Diablo Immortal release has been delayed in China

Chinese fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s popular game, ‘Diablo Immortal’ are already getting restless, as the company announced today that it had pushed back the game’s official launch till July.

When will the game finally be released in China? The Diablo series has been hugely popular in the Asian country, but according to a post on Weibo, developer Blizzard Entertainment has decided to delay the game until after its North American release. “We were not able to launch Diablo Immortal in China due to some content issues,” Blizzard wrote. “We are now looking at ways to make sure that Diablo Immortal will be ready for launch in China.”

The game was set to release on 23 June in China with no problems. However, now it’s been delayed, but it’s not clear why.

Diablo Immortal China Co-developer NetEase said they are working on content improvement and other optimizations in the game which will enhance the gaming experience of the Chinese community. This is being said even though the game was released in Asian Territory very smoothly.

What Happened?

According to news sources, It is said that Chinese rules are very strict about money spent on games. Currently, Diablo Characters require huge money of $50k to $110k only to upgrade 1 character to max level via small transactions over a period of time.

Belgium and Netherland have also banned the release of Diablo Immortal in their countries as their laws state that money spent on games is a form of gambling and is illegal in both countries.

Blizzard said they are optimizing the game for the China region for different Networks and devices. Updates will be rolled out at different times for different Android Smartphones as China is a house to multiple types of Android Systems.

Who was behind it?

The video gaming industry in China is already facing hard times due to the active campaign of the Chinese govt. against the video games. Their laws are not that strict about loot boxes but they require a cap on daily spent on games along with disclosed drop rate to avoid any fraudulent activity.

Who’s Getting Hurt

Blizzard developed the game specifically keeping the Chinese community as the target audience and they also partnered with a Chinese company to ease out cultural differences too but this uncertainty on launch is gonna cost Blizzard huge if they do not launch the game in July.

All this being said, Diablo released the data 2 weeks after launch, Players spent $25 million on in-app purchases and it was downloaded 10 million times only on mobile devices which makes this game a huge success already.

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