Dead Target Mod APK v4.101.2 (Unlimited Money and Gold)

Dead Target Mod APK is one of the best zombie shooter games. It is set in 2040 after an outbreak of the zombie virus after World War III.

GenreShooter Action
Requirement5.1 and up
Size145 MB
MOD Feature1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited Gold

DEAD TARGET MOD APK is a first-person 3D shooting game. This modded game provides unlimited money, gold, and diamonds. The world is engulfed in a nuclear war and the year is 2040. Humanity is gravely affected by the terrors of this war. Despite efforts of maintaining a balance of resources. Biological weapons are introduced; infecting living beings and turning them into zombies.

You and a few others have luckily survived. You try to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Take up your weapons and kill all the infected humans turned into zombies. Level up and upgrade your weapons to the max. Increase their power, accuracy, ammo, stability, and suppress recoil. Saving the world is now in your hands.

zombie shooting game


The year is 2040, after World War III. The world has been completely devastated by the horrors of nuclear war. The war has left people stranded and homeless and people are in a state of chaos. The tension between country borders has increased. Destructive missiles are shot day after day. No country is willing to stop this madness.

In the midst of this, biological weapons are introduced. Mutating soldiers into zombies. This proved to be a double-edged sword and no one is now able to control them. The virus is spreading and engulfing the world; little by little. Infecting every living being that it comes in contact with. Zombies’ numbers are increasing at an alarming rate.

zombie shooter  game

The world has now united to fight this pandemic. MZ Company betraying the agreement and initiating the zombie virus sequence caused this grave pandemic. Strong soldiers from the remaining forces are now looking to handle this situation. Fighting to find a cure for this horrific disease. Killing all the zombies and taking the remaining survivors to safety. It is now up to you to help the soldiers to find a cure for this virus. Save the world and become the Hero the world needs.

Join the millions of players in this quest of saving the DEAD TARGET world. Join arms and enjoy this epic zombie shooting game with the best gameplay. Download the zombie game dead target mod apk hack for free now.



Dead Target is a great shooter RPG that provides a great Zombie shooting experience. Survive in this world filled with the horrors of zombies. Experience Life and Death situations in fierce battles against the blood-thirsty zombies. Come victorious in every battle with help of this mod Unlimited everything. You need not struggle this much.


A desolate city, empty of humans and other living beings.  Only the corpses of the dead remain. Somehow they are resurrected from the dead, now these walking-dead zombies roam the world. The World of Dead Target is extremely dense with zombies and well-crafted 3D environments. Fight with all of them and make sure no one is left standing. Just like in Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK, the world is infected by a heinous disease; the cities are flooded by zombies. 


The main protagonist is the agent of detachment. He is sent to target the walking dead with everything he has got. The never-ending slew of zombies will be after your life. You along with Agent M. have to defeat these zombies. You will have to be the first line in the frontier of the attacks and Agent M. will have your back.

dead target mod apk hero event


The zombies of this game are diverse and come in all shapes and sizes. Each of them has its unique abilities. You need to devise a plan to defend yourself from them and kill the quickly. Each zombie kill will earn you a different point depending on the zombie’s type. Kill the in the head to earn great rewards. Use those points to earn rewards and invest in weapon upgrades. You can also explore Dead Trigger MOD APK  has a variety of weapons and sites to battle your foes. 


The game only has one character to play with and a supporting character named AGENT M. that will help you in your deadly battles. But worry not, the game offers different weapons to choose from. These weapons can be upgraded greatly as well. Upgrade them with rewards and resources gathered. The weapons include

  • M1911
  • AK-47
  • HK MP5
  • Benelli M3
  • FN P90
  • Magnum .327
  • Benelli M3S

And many more!

dead target mod apk powerful weapons

Upgrade these weapons to the max using gold and cash. Download Dead Target mod apk with unlimited gold money with free shopping features to upgrade these weapons to the max. Just like Zombie Frontier 4 Mod Apk Unlocked weapons allow these upgrades for free. These Dead Target weapon upgrades improve

  • Damage
  • Accuracy
  • Firing Rate
  • Durability
  • Reload time
  • Critical damage
  • Magazine capacity

You also need to buy bullets within the game when you run out of bullets. Or use rewards to upgrade the bullet capacity of your weapons. Upgrade your gear using skins to give them a fresh look.

dead target mod apk upgrade gear skin


  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Grenades
  • Unlimited Med Kits
  • Unlimited Clip/Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Rapid Fire
  • High Gun Damage
  • Unlimited First Aid
  • Unlock Any Weapons
  • Unlock Any Skins
  • Unlock Any Gloves


Dead Target controls are among the best shooter games. The left side is for aiming. The right side has buttons for Firing, Reloading, and changing weapons. There is also a button for using your First Aid KIT. This comes in handy when you are on the verge of death. A button for throwing a grenade and blowing up zombies is also present. Change direction easily with a press of a button because you will be swarmed with zombies from all sides.

The shooting game has a Classic Stationary shooter experience. Stand in a place and face off with your enemies. Zombies will be in different shapes and sizes. Plan and kill them with your genius shooting skills.

Claim your rewards by completing missions and fulfilling the objectives of the level. You can also earn rewards for the main quest. The main quest is the objectives of the level. While on the other hand, Daily Quest will give you tasks. Fulfilling them earns you special rewards. Use real money to play Casino Jackpot and get unlimited rewards and unlock weapons.

Link your social media accounts and have a go at Dead Target with your friends and family. Fight to see who will be the best agent and save the cities first. The game can be enjoyed offline as well. Just download the mod with Dead target Offline tagged apk.



DEAD TARGET mod apk – unlimited gold/money – is one of the best zombie shooter games. The game is set in 2040 after an outbreak of the zombie virus after World War III. You will be playing as an agent of detachment. Agent M. will be by your side in this great endeavor. Combat with the zombies and make the City free of the Zombies. Use the shooting Excellency you possess and kill every walking-dead zombie left standing in this world. Download this amazing shooting RPG mod hack of Dead Target apk From UniversalApk.

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