Forge of War MOD APK v1.0.14 (God Mode)

Forge of war MOD APK is a rogue action role-playing game developed by GreenPixel Ltd. It is one of the best 3D adventure games which allows you to play whatever character you like such as a warrior or a hunter killing dangerous monsters to protect the realm.  

Forge of War is available offline, and each new attempt makes you better at archery, swordsmanship, spear-throwing, and magical skills. Lead your character through hordes of enemies and transform it from an ordinary rogue to a legend of the realm.

Forge Of War Mod Apk Skills

Game Features

The unique features of Forge of War are listed below:


The game has a lot of chapters with different numbers of stages and bosses in every chapter. The location of every chapter is different which makes the graphics of the game pleasing to the eyes. The names of these chapters are:

  • Dark Forest (Stages 50) A fertile place that is great for hunting
  • Lava Chasm (Stages 50) The Earth has cracked open, releasing hordes of dangerous monsters
  • Sinister Swamp (Stages 20) A swamp that does not forgive any mistake, each step may be last one
  • Grim Stronghold (stages 50) Once the seat of a noble family, it became the dwelling of outworld creatures
  • Snow Covered Ruins (Stages 50) An abandoned elven fortress crowns the pass over mountain ridge
  • Autumn Garden (Stages 20) Gate of an autumn sunset, hidden in thick foliage
  • Heaven of Souls (Stages 10) Ominous necropolis of powerful tyrants
  • Withering Desert (Stage 50) Endless dunes and hot sands promise nothing but death!
Forge Of War Mod Apk Chapters

And many more. Each new chapter unlocks when all stages of the previous chapter are cleared. But we bring better solutions, download the mod version of Forge of War, and get access to all chapters from the start of the game! Isn’t it fun?

Hero Upgrades

Forge of War MOD APK allows you to upgrade your heroes by collecting powerful weapons and using special spirits. You can customize your character’s look by using enchanted armor, spear, boots, eagle rings, and amulets and give them a unique appearance. You can use special scrolls such as ring scrolls, weapon scrolls, and armor scrolls to upgrade equipment for better performance.

forge of war characters

You can unlock and use different equipment to make your character stronger in Heroics: Epic Legend of Archero MOD APK with more than 50 powerful weapons, ancient magical artifacts, and the best accessories for you to choose from to become a lethal force in the game.

Talents Upgrades

Your character has a unique talent such as bow master, spear thrower or swordsmanship and depending on these skills, you can improve your talents accordingly. The available upgrades are

  • Maximize Health
  • Improved Healing Abilities
  • Leadership Talent
  • Boost Attack
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Reinforced Iron Shield
  • Improved Equipment
  • Time Rewards

You can also explore Otherworld Legends MOD APK offers skills that fight with you and help you kill your enemies more swiftly.

action adventure game

Multiple Abilities

You can choose different abilities during gameplay to enhance the strengths of your character and the damage it creates. These abilities can add up and create a mix of powers that make killing your enemies more effectively. Just like Combat Quest MOD APK has heroes which are totally different from each other and each hero has unique abilities as well.

Some of these amazing abilities are:

  • Shields: You are protected by rotating shields
  • Multishot: Performs additional shot right after the main attack
  • Energy Spheres: Energy spheres rotate around you
  • Blood Thirst: Restores a potion of health after killing an enemy
  • Diagonal Shots +1: Shoots additional missiles to diagonals
  • Side Shots: Shoots additional missiles to the sides
  • Rage: Increases damage when health is low
  • Head Strike: Small chance to instantly kill an enemy
  • Fire Spheres: fire spheres rotate around you
  • Fire Weapon: Burning effect is added to attacks
  • Pierce: Missile pierces throw enemies
  • Bounce: Missile bounce from the walls
  • Frost Weapon: Freeze effect is added to attacks

Offline Play

Forge of War MOD APK is available for offline play so that you can practice your skills and be better in actual online battles.GreenPixel Ltd makes the gameplay easier and more fun. Prepare yourself for situations where multiple monsters attack at the same time and don’t get killed by a single shot. You will learn how to dodge enemy attacks and handle hefty situations.

Forge Of War Mod Apk powerful skills

Mod Features

Forge of War mod version available on our website offers the following amazing features

  • Free coins and diamonds
  • All characters unlocked
  • All chapters unlocked
  • Unlimited Upgrades
  • Zero Ads

These features surely enhance the taste of this adventure!


The interface of the game is intuitive and engaging making gameplay smooth and predictive. You can control the joystick console with one hand. Press the button to move your character in your desired direction or release it to attack the enemies. Cross the obstacles to shoot the enemies directly.

You can fight various enemies which are unique from each other in skills and strengths. Some of these monstrous enemies are mud-throwing golems, horses, hyenas, fire-throwing spiders, and much more. The bosses in the game are terrifying and difficult to kill. These bosses can be any terrifying creature such as giant hyenas, spiders, golems, and many more.

You can also meet some characters during gameplay that offer different deals such as Erelim who offers you the chance to choose from 2 blessings: healing and an ability. Each battle begins with a tutorial. You can improve your chances of success by getting bonuses and rewards during battles. Collect as many coins and diamonds as possible and use them for in-game upgrades.


Forge of War is a classic rogue adventure with a lot of detail in every aspect such as character, locations, equipment, and upgrades. You can never get bored as nothing remains the same when repeating the levels. You can also practice gameplay in offline mode making online battles and quests even more fun. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game now and enter the battles of Forge of War to dominate the realm!

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