Crypt of the NecroDancer MOD APK v1.2.3 (Unlimited Coins)

Crypt of the NecroDancer MOD APK is a Roguelike game for the mobile platform. The gameplay focuses on the exploration of dungeons and excavating treasures along your journey. The game demands you to play with the beat. Match your rhythm to the tempo of the music and kill your enemies with the beat of the music. Groove with the music from your song collection.

Crypt Of The NecroDancer Monsters


The game looks simple at first glance but it is a well-organized story behind the whole game. You start your game as a famous adventurer named Candace who is also a daughter of a famous hunter called the master treasure hunter. Her father was lost in the relics of an ancient dungeon. Candace has decided to go into the dungeon and look for her father along her way she will encounter many mysteries and enemies that will be out after her life. She will fight many monsters and enemies out for blood, save her father and find many riches along her way.

Crypt Of The NecroDancer Mod Apk Treasure Hunter

NecroDancer is the guardian of this dungeon and has stolen her heart. She needs to fight countless monsters and creatures to get her heart back and find his father. The dungeon is filled with dark treasures and worldly items so keep your eyes open and dance to the beat of the music and defeat all of your foes. The journey is long and hard with many stages to overcome. Every stage has varying levels of danger so you will have to act and fight accordingly.

Crypt Of The NecroDance Dungeons



The game has a style that reminisces old-school games like Bomber Man. The game has 2D pixelated graphics that gives off a classic vibe. The game is extremely engaging because of its gameplay and addictive soundtrack. They get your heart pumping and beating with the beat of the music. The game is in complete sync with the music. Use your own soundtracks and favorite songs as well as hip hop on them and obliterate the enemies.

Crypt Of The NecroDance Music


The crypt of the NecroDancer is unlike any other roguelike game the players need to beat their opponents on the tempo of the beat playing. Get a coin for each successful sync jump with the beat of the music. You will also lose a pint if you fail to do so. You need to balance your act of hip-hopping and dancing to the beats to ensure that you do not end up in a bad situation. If an enemy is in your way you will lose health points; when it depletes fully, the game will be over for you. The game will start when the beat drops and ends automatically when the mic drops.

Crypt Of The NecroDance Song Collection


The crypt of the NecroDancer has 4 areas on each map. Each area has varying levels of difficulty ranging from very easy to extremely hard. The first 3 areas have the small fries aka meager minions. The 4th stage has the most heinous foes; that will cause big hindrances in your way of treasure hunting and detective works. Each level ends when the music stops and you have to stop dancing. You will be transported to a new stage automatically; find new enemies to dance with and score high. The rewards of previous levels are added to your arsenal inevitably.

Monster Fights


The game has 10+ characters with Cadence being the main protagonist of NecroDancer. An overview of the characters and how to unlock the is given below:


An adventurer brimming with youth who has come in search of her father who has been lost in the relics of the cryptic dungeon.

  • Unlock: N/A
  • Weapon: Dagger
  • HP: 3 hearts


A nomadic musician in search of the Golden Lute. Defies the music and moves at his own pace.

  • Weapon: Dagger
  • HP: 2 heart


He is the uncle of Cadence. He has only one arm but can fend himself off using fireworks. He has no weapons and gold coins aren’t awarded with gold walls.

  • Unlock: complete Zone 1
  • Weapon: Nazar Charm, Infinite Bombs
  • HP: 3 heart


A pacifist who cannot harm any living being even the copses. He uses Flowers to distract his enemy. He is such a darling that even he has no boss fights.

  • Unlock: complete Zone 2
  • Weapon: Crystal Shovel, Flower, Ring of Peace
  • HP: 3 heart


A monk following the path of Buddha in silence and scarcity. These oaths shouldn’t be ignored. If he picks up any gold he will die.

  • Unlock: complete Zone 3
  • All characters unlocked
  • Weapon: Dagger, Blood Shovel
  • HP: 2 heart
Crypt Of The NecroDancer Characters


An athlete with an insane heartbeat. Moves twice the speed of other characters.

