Brave Frontier MOD APK 2022 | ⚡ Unlimited Energy and God Mode

Brave Frontier MOD APK has very thrilling and exciting storylines in which players summon heroes, fight monsters, and explore the Grand Gaia fantasy world. Brave Frontier is an RPG APK with Anime Graphics and role-playing characters fighting in ancient battles. Marvel Strike Force Mod Apk is another Role-Playing game with HD Graphics and Marvel heroes fighting game.

You can search and summon more than 400 Brave Frontier heroes and strongest warriors from Goddess Inferno to Holy Queen and fight against Maxwell’s plot to destroy the Grand Gaia world. Your form and coordinate the team of heroes to fight the enemy and save everyone from the raging animals that cause destruction. You just need to master a large piece of land and form a team to compete in nearly 500 quests; easy, right?

The greater number of heroes you have on your team, the more enhanced your combat ability will be. In Brave Frontier MOD APK, you play a war of blood against your mortal enemies who are always lurking and trying to attack you as quickly as possible. In the game, you and your team fight to the end and destroy all dangerous monsters before their riots and master the world.

Brave Frontier MOD APK Special Features

Brave Frontier APK has some special features making it unique from other RPG games

  • Classic Role-Playing Quests

    In Brave Frontier APK, players control their army to fight battles against the enemies. In each battle, players can bring only 5 heroes with pets. After defeating the enemies, players need to defeat the bosses as well. This is a “turn-based” battle system and players need to complete more than 100 quests having Mad God Zebra, God of Decay Zurg, and Cardes the Malevolent-like Monsters in the way.

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  • Large and Diverse Character System

    Brave Frontier APK is based on classic role-playing with very simple gameplay, involving choosing heroes and pets for fights. The game has a very large and diverse character system. Players need to choose heroes according to a group of elements they chose. The elements available for choice are Water, Fire, Earth, Thunder, Light, and Dark with their own weaknesses and strengths.
    There are more than 400 characters with unique fighting skills. Players can choose these characters during the game and some of the heroes, such as Dark and Light, only appear during special events. Some of these characters are so powerful that they can summon beasts to bring more diverse powers.

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  • Brave Burst

    Brave Burst is a unique feature having interesting effects in each match. Using this feature, players can unleash a ferocious attack on their enemies. And with enough upgrades, this feature becomes Super Brave Burst leading to incredible power.

  • Tactical Thinking

    Brave Frontier with a diverse character system and a multitude of features make an extremely tactical game where players can showcase their tactical thinking abilities. Along with tactics, players also need to keep in mind the strength of the characters they choose. Gold coins can be used to upgrade and improve the fighting ability of these characters.

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  • PvP Matches

    In this game, players can also fight online PvP battles in addition to Boss fighting missions. In PvP matches, the strongest warriors in the World gather and compete for global rankings. Defeating the powerful opponents in these matches lead to rare items and high-end equipment.
    Other than these matches, Brave Frontier APK also has daily or weekly events or special dungeon battles. In addition, every day in the game are surprises and new challenges and the story gradually opens with the task of decoding the twisting plot.

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  • Quests Rewards

    There are many precious gems as a reward after each battle or completing quests such as Zel, Karma, etc. to help upgrade or redo an uncompleted task. You can create resources such as buildings upgrades, exploit resources and crops, unique weapons, etc. for yourself to optimize the strength of your army.

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  • Game Graphics

    Brave Frontier has classic graphics as the game is set in ancient times. These ancient features with eye-catching colors and shapes, and unique effects make epic battles scenes. Vast characters range and skills also make the game unique looking. Therefore, your device should have 2.5 GB free memory and 1 GB RAM for the best experience of Brave Frontier.

Brave Frontier Game Helping Codes

Energy & EXP Codes

  • Energy Cost 0
  • Exp x9.9
  • Exp x0

Currencies Codes

  • Custom ZEL Amount // Max 1M
  • Custom KARMA Amount // Max 500k
  • Custom Honor Points Amount //Max 400
  • Custom STP Amount //Max 400

Battle Codes

  • Fast BB / SBB
  • Fast DBB
  • Fast OD
  • Fast UBB
  • Freezed HP
  • Freezed HP 3rd ARC
  • Auto Win
  • Pre-Speed x3
  • Monsters Low ATK
  • Monsters Low Max HP – This is equal to their ATK

Misc codes

  • No Keys for Parades
  • Evo at any Lv
  • All Open (nearly)
  • Custom Items Drop Amount
  • Custom Warehouse Size (temp)

Brave Frontier Gameplay

The gameplay of the Brave Frontier is very simple and entertaining. The game is set in Grand Gaia Planet where war between people and gods broke out and caused massive destruction. The center of the war is the “city of Randal” from where all the chaos and destruction broke out.

Each level of the game is a quest where you need to win the challenge by fighting a fierce battle. You open the battle with tenacious tension which attracts you more towards the battle. In every match, you can bring only five heroes with pets. To complete the mission, you need to defeat the bosses after defeating the enemy. In this turn-based battle system, more than 500 quests are needed to be completed. All in all, Brave Frontier is a series of dramatic matches between you and your opponents in which you need to fight hard to eliminate the enemy forces and win the championships.

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Additional Information

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Name Brave Frontier
Publisher Gumi Inc
Genre Role-Playing
Size 65 Mb
Requirement Android 5.0+
Update 1st Jan 2022


Get Brave Frontier MOD APK

Brave Frontier APK makes the players fight the terrifying war against dangerous enemies and eliminate them to rule Grand Gaia World. Download Brave Frontier MOD APK now from the download link button given below and access all the premium content of the game free of cost and zero ads:

This MOD version has

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  • Zero Energy Cost
  • Parades Free Access
  • God MOD

And you can turn on and off MOD features through MOD Menu.

How to Install and Update Brave Frontier MOD APK

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  • First, you need to back up your account by linking it to any social media profile
  • Download and install the Brave Frontier MOD APK
  • Enable “Draw Over” or “Display Pop Up Window” permission for Brave Frontier

For Updates

  • Download the new version from our website
  • Click on the downloaded apk and press install
  • It’ll automatically update your Brave Frontier Game.


Final Verdict

Brave Frontier is an RPG MOD APK set in ancient times in which you fight against your enemies. You summon the heroes and warriors to make your team and fight multiple quests to bring peace in Grand Gaia destroyed by Maxwell’s Plot. It is an interesting anime game with amazing storylines, captivating graphics, and engaging twists. If you are ready to fight against the gods and monsters and bring back the world’s peace, download the game now and start playing! You can also enjoy other exciting empires and puzzles mod apk and explore the fantasy world.

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