Combat Quest MOD APK v0.34.7 (Unlimited Coins)

Combat Quest MOD APK is a roguelike RPG game developed by ChillBase with over 1 million downloads. Combat Quest is a magical world of monsters and heroes which needs bow masters for protection. You must become the best monster hunter out there. Pick up your bow and arrows and compete in quests and battle royales to beat all monsters and become archery masters.

Combat Quest Mod Apk

It’s a competitive game developed by ChillBase in the roguelike action genre where you get to test your limits by fighting hordes of dangerous monsters and embark on the journey of battles in wastelands and dungeons. Kill all the enemies, defeat bosses, and upgrade your equipment for a better fighting experience to become a legendary assassin. Download the Combat Quest mod version from our website now and enjoy the game with all its premium features.

Background Story

The journey takes place when an ancient evil attacks the kingdom and abducts the last heir princess from the magic world. The protagonist archer is a bow master and has decided to fight evil enemies to save her. The archer embarks on his journey in the magical world filled with monsters and powerful bosses. The fate of the medical kingdom is now in your hands!

Combat Quest Archer 2 Mod Apk


  • Quick battle runs – an awesome source of entertainment for those boring daytime periods
  • One-finger operation with which you can control the character with a virtual joystick on the screen and the character will automatically attack when detecting an enemy.
  • Tough levels with a variety of dynamic environments –make you engaged
  • Build up your skills in battles and upgrade your weapons and equipment to suit your battle needs
  • Vast magical maps yet to explore
  • Countless monsters and Strong enemy bosses to be defeated
Combat Quest Mod Apk Characters

Challenging Levels

Combat Quest MOD APK has many chapters and each chapter has multiple levels. During quests, you fight many powerful beasts and monsters to clear levels and reach the next chapter. You start at level 1 and work your way up through level 80. Along the way, you meet friends to help you with your journey. Try to find treasures along the way to become stronger and upgrade your equipment and armor.

powerful  Hero

Characters in Combat Quest

There are many characters in Combat Quest with different skill sets. Roguelike games mostly consist of skills as we saw in Archero MOD APK. Choose the archer hero with combat skills matching your requirements to defeat the enemy. Some of these characters are:

  • Archer
  • Special ability – single shot Arrows
  • Shoot down enemies with arrows
  • Rouge
  • Special ability – ricochet
  • Arrows ricochet off the walls
  • Berserk
  • Special ability – Berserk
  • More damage when low on HP
  • Shinobi
  • Special ability – Diagonal Arrows
  • Diagonal shots are increased +2
  • Chieftain
  • Special ability – SHARDS
  • Projectiles split into shards
  • Fury
  • Special ability – Vampirism
  • Destroying enemies restores HP
  • Trickster
  • Special ability – Far Satellites
  • Creates Far Satellites
  • Vixen
  • Special ability – Invincibility
  • Sometimes makes you temporarily invincible to the enemy attacks
  • Huntress
  • Special ability – Headshot
  • One shot chance
  • Jack
  • Special ability – Jack’s Curse
  • Deadly curse of Pumpkin Head
Combat Quest Mod Apk Gameplay

Abilities to Dominate

You are given 3 options of abilities to choose from every time you reach a certain level during quests. These abilities have accumulative effects and the more abilities you collect, the stronger you will become. Just like Soul Knight MOD APK has heroes which are totally different from each other and each hero has unique abilities as well. Some of these abilities are:

  • Fast Attack – Shooting your arrows at a blazing-fast speed
  • Rush – Heading towards and away from the monsters quickly
  • Sprint – Moving across the battlefield quickly
  • Side arrow – Shooting arrows from the side
  • Multishot – Shooting multiple arrows
  • Berserk – More damage when low on HP
  • Shield – Protecting you from the monster’s attack
  • Piercing shot – The attack can hit the enemy and pierce through him to hit the enemy behind
  • Heal – Recovering health lost during battles
  • Diagonal arrows – Shooting arrows in diagonal
  • Chain shot – Hitting the enemy from a single arrow one after the other
  • Ricochet – Attacks bounce from objects and walls
  • Invincibility – The enemy attack doesn’t cause damage temporarily
  • Headshot – One shot chance to destroy monsters
  • Other abilities like – Close satellites, Far satellites, Grace, Front arrow and many more!

Weapons and Skins

As the monster’s number increases, the magical world needs a powerful hero to rise to the challenge and save the day. You will need weapons to carry out your journeys like bows, shards, axes, shuriken, and many more against the magical beasts. The weapons can be upgraded as you progress and collect magical items to be equipped with them.

Combat Quest Mod Apk Weapons

You can also explore Heroics: Epic Legend of Archero MOD APK more than 50 powerful weapons, ancient magical artifacts, and the best throwing accessories for you to choose from to become a lethal force in the game.


As the monster’s number increases, the magical world needs a powerful hero to rise to the challenge and save the day. You will need weapons to carry out your journey like bows, shards, axes, shuriken, and many more against the magical beasts. The weapons can be upgraded as you progress and collect magical items to be equipped with them.

fight Monster

You will be starting your journey fighting in an arena. After the fight on the battlefield, you will be presented with abilities. You’ll be given three choices and you can select the one that suits you the most. You will need to choose an initial ability. Completing that round, you will be transported through a magical portal to another arena.

After defeating many powerful bosses in different areas of the magical world. You gain the skill and strength to level up. Leveling up unlocks other areas on the map and you get exciting loot boxes.

The Magical map has many areas for you to fight and become a bow master. Defeating the different magical monsters of an area and honing your skills, you are rewarded with a common box. 

The Common Box holds different kinds of magical treasures and jewels. These magical treasures hold different items which can be equipped for your character. These upgrades help on the battlefield a lot.

Combat Quest challenges


By downloading the Combat Quest mod apk from our website, you will get access to the following features:

  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlimited Health
  • Menu MOD
  • Instant Kill
  • God Mode
  • Attack Speed Multiplier
  • Move Speed Multiplier


Combat Quest MOD APK is a brilliant RPG and roguelike game. The game is filled with stunning visuals, stylized characters, dynamic environments, and amazing treasures which allows players to experience the magical world and become a legendary bow master. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Combat Quest mod version now, save the heir princess and become the hero of this magical world!

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