  • Where is My Boat?
  • Many More!
Heroics: Epic Legend of the Archero mod apk


There are also Characters inside Levels who come bearing gifts upon encountering. These characters are:

  • Sister Azriel: A priestess that grants you one of the blessings
  • Goodini the Goblin Croupier: To play cards to give you one reward
  • Gunsmith Oakley: offers one ability that you can refuse too
  • Crowley the Demon: which exchanges 30 of your health for an ability

Always try to take the reward from these characters which you need the most to win the game.


1. Primary Weapons: These are modern weapons that make killing of monsters from a distance possible! They include Guard’s pistols, muskets, chakru, rifles, cavalry blunderbuss, carbenes, and mortars for smashing your enemies while staying at a distance from danger. The description of some of these weapons are:

  • Ice Musket: Every Forth shot freezes opponents within hit area
  • Centurion: This weapon won its glory during the defense of steam tower, as virtually every shot fired by the traitorous forces would push the royal troops back several yards

2. Magic Weapons: You can unlock these weapons as you progress in the game or get them in rewards to fight the enemies with them when situations get tense. You can use powerful crystals, spell scrolls, Druid’s staves and many more. The details of most magical weapons are:

  • The Stone of Gilcluckmesh: Legend has it, the great hero Gilcluckmesh killed the giant Oowawa Village with this stone
  • Scroll of Arrow Storm: While summoning Arrow was a spell invented by the mages of Arezut, Arrow Storm hails from the labyrinthine city of Olimpis. They are quite the same, but they hardly stop them from

3. Melee Weapons: Sometimes enemies get too close to you to shoot, choose a melee weapon such as clubs, swords, whips, axes, and hammers to resolve the danger. Examples include:

  • Wolfsbane: A whip designed for hunting wolf while mounted
  • Battle Axe: When attacking two or more enemies, this weapon does extra damage and knocks target harder back

4. Throwing Weapons: if you need to reload primary weapons, use throwing weapons in the meanwhile to overwhelm the enemies. You can use knives, darts, hand cannons, discs, boomerangs, and grenades. The most impressive one is

  • Fragmentation Bomb: An improvement over a regular grenade with a reinforced shell
heroics mod apk magical abilities


You can unlock and use different equipment to make your character and pets stronger. The common equipment items are as follows:

  • To protect your whole-body use Miner Overall which is ceremonial miner clothing or Gryphon guard uniform
  • To Protect your head use helmet, masks, goggles, and Minor Hardhat as “Workplace safety means an uncracked skull” is the motto of any minor serious about ending his shift alive and well
  • Use a shirt, cuirass, and great cloak to protect and strengthen your chest
  • Keep your hands warms with bracers, gauntlets, gloves, and apprentice’s gloves
  • To keep your feet safe, use a pair of boots, leggings, and greaves
  • Keep yourself accompanied by a pet and chickens are the best. To Protect your chicken use chicken chaser goggles, sundering feather, and chicken helmet and much more!


In Heroics, there are a lot of abilities available for you to strengthen your skills. The magical combination of powerful weapons and magical abilities make you a lethal force to reckon with. Some of these abilities are:

  • Rapid Shot: Fire two bullets in quick succession
  • Stray Bullet: your bullets bounce between enemies
  • Scattershot: Shoot two additional bullets in the arc
  • Lightening Shot: Your shots deal electric damage to nearby enemies
  • Ice Shot: Your shots freeze enemies for a short time
  • Double Shot: Shoot two bullets at once
  • Piercing Shot: Your bullets pierce right through enemies
  • Heroic Might: Deal 30% more damage with main weapon
  • Cluster Bomb: your bombs turn into multiple smaller bombs when they detonate
  • Fire Throw: Your Thrown weapon inflicts fire damage
  • Swift Hands: Increases reload speed of your thrown weapon by 35%
  • Poison Shot: Your shots poison enemies
  • Trance: You gain a 30% chance to reload your thrown weapon instantly

You can also explore Last Hero: Roguelike shooting MOD APK has a lot of abilities along with weapons to use and kill zombies more effectively. 


Heroics: Epic Legend of Archero MOD APK has mesmerizing animation, 3D graphics, cartoon characters, and terrifying monsters which make the game much more entertaining. You get to explore numerous beautiful locations such as icy wastelands, muddy swamps, dangerous forests, ancient castles, sinister dungeons and much more during your quest to retrieve the seed and protect the world! For more details, visit its official website.


Although the free version of the app offers a lot amazing features but to enjoy the game to its full potential you need to unlock all its content either by using rewards or by making in-game purchases. It can lag your progress in the game making it dull and boring. But we offer a solution, download the mod version of heroics from our website and get access to amazing features such as

  • Unlimited coins and gems
  • All magical items unlocked
  • All weapons unlocked
  • All equipment unlocked
  • Unlimited opportunities to forge equipment in smithy
  • All chapters unlocked
  • No Ads

So, what are you waiting for? Download the game now and enjoy playing!


The controls of Heroics mod apk are very simple to use. You can use the joystick to move around and exit through the gate to the next location. Move closer to the enemy and stop moving to hit with your melee weapon. To shoot the enemy with fire shots, stand still and away from the enemies and they are shot automatically. Select abilities to have the best of their combined effect and shoot enemies more quickly.

You need to beat enemies in the dungeon to get Dungeon Chests. Then beat bosses to get the dungeon keys required to open chests and get exciting rewards. The more you play, the more you are going to get access to new features. Remember, if you get two or more pieces of one uncommon, rare, epic, or legendry armor set, you can get a special set bonus.

Some Projectiles can do area damage. If projectile flies over the wall, it can fly above heads as well. You can use these projectiles much better if you play every day and get daily rewards. You can also meet your friends in the guild and have fun playing together. The endless dungeon is indeed endless, how far can you get? Download the game now and find out!

Download Heroics Mod Apk

You can download Heroics: Epic Legend of Archero by following the simple steps given below:

  • Uninstall the regular version from your mobile and change your mobile “Settings” to allow download from “Unknown Sources”
  • Download Heroics mod files by clicking on the download button given on our website
  • Install the files by following the instructions
  • Click on the game icon and start playing

Final Verdict

Heroics: Epic Legend of Archero MOD APK allows you to be a hero with strength and magical capabilities. You get to fight off the evil and save the world from the dark queen’s magical tactic. Use powerful weapons, magical items, equipment, and abilities and become the most formidable hero. Download the Heroics mod version and get access to all premium features to dominate the world of Archero!

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