Dead Trigger MOD APK v2.0.5 (Unlimited Money)

DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK is an electrifying shooter RPG, where the world is doomed by the zombie disease and find the cure for this pandemic.

GenreShooter Action
DeveloperMADFINGER Games
RequirementAndroid 5.0+
Size157 MB
Mod Feature1- Unlimited Ammo
3- No Ads

DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK Unlimited Everything is a first-person shooter game in a zombie world. The game was first introduced in 2012 but DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK 2023 is still relevant to this date. It is a staple shooter game for android and one of the best representations of this genre. The walking dead are out to gouge your brains out. Thrilling battles await you; fight deadly zombies.

The game has a variety of weapons and sites to battle your foes. Come up with tactics to complete your objectives of the mission. Innocent civilians are in danger; zombies are trying to infect them and they need a savior. The only one who can fight them is YOU. Be their savior and survive these dreary ordeals.


In the Dead Trigger mod apk latest version, the world is; shrouded by a plague of horrid infection. It is turning humankind into zombies. The world is a complete mess and it is complete mayhem. The government and the armed forces are completely destitute in this situation. The infection is spreading day by day. The world is now completely spread with this infection and most of the population is now turned into zombies. The experiment caused by the military and anti-zombie alliance; going by the name NO HOPE; caused many people their lives. A select few are still standing as humans; they are searching for a cure for this failed experiment. The main protagonist is also one of them and is trying to rid this world of this chaos. Just like in Cover Fire MOD APK world is in deep chaos inflicted with infections, diseases, famines, outbreaks, wars, and civil unrest.

Dead Trigger mod apk unlimited money



The main protagonist is the prior member of No Hope. You will be playing as this character in the Dead Trigger mega mod apk. You feel somewhat responsible for this mayhem and annihilation of innocent lives. In hopes of fixing the failure caused by No Hope; the protagonist communicates with organizations globally that are anti-zombie.

This new organization needs to be strong enough to withstand the zombie apocalypse. The new organization is called The Hideout; with its capable supporters, the world could be saved. The only way to find out if the world can be saved is by playing Dead Trigger mod apk hack. The game publisher also has a new edition of this game and continues the original story. It is called DEAD TRIGGER 2. Soon DEAD TRIGGER 2 mod apk will also be available on UNIVERSALAPK.

zombie shooter game


DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK Unlimited Gold – is an action shooter RPG by the renowned game publisher MADFINGER Games. The game features a world chockful of infectious zombies. The disease is spreading and you need to control this situation. By taking matters into your own hand you need to rid this world of this disease. Kill zombies in thrilling battles; put your life on the line and save innocent civilians.

Use various weapons to shoot down the enemies and protect yourself. The cities are filled with people that need saving and only you can help them. So take out your weapons and destroy the zombies in sight. Just like Best Sniper Legacy MOD APK is an action-packed shooter game with nail-biting encounters with Dinosaurs and Zombies.

Dead Trigger mod apk mission


Dead Trigger mod apk is a paramount version of this game. It has many features that allow users to enjoy this game to the fullest without having any worries about in-game currencies, customization, weapon upgrades, and storyline. You just need to focus on playing the game and the difficult part will be solved by DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK unlocked everything. Providing you with all the necessities and stuff you need to conquer this game. Unlimited gold and coins await you. Free shopping of items using this mod apk.


Using your favorite character the gamers will be able to partake in the journey towards the horrifying adventure. Wander the wastelands and save countless survivors. Some of these survivors will also help you in reaching your end goal i.e. finding a cure for this zombie disease and ridding the world free of it. The players are categorized into Alive and Unknown. Unknown likely to be mutated and immune to this apocalyptic disease.


  • Kyle Walker
  • Julian Lasagne
  • Benjamin Rock stock
  • Grace Kelly
  • Tara


  • Professor McKenna
  • Doctor. Leary
  • Lucy
  • Professor Alexowicz
  • Professor Smeeleck


The main weapons used to fight the zombies are guns. There is a plethora of weapons in DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK all guns unlocked. Use them as much as you want and however, you want to slay your enemies.

Dead Trigger mod apk weapons

There are 7 categories of weapons


  • Walther P99
  • Colt 1911
  • Alien Gun

Submachine Guns

  • Scorpion
  • Project 90
  • UZI

Assault Rifles

  • Colt M4


  • Winchester
  • Enfield 303


  • Lupara
  • KSG
  • RMGT 870
  • RMGT Tactics
  • Striker

Machine Guns

  • Bren
  • Lewis
  • MiniGun


  • Chainsaw T-800
  • Brain-Mill       
  • Crossbow       
  • Grenade Launcher      


  • Unlimited Ammo
  • God Mode
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gadgets
  • Warfare Charms (Green, Red,Blue)
  • Increased XP from Each Zombie
  • Increased Headshot Kill Damage
  • Remove Gadget Restrictions
  • Increased Arena Waves
  • Increased Arena Score
  • All Weapons in Head
  • XP per Zombie = 9999
  • Zombie Headshot Reward = 333333
  • All Weapon Slots are unlocked
  • All Item Slots are unlocked
  • All Weapons Cost is 0


The gameplay controls of this game are simple and intuitive like other shooting RPG games. Use the left side of the screen to move your character with a virtual joystick. The right onscreen buttons include Shoot, Reload, and Iron sight. The shoot is used for firing bullets or ammo. Reload for changing the ammo of your weapon. Iron sight is used for zooming into the scope of the Weapon to have a clear view and aim better at the enemies.

Fight the hordes of zombies swarming towards you with weapons like guns, rifles, machine guns, melee weapons, and shotguns. Shoot their heads off as it is the most effective and is the weak spot of the dead walking zombies.

Dead Trigger apk has many modes to entertain its players. It has 2 main modes; Campaign Mode and Mission Mode. These modes have varying levels of difficulty depending on the objectives of the mission. Players get numerous awards and rewards upon completing these missions. Use these rewards to upgrade your weapons, gear, and costumes. These weapon upgrades of DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK free shopping will help you save the survivors more easily.

The game also has an online mode called Survival Mode. Survive in this mode for the time mentioned and save many survivors along the way. The game DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK offline helps players enjoy this game even if they don’t have an internet connection.


Yes, you can choose the weapon of your liking. It is the essence of a shooter game or shooting game.

Indeed, you can choose the character of your fondness.

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Yes, it has many modes including online Survival mode.

Campaign mode is the mode where the storyline is in progress.

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DEAD TRIGGER mod apk is an electrifying shooter RPG, where the world is doomed by the zombie disease and people are turning into zombies one by one. A Savior Hero is needed to find the cure for this pandemic and rid the world of the roaming zombies. Download DEAD TRIGGER mod apk free latest version and save this world from the Zombie apocalypse.

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