Card Quest MOD APK v1.2 (Unlimited Money)

Card Quest Mod Apk is a card game that lets you explore Dark and Gloomy dungeons. Unlock all the epic cards to make the ultimate deck.

GenreRoguelike Games
DeveloperWinterSpring Games Limited
Requirement4.4 and up
Size89 MB
MOD Feature1- Unlimited Money
2- Unlimited Gems

Card Quest Mod Apk is a roguelike adventure card game for mobile game players. Explore the subversive tombs and take down powerful enemies in card game fashion. There are a total of 4 characters in the game but only three are available in the beginning. Each has its own characteristics and stats. Using their abilities pulverize every enemy in your way. Gain XP to upgrade your overall stats; gain new weapons; find special items; upgrade your gear. All these will help you conquer your lifelong quest.

Card Quest Mod Apk Characters



Every path you traverse is distinctive and thrilling. All of these are custom-built to make your encounters dynamic and erratic. You have to make countless decisions and master your intuition and decision-making skills. Card Quest modded apk is built for android based on the game books, where you embark on exciting adventures to conquer your quest.


Card Quest is a dungeon game with card-style fashion attacks and defense mechanisms. PID Games make it a great strategy game with immense possibilities to customize your cards. Every character in this game; has unique features and abilities that are tied to only their cards from the deck. You are free to customize your deck any way you like; of course, keeping the game’s rules, regulations, and restrictions in your mind. So players are you ready to draw your deck?

Card Quest Mod Apk Attack Card


In Card Quest, you can level up your Heroes By gaining XP throughout each stage you clear and every enemy you defeat. These levels up directly affect your overall stats like stamina, health, special powers bar, and unlock new special items. These level-ups are only possible because of the great variety of dungeons to be explored like CURSED CITY, DWARVEN MOUNTAINS, and ENCHANTED FORESTS. You can also explore Tiny Dungeons: Pixel Roguelike MOD APK where you play in endless dungeons and kill a lot of enemies.

Card Quest Mod Apk dungeons

Cursed city – As the name suggests is a city infected by an abysmal pandemic. Escape alive from this zombie apocalypse at any cost.

Dwarven Mountains – this is a mountain range with mysterious cliffs and labyrinths. The labyrinths are bursting with dangers and treasures.

Enchanted Forest – This a forest bewitched with great evil forces. This forest is a nightmare, in reality, very few people can come out of this enchanted forest alive.


Battle against 90 foes and 25 fearsome bosses. Each of them has unique abilities and skills that Necessitate great intellect and great resource management. Defeat the whole swarms of the great evil darkness. You can also fight fierce battles in The Enchanted Cave 2 MOD APK has a huge variety of enemies to fight against. The game has a balance of the enemy’s stats and diversity in the power levels.

Card Quest Mod Apk Items


The modded game Card Quest has 4 classes of Heroes to choose from. Choose from a Rogue, Wizard, Fighter, or a Hunter. Each of them is unique with its exceptional perks and quirks. Add special abilities into each Hero’s arsenal as you level up; customize Heroes extensively; be the strongest warrior hero ever. You can also check Dead Cells MOD APK does not put any limit on the imagination of players. Think creatively; and create your own personalized combat style and variety of skills.


Rogue is an assassin of the dark. He advanced from Street School where thieves and thugs sully the city streets of the kingdom, this style emphasizes hitting below the belt and deceiving others with feints, special moves, and ditto attacks of the enemies as well. Rogue is a conman of the highest degree.

His primary weapon is – Rusty Short Sword

His secondary weapon is – Bare Rogue

Card Quest Mod Apk Upgrade Eqiupment


The fighter is a renowned world champion. He excels in his physical strength and combat prowess.  He advances from the official school where all knights in the kingdom follow. It is an extremely tactical, precise, and efficient movement. These techniques help in power and stamina preservation in hopes of unleashing all strength for the final blow.

His primary weapon is – Rusty Short Sword

His secondary weapon is – Old Shield

Card Quest Mod Apk Customize Hero


Wizard is the great conjurer in this world and excels in the lightning style of magic. He advances from the Arcane school that emphasizes the arcane powers. Use the magical powers of teleporting and witchcraft of brewing potions. Charge your wizard up and lightning bolt your enemies.