  • Unlock: complete all Zones with MONK
  • Weapon: Spear, Nazar Charm
  • HP: 3 heart


She is the mother of the main protagonist Cadence. She has a lute as her main weapon and the source of her life. If she stops using it and uses another weapon she will die. She has come to the dungeon to unveil the truth being the Golden Lute.

  • Unlock: complete Zone 4 with Cadence
  • Weapon: Golden Lute
  • HP: 2 hearts


He is the adventurer who was lost in the cryptic dungeon. He has a pair of cursed boots that make his movements erratic. He has the most HP in this game.

  • Unlock: Overthrow the Dead Ringer with Cadence
  • Weapon: Dagger, Pickaxe, Compass, Boots of Leaping, Ring of Might, Dorian’s Plate mail.
  • HP: 4 hearts


She is the Grandmother of Cadence. She has a weapon like Daggers, Nazar charm, and an enchanting potion. She is on the Brink of death because of the wound in her heart.

  • Unlock: complete Zone 4 with Melody
  • Weapon: Dagger, Nazar Charm, Potion
  • HP: 1 heart


An extremely hard character to control and command that chains the restrictions of Aria, Monk and Bolt.

  • Unlock: complete “All Characters” mode
  • Weapon: Dagger, Nazar Charm
  • HP: 1 heart


The Brace Yourself Games provide a great reward system offering many tools, weapons, and support systems to the players. The rewards include armor, shovels, spears, bows, magical keys, swords, etc. equip these items to the characters to increase their overall stats and give them an edge over their opponents. They are spread erratically through the dungeon protected by creatures of the dark. Defeat them to reap your rewards. Just like The Enchanted Cave 2 MOD APK is an RPG with roguelike features with a substantial emphasis on risk vs reward.

Crypt Of The NecroDancer Mod Apk Weapons

Crypt of the NecroDancer Weapons includes items like; Daggers, Charms, potions, Pickaxe, Compass, Boots, Swords, Spears, Ring of Might, Plate mail, and a Golden Lute. Shovels, fireworks, Flower, Ring of Peace explosives, and much more. You can also explore Tiny Dungeons MOD APK has different weapons available for you to choose from and upgrade them with the coins you earn in various stages


  • Unlimited Coins
  • MAX health
  • Unlocked characters


The gameplay controls of the modded Crypt of the NecroDancer are very basic. Move around using a joystick and attack automatically but you have to keep up with the beat or you will lose points. When the points hit zero your game is over.

The foes of this modded version of the game come in many shapes and sizes with unique skill sets and varying strengths. Fight vampires, skeletons, walking dead, corpses, slimy goo, dragons, trolls, giants, Taurus men, buffalo warriors, and many more. Some enemies can only move in the vertical direction, some in all directions, and some can even fly and attack from midair. be on the lookout always.

This is a music rhythmic game. Dance to the beat of the songs and take down your enemies. If you can catch the beat you will get a coin multiplier and can reap more rewards. If you miss beats you will lose points and when they deplete completely you will die instantly. Groove with your favorite music as well as the game’s brilliant indulging exciting and mesmerizing music library.

The locations are ever-changing with great mysteries lying in them and riches of extensive caliber. Defeat all enemies to advance to the next level or play till the music ends and go to the next level automatically. Apart from the classic mode, there is a mode called “All Zones Mode”. This mode allows the player to clear an entire area without completing the levels in the dark dungeon.

The game is also available on PC, and consoles and is now even optimized for low-powered Chromebooks as well. The game is extremely fun to play and does not heavy loads on your gaming equipment. You can also check Dead Cells MOD APK indulges you in its brilliant battles, excites you with the mysteries, and enthralls you with its lovely charm.


Crypt of the NecroDancer Mod Apk is an award-winning RPG roguelike game. The game leans heavily on its rhythmic nature. Allowing players to dance to the beat; defeat the enemies with the beat and come out victorious with heavenly treasures. Never miss a beat and Move with the music and Beatbox your enemies. Party with the epic soundtracks, or select your favorite songs from your collection. Download this game now to party with the NecroDancer.

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