Dead Cells MOD APK v3.0.11 (Unlimited Cells, DLC Unlocked)

Dead Cells MOD APK is an award-winning 2D action game. The game has pixelated visuals with roguelike elements but the gameplay is smooth as butter. Dead Cells has an amazing storyline within the dark dungeons of the world. The story is so remarkable that it has rumors of an anime coming soon. The game has many DLC updates throughout the year; making the game stimulating and relative. Dead Cells has already collaborated with the famous Netflix Original Series Animation: Castlevania. The main Character is the result of an alchemic experiment and cannot die. Explore the expansive dungeons, uncover hidden mysteries, combat numerous enemies and unveil your story. It was initially available on Consoles and PC but DEAD CELLS is now making its way into the hearts of many players on mobile.

Dead Cells Mod Apk New Weapon And Items



Dead Cells is an indie game, a genre that is expanding continually, and people are loving and relishing these fun games. The game is leading the indie charts and the fan base is increasing day by day. MOTION TWIN with only 10 members made this game and is now continuously improving it, thinking outside the box, and making their imaginations a reality. They are constantly hitting out of the ballpark. The game has great fluid dynamics, movements, and visuals.


The title Dead Cells of the game refers to the main character: who is the result of an alchemic experiment. It is a Parasite in the form of goo; entering the corpses of dead warriors and bringing life to them. It gets another chance at life so make full use of it by reconnoitering the castles and dungeons full of mysteries.

Dead Cells Mod Apk Combat Skills


The game has great attention to detail making it one heck of an action game. With its great combat, deadly enemies, and ever-changing locations; the game gives an extreme sense of excellence. Every location is meticulously designed with action-packed dramatic scenes and gameplay schemes. The tempo changes frequently and you have to fine-tune your gameplay style accordingly. Every dungeon possesses countless mysteries and a hidden door that can only be accessed after completing grim challenges. Just like in Every Hero MOD APK explores vast lands to uncover the hidden mysteries of the world. 


Dead Cells has fast fierce battles and players do not have any resting points to adapt and change their strategies. Enemies have a varying number of powers and abilities that can cause a nuisance to the Main character. Boss enemies have a habit of hitting below the belt; you have to be nifty about your tactics and combat style. The Undead has to make Boss enemies dead before they make It dead itself and it has to find another dead to make him undead; going through the whole process again. It’s Confusing, isn’t it? Don’t worry! Just make sure to kill the enemy before it kills you.

Dead Cells Mod Apk One Hit Kill


Unfortunately, you are stuck with the slimy goo and corpses of the dead warriors as your character but the good news is that you have an abundance of weapons, abilities, mutations, shields, upgrades, and items to choose from. Killing enemy rewards are substantial and gives the players quite an improvement in changing and progressing as the plot thickens. Hone your combat skills to the max and make every cell of your existence brimming with power and the essence of life.  

Dead Cells Mod Apk Unlimited Cells

Diversify your arsenal

Aside from intense-paced action, the plethora of artilleries and skills is the whole essence of the Dead Cells. Making every person’s gameplay unique and intuitive. Each weapon has its perks and each ability has its quirks. Diversify your arsenal; so that each attack creates a melody of symphony and harmonizes your combat style to resonate with your inner warrior.


Dead Cells Mod Apk Weapons 1

The game has weapons like:

  • Beginners Bow
  • Electric Whip
  • Infantry Grenade
  • Melee weapon
  • Machete
  • Twin Daggers
  • Bloody Sword
  • Rusty Sword
  • Prisoners’ Collar
  • Shields
  • Sinew Slicer

You can also explore Soul Knight MOD APK has a lot of Weapons includes are guns, pistols, blades, machine guns, Machete, bombs, Swords, bows, crossbows, spears, laser guns, fire throwers, freeze guns, wind blowers, earth breakers, lighting shooters, and even weapons like a rocket launcher and many more.



Dead Cells does not put any limit on the imagination of players. Think creatively; and create your own personalized combat style and variety of skills. Just Like Angel Saga Mod Apk provides players with a plethora of energies, abilities, and skills. Mix and match combinations of skills, and energies to destroy the enemies. The players can find scrolls of power as they charge the battlefield which empowers players to choose from many abilities. The game holds many mysteries and you need the strength to unveil them all.

Dead Cells Mod Apk Scroll Of Power
    Rises Attack power, inflicting 15% more damage with the RED items and increases HP bar by 60%.
    Rises Attack power, inflicting 15% more damage with the PURPLE items and increases HP bar by 50%.
    Rises Attack power, inflicting 15% more damage with the GREEN items and increases HP bar by 70%.


The game has different kinds of mutations that can help you in the heat of battle.

    COMBO – DPS increases after killing an enemy.
    KILLER INSTINCT – DPS reduces the cooldown on your skills for 0.51 second period for each enemy killed in melee combat.
    HUNTER’S INSTINCT – decrease the cooldown on your skills for 0.3 second period for each enemy killed without close-combat attacks.
    BLIND FAITH – decrease the cooldown on your skills for 2.6 second period for each successful parry.
    NECROMANCY – recovers 0.35% HP after the death of an enemy.
Dead Cells Mod Apk Mutations


  • MOD Menu
  • God Mode
  • All DLC unlocked
  • High Damage
  • One Hit Kill
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Cells
  • Enemies do not attack
  • Free shopping (money is added when spending)
  • Immobilize Enemy
  • Paid Apk for Free


Dead Cells modified apk uses an on-screen joystick and buttons to control the flow of the game. The game also gives you an option for using an attack button or using no button for attacking. In this case, it will attack automatically.

  • Use the virtual joystick for the movement of your character.
  • Jump Button for jumping in the air, reaching upper levels, and evading enemies
  • Dash button to roll in and away from the enemies.
  • 4 buttons for attack weapons as well
    1 for RED Items
    1 for PURPLE Items
    1 for GREEN Items
    1 for a combination of colored Items

Select from multiple weapons, abilities, mutations, shields, upgrades, and items to get strong and ensure your victory. These rewards are not easy to earn but their use is worthwhile. Choose from weapons like Beginners Bow, Electric Whip, Machete, Twin Daggers, Bloody Sword, etc. Upgrades like: brutality, tactics, survival, etc. Mutations like combo, necromancy, blind faith, etc.

 upgrade Weapons

The map of Dead Cells is divided into numerous zones. Each zone is additionally divided into branches. The players are free to wander each zone without following any rules. But some parts are hidden and can only be unlocked when certain conditions are met and challenges are fulfilled.  The enemy gets stronger and stronger with each level. Upgrade your weaponry and talents if you hunger to remain with the adventure. Your motto of life is “DEATH IS NOT THE END”.

Dead Cells Mod Apk Character

The developer designed the game as a visual masterpiece with great attention to detail and stunning graphics. The gameplay is smooth; like really smooth. The game indulges you in its brilliant battles, excites you with the mysteries, and enthralls you with its lovely charm.


Dead Cells mod apk is a Grim dark fantasy game brimmed with intense action and great storytelling elements; the game just indulges you in its brilliance. The game has frequent DLCs with great-quality content so your sessions with the game are filled with joy and excitement. Download this modified version of the game. The Undead warrior needs to conquer its quest and defeat each monster in its way. So, get this modded version of the game and help it reach its goal with hassle-free gameplay and no annoying ads. Make heaps and lots of progress, and don’t worry about your life, as you are already aware death is not the end.

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