His primary weapon is – Book of Lightning

His secondary weapon is – Shield Scrolls

Card Quest Mod Apk abilities


The game’s reward system is fantastic. Get XP with each enemy you slay and unlock items by crushing powerful bosses. The game has a ton of equipment and gear that can be customized extensively. Clear stages to get new cards and abilities. Some of them are

Dull Slash – Melee Attack

  • Deals 3x damage
  • Costs 1 Stamina Point
  • Deal extra damage +2
  • Draws 1 card

Arm Parry – Block Ranged

  • Block 2x damage
  • Draws 1 card
  • Chain Block +1 and draw an extra card

Cheap Trick – Special Ranged

  • Chain Block +1 and draw an extra card
  • Next Attack deals +2 damage
  • Costs 1 Stamina Point
  • Draws 1 card

Lightning – Attack Ranged

  • Deal 3x damage to main target +1 to nearby enemies
  • Generate 1 arcane point
  • Chain Costs 1 Stamina Point
  • Draws 1 card

Arcane Flow – Special Ranged

  • Gain 1 Stamina Point
  • Draws 2 card
  • All weapons upgraded

Zap–Attack Ranged

  • Deal 2x damage and +2 per arcane point
  • Consumes all arcane points

Lightning Charge – Special Melee

  • Next Attack deals +2 damage
  • Chain Costs 1 Stamina Point
  • Draws 1 card
  • Generate 2 arcane points
  • Hero Gain 2 death skulls
Card Quest Mod Apk Powers

Arcane Shield – Block Ranged

  • Chain Costs 1 Stamina Point
  • Draws 1 card
  • Block 4x damage
  • Stun the attacker; +2 defense and drawcard

Blink – Dodge Ranged

  • Dodge all attacks and make all enemies D.
  • Chain Costs 1 Stamina Point
  • All enemies gain extra D

Chain Breaker– Special Melee

  • Recover  +2 stamina
  • Draws 3 card

Shield Bash – Attack Melee

  • Deal 2x damage
  • Stun the target and draw a card to weaken the enemy by 1 for 3 turns
  • Chain Costs 1 Stamina Point
  • Increase stun by 1
  • Draws 1 card

Inner Strength – Special Melee

  • Recover 5 stamina points
  • Draws 1 card

Concentration – Special Melee

  • Recover 2 stamina points
  • Draws 3 card
Card Quest Mod Apk Special Abilities

There will be a lot of cards ahead in the game. Upgrade your heroes and unlock them all to conquer your quest.


  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited life
  • Unlimited action


The gameplay of this game is unlike any other roguelike RPG game. Card quest uses the card mechanism of its gameplay. Use cards from your Deck to Attack and defend yourself. Draw new cards after each attack or defense turn. Gain stamina points and special points related to the character selected. Manage all of your resources, so that there are enough to go to the last battle bout and come out victorious.

Click on End Turn when you are ready to defend yourself. Remember to save some stamina for defending yourself from enemy attacks. The ending turn gives you 5 stamina points. Playing streak cards adds to the chain. Some cards have additional effects when played in between a Chain. Chain breaker cards break this streak of a chain.

Enemies can be affected in many ways apart from attack and defense such as stun, unaware and distant. Stunned enemies will skip their turns, unaware enemies will pass their turns unless they are attacked and distant enemies will pass their turns unless they are attacked by a ranged attack. Only ranged attacks can affect them.

Shuffle your card strategically; concentration is used for card shuffling. The card limit is restricted to 5 in hand. You can discard any card at any time to make room for new cards. Before starting each game you can use Mulligan to draw a new hand as well. Equipable items are there on the screen and can be used. These items can only be used for a limited number of times and recharged during the period of battles. The bar shows the charge for the item.


Card Quest mod apk unlike other roguelike RPG genre games is a card game that lets you explore Dark and Gloomy dungeons. Choose a Hero to fight your battles. Customize them to be the best in the game and defeat all your foes. Devise strategies and implement your plans to have an edge over your enemies. Manage your resources as they will be a key in saving you in life and death battles. Unlock all the epic cards to make the ultimate deck. Use this Ultimate Deck to conquer your most epic quest. Download this game now for free with no ads. Keep drawing cards and crush your enemies.

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