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Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK is part two of the zombie-based action game “Dead Trigger” developed by Madfinger Games.
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Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK is part two of the zombie-based action game “Dead Trigger” developed by Madfinger Games released a year later than its prequel. It is an upgraded version that provides an endless war against zombies with better graphics, gloomy colors caused by pandemics, and sound with more depth to the background story. It also has won Unity Awards 2012 for the best game using Unity Graphics technology.

In Dead Trigger 2, there is a total of 49 missions along with weekly competitions for amazing bonuses and to increase experience points. There are 10 different environments and 10 areas spread throughout the map system. The weapons in the game are also unique and widely diverse. You can move freely in the game and kill as many zombies as possible while playing the game.

zombie-based action game

Game Plot

The background story of Dead Trigger 2 involves a zombie apocalypse that happened in 2012 and all of humanity turned into the walking dead. The infected people started attacking other people to spread the germs. The zombie attacks quickly turned into pandemics infecting the whole world at an incredibly fast speed, failing every medical and military facility. Since you are playing Dead Trigger 2, It means you are brave enough to play Brave Frontier MOD APK as well.

survive zombie apocalypse

Two years passed and the zombies started evolving producing new species with incredible powers. Except for a few people like Engineer, Scientist, Medic, Gunsmith, Smuggler, and the main character of the game (you), everyone was turned into a zombie. You play the game by setting a sanctuary, beginning to travel with other survivors through 33 countries, and fighting in 600 scenes. During your travels, you fight zombies with the most suitable equipment and try to find the cause and cure for this deadly disease. So, basically, Dead Trigger 2 is not a random shooting of zombies, it has a whole background story and a Cause to fight in the game.

Game Attributes

Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK is far more interesting than regular zombie shooting games because of its very detailed background story, maps, 3D graphics, weapon system, etc, the details of which are given below:

Sniper Mode

You can also play the game in sniper mode in addition to story mode. In sniper mode, you kill all the zombies using snipers to protect the people moving to safe places from zombie hordes. This task may seem easy while reading but zombies move at incredibly fast speed and the helicopter you are in is also moving therefore, aiming and shooting become a difficult task.

Novel Weapons

In this sequel of the game, there are two new guns added in the game: Metal Storm Projectile Gun and Area-51 Gun. Metal Storm Projectile gun is suitable for shooting zombies while Area-51 is an effective decay beam. Other than these two guns, there is a total of 37 weapons from which a player can choose. All these weapons have different destructive abilities, and you can choose any weapon you want according to the requirement of the mission.

dead trigger 2 weapons

Better System

Dead Trigger 2 is an FPS game that has advanced motion capture technology and a default control system. The Control system is very smooth and reactive. It also has improved attack patterns and video sharing clip systems to share your game or observe other players. The game can be played with a virtual joystick for console players.

Dead Trigger 2 Graphics

Dead Trigger 2 developed by Madfinger Games has better, sharp, and 3D graphics with cinematic imaging effects which give a very realistic survival urge. The game scenarios are very detailed, designed beautifully, and remain smooth during missions. You can even see smoke and fire in every frame in high-configuration devices. The graphics of Dead Trigger are awesome as we have seen in Harry Potter Hoggard Mystery Mod Apk, Users loved the realistic graphics in it and you’ll also like it.

Save the world against zombies

The game has very distinct colors for every situation. It has two types of characters: survivors who wear reasonable costumes and zombies who look horrible with extreme dirt on them and colors highlight their personalities very appropriately. Some of the zombies also have visible skeletons which make them very realistic and creepy. The colors of weapons are also very pigmented and different from regular games.

Travels and Maps

In the game, you can travel to 33 countries and 10 different regions with the mission to eradicate all zombies in the country. You can move freely in the area and get to feel a unique combat experience in every country. Each country has different and powerful zombie species, and you need to find different strategies every time to kill these powerful zombies.
There are two maps “Purgatory Arena” and “Arena of Death” in which players compete with rules. Both maps suit highly competitive challenges and are filled with secret agencies throughout the arena.


All the missions in the game add to the main storyline. On completion of the mission, new stages are unlocked which move you closer to killing all the zombies. The game also has side quests to uncover more mysteries about the zombie pandemic. If you do not want to play the main storyline missions, you can choose solo missions or global scale missions.

dead trigger 2 missions

Tournaments and Rewards

This game is more competitive than the first one as it has more tournaments and exciting rewards. The game holds tournaments every week in which players around the globe join. You can challenge these players in an Arena with classic gladiator rules to learn new tricks.

Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK Features

No Reload – Unlimited Ammo

Now you can kill a maximum number of zombies without worrying about reloading your gun as you will have unlimited ammo which will automatically reload without any delay.

No Health Recovery – Infinite Resources

With this cheat, you will never have to worry about your health again. You will also have an unlimited amount of resources so you can build whatever you want.

No Team Deathmatch – Single Player Only

This mod removes the Team Deathmatch game mode so that players can only play single-player games.

One Hit Kill – Brutal Combat

With One Hit Kill, you can kill other players with one hit in the game. This makes the game more exciting and brutal as players can easily be killed.

The gameplay of Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK

Dead Trigger 2 is a single-player shooter game with an open environment in which you can move freely without tract restrictions. The game starts with You waking up from a long sleep and finding out about the pandemic which has killed humanity. You move around and discover that your friend also has become a zombie and is feeding on the flesh. There is a large object next to him. You pick that object up and kill your friend. In this way, the adventure begins!

Dead Trigger 2 MOD is a combination of multiple genres such as FPS, Horror, Role-Play, Survival, zombies, etc. combined together in a single game seamlessly. There are different types of zombies in the game with different powers. Boss zombies are so strong that cannot be killed with simple shootings and sometimes they can withstand 10 grenades. These zombies can be killed using multiple grenades simultaneously and heavy artillery together.

shooter game

Some of the famous boss zombies are:

  • Kamikaze: holds enough explosive in hand that can destroy the whole city
  • Rampager: has an enormous and flexible body
  • Radioactive Scientist: a mad scientist who can suck your blood to grow stronger
  • Vomitron: can vomit chemicals on you
  • Panzer: has tank-like skin and resist simple ammo

However, simple zombies in hordes can easily be killed using guns from a safe distance. You also need to stay close to ammunition boxes for easy refills. Maps have 10 different areas and more than 33 battlefields. You start from the place you wake up and move with other survivors to the area of zombie hordes. As kill a lot of zombies, you will receive bonuses, emergency escape, and new exciting missions. Game missions are not only the mass killing of zombies but some of the missions involve stealth and strategy as you need to find the cause and cure of the pandemic as well.

Playing Tips for Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK

Although it seems like killing zombies is an easy task as it has already been told that it’s not just a shooting game, you need proper strategy for killing powerful zombies. So, keep in mind some of the following tips while playing the game:

  • Always try to shoot zombies in the head although it’s not an easy task especially when zombies are running zombies are instantly killed if they get hit and you get more gold coins for that.
  • Another useful trick for killing powerful mini-boss zombies is to shoot red gas barrels when zombies are near them. It will act as a make-shift grenade more powerful than mere gunshots.
  • Keep painkillers with you and take them even if your health is fine to raise your HP.
  • Look out for a glowing red skull and when it appears, change your location immediately. Glowing red skulls indicate zombies’ plan to attack and you should gather your resources before walking into zombie hordes.

Get Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK Version

Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK offers unlimited money, ammo, and gold to play the game without any breaks and you can win more gold or money after completion of each mission. It can be played both on the android system and on iOS. Download the MOD from the link provided and help humanity to survive amidst zombie disasters.

Dead Trigger 2 FPS Zombie Game

Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK Installation Guide

You can follow the steps given below to get the MOD version of Dead Trigger 2 in your system

  • Enable “Unknown Sources” in your mobile Settings
  • Download the APK file from our website
  • Once, the download is complete, open the file which will initiate the installation
  • After Installation, open the game and play your role as savior of humanity

Final Verdict

Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK is a continuation of a zombie shooter game in which the original spirit of the game, first-person action, and RPG gameplay is still the same but with a much better in-depth storyline, high-definition graphics, better imagery, diverse weapon systems, more sophisticated and reactive control systems, and more option for missions. Upon mission completion, you will receive new tasks and better rewards. It can be played both on Android and iOS so don’t wait any further, download the game now and immerse yourself in the dark and gloomy environment of a zombie apocalypse!

What's new

1-Many brutal melee weapons

2-Build your personal Hideout 

3- Over 600 gameplay war scenarios 

4-Fun and entertaining gadgets

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How to install Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk | Unlimited Money with No Reload APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk | Unlimited Money with No Reload APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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