Every Hero MOD APK v2.34 (God Mode, High Damage)

Every Hero MOD APK is a high-paced hack-and-slash RPG game. The game publisher Feeling Game Company has made an action-packed game filled with excitement and adventure. The game is unlike any other roguelike game with stunning visuals and 3rd person perspective gameplay. The swordsman starts his journey as a hero, berserker, or adventurer.

The game is filled with many monsters, creatures, robots, cursed beings, tale legends, and mythical beasts. Your goal is to defeat them all and become the ultimate hero. Grab your sword and dive into the world of Every Hero.

Every Hero Mod Apk boss fights

Game features

An Endless world of MYSTERIES

The game provides an endless variety of locations and stages within its different worlds. Players have to conquer each world by fighting all the fierce battles of those worlds. You also have hidden levels that appear, these levels are magical ruins and mystic dungeons that hold countless treasures and enchanted items. Use these enchanted items to level up in power, strength, and status. These levels take your excitement level to the max.

Every Hero Mod Apk chose Power-up


The power-up system of this game is unique and extensive. Use abilities like thunder power, shuriken missiles, boomerang shockwave, and many more. After a few fights, you will be able to attain ultimate power as well by choosing from options like summon meteor, ultra-speed boost, and much more.

Every Hero Mod Apk Abilities

These abilities automatically appear when you need them the most. Charged by dodging enemy attacks and moving around them. Every Hero–Smash action is filled with awesome heroes with different fighting styles and special abilities to smash opponents to the ground.

Weapons system of mass destruction

The weapon system of Every Hero – Smash Action is rich and complex. Change your fighting style and make full use of your abilities in your fight against the creatures of the dark. Every character has a unique skill set, abilities, and weapons. Use these combinations smartly so you can have an edge over the enemies. Just Like Angel Saga Mod Apk provides players with a plethora of energies, abilities, and skills. Mix and match combinations of skills, and energies to destroy the enemies. 

Every Hero Mod Apk Equipment

SKILLS & Permanent enhancements are up to FATE

As in every other game, you start at level 1 and climb up the ranks. In Every Hero, the mechanics of the game’s power potential is up to chance. Fate decides what three skills you will get to choose from as your next upgrade at each level up. Make your decision wisely to have variations that are interesting and destructive. Upgrade your skills and unleash your latent potential. Now is the time to do so. The game publisher Feeling Game Company has made an action-packed game filled with excitement and adventure.

Every Hero Mod Apk Rewards

Treasure hunts

Once in a while, you will be sent on a treasure hunt. You will be summoned to a dungeon and have to pass through obstacles to reach your goal. The dungeon will be filled with booby traps so you have to tread very carefully. The treasures are worth all the trouble.


My Hero selection

Every Hero has many warrior characters. The list has heroes of different caliber that reflect their stats, persona, and special abilities. Level up, gain strength, and choose the ultimate skills handed to you by fate. Customize your character to look how you want it to. You can also explore many unique characters in Combat Quest MOD APK with different skill sets.

Every Hero Mod Apk Heros


The game is filled with bloodthirsty creatures and monsters that will rip you apart if you are not careful enough. Gather up strength and skills because you will be fighting knight archers giant Viking lords and even mythical Dragons.

Some enemies are

  • Archers
  • Giant slime balls
  • Giant Vikings
  • Toxic spiders
  • Giant beetles
  • Cursed tree roots
  • Hammer warrior
  • Lava demons
  • Huge spiky mushrooms
  • Lava Golems
  • Wild hounds
  • Fire Dragons
  • Ice dragon
  • Dark knights
  • Iron giant knight
  • Snow monks
  • Robots

And other wild creatures! You can also explore Legends of Lunia Mod Apk have enemies of different types and bosses of different caliber and power.


Participate in Events and Unlock Abilities

Many events take place in the game for every hero. Participate in these special events to get exciting rewards, treasures, and special abilities. These abilities will make you strong and also help in making your journey a lot easy.

Every Hero Mod Apk skills

Unique locations ever-changing game dynamics

Every level in this game is unique and random. The unpredictability makes the game exciting and thrilling. The battlefield changes randomly and no two screens will be the same. Explore this world map filled with mysteries and uncertainty. The maps and enemies are uniquely diverse and dynamic.


  • God mode
  • One hit kill
  • 100% critical attacks
  • High critical damage
  • Attack speed multiplier
  • 100% evade
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Auto Play


User friendly controls and UI

Every hero mod menu apk has simple-to-use controls, some can be changed to fit the user’s needs. The joystick can be used to move the character across the battlefield with one finger. Tap the screen to attack the enemy. Swipe horizontally and vertically to dodge enemy attacks. Master the controls and make your every battle epic.

The goal is to attack the weak points of enemies sprouting on the battlefield. Dodge their attacks and land critical blows to finish your battles quickly. Make great progress through your journey and be a hero. Perform complex movements to stun your enemies and be wary of the enemies attacking from the sky like the dragons of fairy tales.


  • Attack direction
    The game hero saga has an indication system of where his attacks will land. Meaning that there is a pathway that indicates the enemy attacks. It can be linear or circular. The linear attack shows the direction of the incoming attack. The attack area shows the region of attack.
  • Attack area
    The attack area shows the section where the attack will land. Many giant enemies possess this ability. This indicates the exact area where the attack will be most critical. So you can dodge in time.
  • Attack precautions
    The game will suggest you dodge when you are too close to the enemy and an attack is incoming.


Every Hero mod apk is an online RPG game fast-paced and filled with action gameplay for players. Players explore the vast lands to uncover the hidden mysteries of the world. The game can be maneuvered with simple controls and UI elements. Fight enemies with great special abilities and finish them with your ultimate abilities.

Characters can be modified with extreme upgrades and loot items. Enjoy this stunning visual game packed with intense action and dynamic environments. Download this mod apk game for free. Enjoy the game with unlimited gems, infinite credits, and God mode. Start the dream journey of EVERY HRO and smash every enemy with style and intense action.

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