Cannon Ballers Roguelite MOD APK v0.15 (Unlimited LootBoxes)

Cannon Ballers Roguelite MOD APK is an action game. You are a pirate and do anything that you wish. Create your own strategies and embark on a journey across the pixelated world of pirates and rebels. From the beginning, you will be faced with many sea storms of difficulties. You just have to be calm and HAIL your way through. Buy items with unlimited cash which will help you through your adventure.

 You will get a choice throughout your battles between the choice of spells, as well as many battlefields. Each location is filled with monsters and enemies. Each of the levels will be finished by a grading system. The higher you score the higher rewards you get. Endless pirate adventure awaits you!

Cannon Ballers Roguelite Mod Apk master spell

Background story

Want to wander the sea’s and become a pirate….?  Then this is the game for you….!! With Canon Ballers rougelite mod apk you will Embark on this journey with your crew and conquer the sea.  Get stronger with stronger the waves you sail through and the battles you encounter. Loot as much as you want along the way and acquire skill sets and items worth more than you can even imagine. Dive into this action-packed game developed by Looty Games LLC and encounter limitless possibilities…..!

Key Features

  • One hand operation
  • Easy and intuitive with one-handed operation. You will only need your thumb to navigate through your waves
  • Spell system
  • Hard to acquire spells and powers that will change the way you fight
  • Dynamic fights
  • Complex variation of fighting style and spells. You will be lost in this game world for hours and not get bored.
  • Hidden items and treasures
  • Hidden opportunities all over this pixelated world. From gathering a simple stone to loads and loads of treasure boxes. Filled with jewels and diamonds. And even at times powerful ancient battles weapons.
  • Alert system
  • An enemy indicator that displays skulls on the screen in direction of enemies. You will be alerted at all times about where the enemies are and where the attacks are coming from.
  • Ranking
  • A ranking system just like the ones in your school. From A+ excellent to D below average. This will help you understand how you performed.
  • Power-Ups
  • A Power system presenting you options for spells and attacks at different intervals of the game.
  • Upgrade Pirate
  • Upgrade your pirate crew with different items gained through loot boxes and hard-earned cash.
  • Challenges
  • Unique designs are generated at random levels. Die a ton. Re-spawn and make your way through challenges!
Cannon Ballers Roguelite Mod Apk Upgrade Pirates

mod features

  • Unlimited gold coins.
  • Max health. 
  • Infinite cash


  • Pepperony – Type cannonball
    Special ability – Crossfire
    Pepperony is the leader of the funky medina and is a Jack-of-All-Trades! She has average stats across the board and is always a solid pilot.
  • Duakne – Type cannonball
    Special ability – Shot Gun
    Dukane is a beast and a killer. With his shotgun, he kills his enemies swiftly
  • Tinkle – Type Minion
    Tinkle’s energy is so infectious that you can’t help but jump across the battlefield with increased enthusiasm. When you stop to pet tinkle you get even more excited!

LIL JAW’s And many more.

in game panels

SHOP – the shop contains different items that are locked and you need to clear stages to unlock them. Like Village map, magnet and more…..!

Collection – holds all the treasures and items you looted throughout your journey.

PLAY – holds all the levels of the game and you can tap to play the levels

Discord – a discussion forum for the players of this amazing game.


  • Smokey Pete is a perverted pirate. A boss-level enemy with minions that can pound you in an instant
  • Tweet Floof is a purple pig and has a special ability to orbit and smash into someone getting too close to it.
  • Rketchy Chris is a white wolf who hits you and bites you where it hurts the most.
Cannon Ballers Roguelite Mod Apk Items

 Roguelike games mostly consist of skills as we saw in Archero MOD APK. Choose the archer hero with combat skills matching your requirements to defeat the enemy. 

Power, portions and spells

  • Health potion – type passive
    adds a modest amount of max health
  • Double attack – type passive
    LIL’ JAWS give a very small double attack chance!
  • Small charge – type passive
    Small static charge smashes into nearby enemies
  • Bonus luck box – type passive
    rerolls power ups. Boost level: 10
  • Every time the power-up level is different
  • Sharko’s spell – type Spell
    Firing a massive spear northwards. Obliterating the enemies along the way
  • Berserker’s glove – type passive
    Critical hits increase all damage for a short time. Stacks 5 times
  • ZA WARUDO – type passive 
    increases damage of all orbiting power-ups!
  • Thicc glasses – type passive
    Grants a decent range bonus!
  • Tokens of Appreciation – type passive 
    Inspired by Dukane and his fans – you fire a Volley at nearby enemies!
  • Explosive rounds – type passive 
    increases projectile damage of all orbiting power-ups!
  • Delicious GROG – type passive
    restores a small amount of health
  • Tiny Crit – type passive
    Very small crit chance
  • Tiny Gold Pile – type passive
    Just a modest pile of Gold. Don’t spend it all in one place
  • Shrapnel shots – type passive
    Bullets explode in the hailstorm of extra bullets!
  • Sharp Teeth – type passive
    LIL’ JAWS give a very small damage bonus!
  • Yang BUX – type passive
    grants you a ton of gold immediately!
  • Dankey Kang – type passive 
    tosses out exploding barrels!
  • Haunted Bullets – type passive
    Projectiles have a chance to seek enemies!
  • Glass ORB – type passive
    fires a glass ball at enemies for massive damage!
  • Mega charge – type passive 
    Mega-charged orb burning nearby enemies!

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The gameplay of Cannon Ballers Roguelite MOD APK is simple yet dynamic as well. You have different grading systems for your rewards and powers. Cannon Ballers – Roguelite! gives you max health so you can complete your adventures with ease and limitless possibilities. Just like Forge of War MOD APK is a classic rogue adventure with a lot of detail in every aspect such as character, locations, equipment, and upgrades.


Cannon Ballers Roguelite MOD APK is an action-packed adventure game where you have complete freedom of doing whatever you want. You are a pirate and fight many enemies to loot their treasures and special items. Find treasures and acquire powers to get even stronger. Endless rebels and pirate adventure await you….!!!

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