Hero Adventure MOD APK v0.34.1.2106 (Unlimited Money)

Hero Adventure: Dark RPG MOD Apk is an Action Shooter where you dive into the dark world. You are a Ghost Knight in the dark underworld. A world where you need to get rid of the dark evil that resides there. Shoot your way through countless evil monsters that wreak chaos in the dungeons. Knight up your powers, weapons, armor, and willpower. The underworld is full of challenges and trials. Dominate the dungeons and castles that hold riches and magical treasures. Rise to the trails and become a hero on the adventure of your lifetime.

HEro Adventure Dark RPG  Mod Apk Hero Upgrades


The game is a tale of a Hero who finds himself in the dark underworld, having no clue his wonders around in this wretched place. He encounters many evil monsters and has to fight them; kill them; and survive by any means. The hero needs to become stronger by improving his weapon, armor, and fighting tactics. The Hero shooter knows how valuable ammo is and Gun powder is already rare in this world. He becomes an archer to shoot down his enemies and saves gunpowder for fearsome enemies. Save countless heroes along your way and become a shining ghost knight in armor.



Hero Adventure: Dark RPG is an awesome game with a 3rd personal perspective gameplay. The game has lots of dungeons and castles filled with various monsters, quests, and magical items. You start your adventure as a knight and face many powerful foes and trials. Conquer them as a great Hero everyone wants to be.  Clear every level and reach your final destination. Along your journey, you will save many heroes and they will become your support in getting this world divested of darkness. This adventure begs for a great hero.


The game peeks into the underworld with dark castles and dungeons. Arcane beasts and monsters lurk in the shadows of these castles. These dungeons hold many mysterious riches and treasures secured by strong guards. The underworld is complex and ever-changing. Many challenges and trials await you. Conquer them all, level up, and unlock new challenges. Completing your quest you will earn many rewards. Reap their benefits to the fullest by using them to upgrade your skills, weapons, strengths, and abilities.

HEro Adventure Mod Apk rewards

The game has open-world-type maps. Where some locations only unlock after you complete certain tasks and reach a certain level. New levels and locations will also pop up with every progress you make. Many events are also held to make it more interesting and engaging. Hero Adventure Mod Apk gameplay is exciting and exploring the open world is enticing to meet every player’s action, shooting, and entertainment needs.


Knight Heroes

You in Hero Adventure will have many great heroes to choose from. you will be mostly role-playing as Ghost knights. Every character has a set of unique abilities and skill sets. Their combat style also differs to make use of each character in each aspect of the game. Every knight has a special weapon that he has taken years to hone, a shield damaged and restore from countless battles.

Level up each hero to the max to increase your chances to become one step closer to the end of your journey. You can also explore Hunter Assassin 2 MOD APK heroes have different stars and these stars determine their strength, health, and damage abilities.  

Skill selection

In every dungeon, you constantly need to upgrade as your battles become hard. You will need to earn crystals and coins by defeating enemies and collecting within various sections of the stage. Select your upgrade that benefits to defeat your enemy and suit your combat style. Further down the road, you get more skills and more meaningful upgrades. Just like Angel Saga MOD APK provides players with a plethora of energies, abilities, and skills. 

Unceasing Resurgence

Dying doesn’t mean your end in this game. The Knights in this game are immortal and you immediately respawn in this game when you are killed. The game doesn’t even take you a level or step back. The only drawback is that the stages difficulty increases; hence it will take some more time and effort to complete it.

action shooter game


When you need to upgrade your character, weapons, armor, equipment, companion, and materials you need to head to the Shelter. Learn new magical skills, practice with other heroes and use your hard-earned crystals, coins, and other items to the fullest. Max everything out to be the best adventure hero the dark world has seen. Just like in Heroics Epic Legend of Archero MOD APK use powerful weapons, magical items, equipment, and abilities and become the most formidable hero.

Hero Adventure Weapons upgrades include:

  • Winchester
  • Common Gun
  • Revolver
  • Shotgun
  • Bows
  • Cross Bows
  • Riffles
  • Spears

And many more.

Hero Adventure Equipment upgrades include:

  • Armors
  • Shields
  • Capes
  • Potions
  • Materials

Playable characters and NPC upgrades include:

  • Companion upgrades
  • Attack upgrades
  • Skills upgrades
  • Abilities upgrades
  • Speed upgrades
  • Attack speed upgrades
  • Dodging upgrades


The Hero Adventure Mod Apk has many abilities to choose from and some get unlocked after you level up and gain more experience. These upgrades depend on the number of crystals you can spend. Their effects are directly proportional to the money spent.

HEro Adventure Dark RPG Mod Apk Abilities

Some of the ability upgrades include:

    Increases Hero’s attack damage to some degree.
    Increases Hero’s health to some degree.
    Increases Hero’s critical attack damage to some extent.
    Increases Hero’s chances of defending against attacks to some percent.
    Increases Hero’s healing powers to increase health over a certain period.

And many more upgrades to come as you progress.


  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mode
  • Attack from afar
  • Attack speed
  • Move speed
  • Unlimited Money


The gameplay is like many other roguelike RPG shooter games. Move around the knight with the onscreen virtual joystick. When you get close to the enemy it will attack automatically. Evade enemy attacks, kill them and reap your precious awards.

An insane amount of upgrades for your character, weapons, armor, equipment, companion, and materials. Upgrade these to the max and be the most powerful and skillful Hero in the game.

Attack enemies by acquiring different skill sets, combat abilities, and playstyles. Mix and match your abilities, and weapons and upgrade to suit your fighting style so your journey can a bit easier to complete and more enjoyable to go through.

Acquire companions. Mercenaries and heroes along your journey to rid this world of the darkness that has sullied it. Learn new skills, practice your techniques and explore the vast underworld like the great adventurers’ spirit.

Level up and earn rewards for upgrades. Rewards can be earned by completing tasks. Fulfilling the side missions. Breaking and opening chests and loot boxes. You even get daily rewards for signing in. the game gives you a huge amount of rewards to engage you in its vast worlds and amazing storyline. The Open world maps give players a sense of freedom and the ability to do whatever they think they like doing.

Revive instantly when you die. Respawn at the exact point where the enemy slashed you. Get revenge for the pain it brought you but the only drawback is that the enemies get even stronger and harder to kill. Limit your deaths to earn chances of winning great rewards.


Hero Adventure: Dark RPG mod apk is a brilliant shooter game developed by Pride Games action-packed with intense fights and a thrilling storyline. The Hero wakes up in the underworld with no idea how he got there. The enormous lands of the dark underworld are lurking with evil monsters and creatures. The world is engulfed in the terror of this great evil. Help the ghost knight become the hero of this adventure by role-playing as the Adventurer. Upgrades are really hard to acquire and require a lot of time, and resources but download this mod apk free of cost to rid yourself of these hassles. Enjoy this great adventure of this hero with this modded version that also gets rid of the annoying ads. So are you ready for the adventure?

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